Hep Alien...

Yes, boys and girls, it's time for that ever popular update on Gilmore Girls...I know it's the only reason you patronize my blog...that and the trivia:) At any rate, last night's episode had a LOT of Rory in it didn't go down too well with me. The one thing that I can really empasize, especially after last night's episode, is Alexis Bledel is not good at the acting thing. What surprises me is that she has been acting for a long time, and maybe it's not her fault, maybe the director is directing her to portray Rory as an idiot...but she overacts EVERYTHING. Bottom line, she sucks! On a better note, last night was a good episode because Lane is returning from her summer concert tour with her band Hep Alien. The most important thing about Lane, and you should never forget this...the actress who portrays her is OLDER than ME!! How awesome is that. She's around 2 years older...and looks like she's 12. The episodes with Paris and Michel last night were a riot...especially the staff running from her. Luke, as always, the perfect man...perfect because he's fictional...but perfect nonetheless!! Rescuing Paul Anka, and then describing it to Lorelai...she better frigging marry him!!

Tuesday is also a good night to watch the show Nip/Tuck. It gets more and more disturbing each episode...and last night was no exception. In fact due to last night I believe I'll be taping future episodes on my new DVR and watching them in the sunlight, surrounded by stuffed animals and pictures of rainbows and lollipops...anything but watching it at night!! Last night's episode actually made me ILL...but I'm a fan apparently and will continue to be ill!! If you don't watch should!!


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