"I want you back..."

It's tearing up my heart, but according to Lance Bass it does not look like *Nsync will be recording together anytime soon. This is shameful, disappointing, and makes me sad on many different levels. Yes, I'm 30...and from this country...but I miss them...and that makes me NOT OK!! What I think I miss most of all is just the good times I had with friends as we worshipped them unabashedly. There were games, and puppet shopping...*Nsyncerator Meetings...concerts...roadtrips...and International Groupie-age. I will never forget Ian performing after the concert on the train in Toronto. I will never forget the parking lot party after my very first *Nsync concert with Katie, Erin, and yes, Ken. I will never forget the next day which was the day that I met Maggie and we turned her questionable allegiance toward the group to a positive and undying love for them. I miss them...and I refuse to say "Bye, bye, bye!!"


At 3:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 6:23 PM, Blogger Drew said...

You should turn on the comment word authenticator thingy like my blog and you won't get these spam messages.

I remember the nsyncerators. You guys were like super secret spys and whatnot with your goings on. Good times.

At 3:22 PM, Blogger Mo said...

Thanks, is done:)

Of course you remember the nsyncerators!! How could you were an honorary member...mostly because you liked to play with the marionettes;)


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