Easy like Sunday morning....(by the way...nothing will keep you up at night like the image of Jim Verraros (AI season 1) singing 'Easy Like Sunday Morning' wearing all white and lounged out on a park bench with no shoes on! This really happened...and I've never recovered!!)

So it's Sunday, and I'm at work, and honestly it's more useless to be here than it was to be here yesterday. I feel bad-but no one really came to Homecoming at Saint Joe's!! At least they didn't come into the bookstore! Meanwhile, The Monks of Saint Joe's are hosting the Hawks of Saint Anselm today and I'm MISSING it:( I saw the first pitch and I plan to go back after we be honest I'll probably go back a lot earlier than that. I've really missed my Hawks...I didn't realize it until I saw them. I think it was nice of them to travel all the way up to Standish to see me:) It's a little strange to be cheering on my alma mater when I work on campus...but that's just the way it has to be! It's a lot weirder than I thought it would be to be away from Saint A's at this time of year. There were definitely reasons for me leaving-but I don't miss it any less. Ah well, onward and upward!


By the way, the fact that Patsy has continually ignored my blog and Katie is coming home next weekend and hasn't seen me since April and didn't bother to tell me (I had to read it on her blog!!)has not escaped my attention!! Therefore, there's a new little addition to my "We're in a fight Blog." Every week I will declare a fight with someone...therefore...and you've been warned...Patsy and Katie are the proud inductees of the first week to the We're in a Fight Shitlist!! Congratulations-you must be so happy!!


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