Move That Bus!!!

So a year or so ago, Katie (you may know her from her starring role on the "Official We're in a Fight Shitlist") came to watch the season finale of Alias (which coincidentally starts TONIGHT in it's new season and the last time we saw my precious Vaughn and Sydney they were in a car and he revealed that he was a double agent and then the car was broadsided!!) and before the season finale of Alias was the season finale of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. I had never had the desire to see it before, but quickly became ridiculously addicted to crying my eyes out every Sunday night!! So now I've gotten my family into watching it...and low and behold this week they are filming in MAINE!! THE NEXT TOWN OVER FROM ME!! Don't think I'm not going to hang out with Ty and Preston tonight...possibly even go shopping with Michael at Sears!! Here's a link to the story, about the lobsterman who lost his arm in an accident on his boat. I might have to take Tuesday off for the reveal:)


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