A visit to Mecca...

Yesterday I went to my very first Red Sox home game of the season...pathetic...yes...but it was a crazy busy summer! I really didn't think the game would actually happen with the weather (it probably shouldn't considering the loss) but the evening was actually pretty awesome. I was in could it not be? So the tickets were courtesy of my friend Becky who sat in the "Virtual Waiting Room" way back when...and I have to say totally worth (her) wait!! We were right behind Pesky Pole...Trot Nixon was only about 10 rows away from me. Somehow the two people next to each of us were Yankees fans...I don't know how that happens! There are starving Red Sox fans in New England who have to take 2nd mortgages on their homes just to sit in the bleachers or behind the infamous pole 11 and yet we had YANKEE fans at a game where the Yankees were not present. It just didn't make a lot of sense to me...but the guy next to me was pretty funny...pretty hammered...but pretty funny. He ended up buying me a beer because I was (and I quote) "a good shit." Thanks:) The night was not even tarnished by his constant updates of the Yankees on the scoreboard. In all honestly it was just a close to immaculate evening...just that loss I can't get around!!

So here's my next thing...Matt Lauer told me "Today" ( was a late night-deal with me!!) that Renee Zellweger and "The Kenny" Chesney are going their seperate ways. Apparently The Kenny did not "complete her." She's stating "fraud" as her reason for wanting the annulment. What? Did he tell her he was 6 feet tall and she finally stopped squinting enough to see he's a wee little fellow? I just don't get it-but I didn't get them from the beginning-including the ridiculous wedding photos of her stooped over like she had a stomach cramp. Oh well, I'm happy for the Kenny...and I still think his tractor's sexy!!


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