Guess who's back...back again...Shady's Back...tell a friend...

Ok-I'm not "the Slim Shady," but I had a dream the other night that I was Eminem's kid's Nanny. Come on!

This weekend was not so fun to be a Sox fan, or a Pats fan from what I hear. Boo. I can't even talk about yesterday's Sox game-so I won't.

I've finally had some time to spend with my neglected Netflix account this weekend. My goodness-it had been too long!! I've taken to getting TV shows that I hadn't seen the beginning of because I lived in a land of no real cable up until a few months ago. So I've seen all the seasons of The Soprano's which I really didn't have any interest in seeing at first, but was completely sucked in once I started. My new favorite show is has hot guys in's really funny though...and it gives me a little peek into the world I've always made up stories of being a part of. At any rate, once I'm done with Entourage, I'm going to try out Dead Like Me. It's a series on Showtime that I've seen a few of and I kind of like them. It's morbid, but sometimes hysterically funny. Basically about a group of reapers who get their marching orders via post-it notes from Indigo Montoya (aka Mandy Patinkin) of Princess Bride fame. As I said-Morbid, but kind of nice to think that someone is with you to lead you on when you go. Enough of that...

So the rest of my weekend was pretty good. I spent time with my brother and we went to Hull to see my Nana, and then to Somerville to see my cousin and her family. Her newest daughter is my Goddaughter, Caroline:) She's awesome. Her eldest daughter (2 1/2) is absolutely adorable and is going to be a Firefighter for Halloween. They got her the most adorable costume and she loves it! Caroline will be a little dalmation. I can't wait for the pictures! I also bought the movie Fever Pitch. I know a lot of Red Sox fans weren't in love with this movie (and I remain with my original shock and disbelief that Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore were allowed on the field after the Sox won the World Series last year), but there are some one liners that can't be ignored. And I'm sorry, but pretty much anything with Lenny Clarke in it should be dipped in solid gold. He's hysterical. There is a whole scene with Lenny Clarke that is in the deleted scenes of him when he first brings Ben to Fenway that really shouldn't have been deleted. He's awesome in Rescue Me. He had his own show last year on (I think) ABC called "It's all Relative." He was the Irish tavern owner father of a guy who was marrying a girl with "two dads." Ridiculous-but funny. He was like the Boston version of Archie Bunker. I'm not surprised the show flopped-the mother had one of the worst Boston accents I've ever heard. Granted now she's on Desperate Housewives as the neighbor lady who revealed all about "Dana," but she still has a bad accent.

Ok-I'm done waxing poetical now. Enjoy my new trivia's on the Right side. There's a tournament so you can play every day and earn points toward-well...nothing:)


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