I know you've missed me:)

So I took yesterday off as I have to work all weekend at the store. It's Homecoming here at Saint Joe's. At any rate, my big plan for the day was to go and buy new sneakers, clear out the gardens and get them ready for winter, clean my room some more in anticipation of Maggie's visit this weekend (but she cancelled on me!! ;) ). So yeah, I got NONE of that done. Instead I watched tv and made dinner for my family which turned into quite the project! It was a pretty good day though. The Sox didn't lose so that's pretty nice...oh wait...they didn't play either. I'm not too happy about this little end of season twist with the Sox being behind the Yankees not only on the season...but in the wild card as well!! They're killing me!! But I will continue to BELIEVE because I'm a die hard Red Sox fan...I will never give up on them!!

Alright, off to play catch up from not being here yesterday...

Happy weekend everyone!! Don't forget trivia...and it will change over the weekend to a different topic:)


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