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Ok...I'm sorry!! Because I was ill I did not get to give the full analysis of the newest episode of Gilmore Girls this week. I apologize wholeheartedly, especially to those who have commented on the fact that this was missing this here goes:

Lane and her underwear drawer. Now, why would you hide $9,000 from boys in your underwear drawer? I find it very hard to believe that Lane wouldn't have opened a savings account to try to accrue interest whilst the band decided what to do with the money. I also find it hard to believe that after Mrs. Kim set up the band with a summer tour that she has been conveniently missing since they returned. The story line is not making sense here-and something needs to happen.

Rory's phone. Again, I reiterate...I hate Rory Gilmore. I find it insane that Emily and Richard allow her to have Logan over and spending the night...unless they don't know about it. But honestly, I'm shocked that Emily would allow it to happen...even if she does want Rory all to herself. As far as the phone goes-she knew better than to not tell Lorelai...that could have been an opening to a conversation...much the way Lorelai found out the phone was dead. I'm really looking forward to next week...I'm hoping Richard gets into a slugfest with Mitchum Huntzberger at the party. And while he's at it-go find Dean on Supernatural and kick his ass for making Rory a hooker. It's a sad day when I'm actually wishing Jess was back in the picture.

Sookie. She's my favorite person on the show. She's just funny...and means well...and I like that she tried to get Lorelai and Rory talking again so Luke and Lorelai can get on with wedding plans. I'm not really sure why they went with Martha for the baby's name...but oh well...she's Sookie and can be forgiven:)

Jackson's Brother Bo. Hysterical-probably the best new character they've had...bring him back!!

So, I think that's it for now...I'm confusing myself because being home sick+my dvr+my dvd's of the second season I have a bit of a Gilmore Girls/Nyquil hangover...but I can't wait to get home and watch the repeats tonight:)

**On a side note: I have started watching Lost...(yes, Drewbie...I see you jumping up and down with Glee)...and I know a lot of you didn't get to see it last night because you live in Massachusetts and they didn't show it until later (and what's up showing Invasion instead?? though that is a good show...eddie cibrian...yum!) I won't ruin anything. But let me know when you have seen it:) There are a few twists...that I didn't see coming...even in the previews for next week. Alias is on tonight...looking forward to that...even though ***CAUTION...SPOILER!!!*** I really don't believe that Vaughn is dead...he's too hot to be dead. I believe that they have him hidden somewhere so they can catch the bad guys. It was one thing for Sydney not to be really crying during the funeral...but come I really to believe that Mitchell wouldn't be throwing his tiny self on the casket?? They "were" best friends...they had lunch together:)


At 8:16 AM, Anonymous Meghan said...

I know some spoilers for the Gilmore Girls relating to some of the points you brought up. Do you want to know, or do you want to wait and see?

At 4:01 PM, Blogger Mo said...

I have to wait and see...spoilers kill me...but I may ask later:) Thanks though!!

At 6:19 PM, Anonymous Katie said...

Michael Vartan is not on the "Cast" page on ! As much as I would love to believe that he is not gone, I also saw articles about him appearing on Kitchen Confidential. I think - tear tear tear - that this might be for real! Can we have a moment of silence please??


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