It's time to pull out those Red Sox baseball caps...turn 'em inside out...and put them on!! I really thought last night was going to be a 1 in the win column...but I was amazed that it wasn't. I won't be saying anything negative right now as I need Red Sox Nation to focus on the positivity...and the joy of being a proud fan of the Red Sox baseball club. We've seen a lot worse (ie - last year!! and look how that turned out!!) and I BELIEVE they are going to come home and Cowboy up!! I BELIEVE that they HAVE TO!!! I will remain positive in spirit and mind. I shall not yell curse words at Tony Graffanino...I will not yell at the screen and wonder why we don't have Orlando Cabrera this year...I will simply watch and enjoy what WILL NOT BE THE LAST GAME OF THE SEASON!!


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