Poor Bob's...

Now honestly, who doesn't have sweet memories of Columbus Days gone past? In all seriousness-I don't remember a Columbus Day that it wasn't this year fits right in. I think last year the Sox were playing-so that was a day off well spent rather than checking ESPN real time sports updates because the games were at ridiculous hours and you need to work to be able to buy new Red Sox sweatshirts and hats because they won the World Series, and lets face it, Bob's Stores needed the money. Well, Bob's will not be visited by me this year. It's too bad, because I was looking forward to a new hat:) I would have needed it for the parade in Boston, where it would probably be overcast and chilly...but I would have survived again this year thanks to my trusty flask filled with goodness and joy. If Bob's really wanted to get my money they should have some sort of system for women to go potty in public because the City of Boston doesn't think that there is a need to provide facilities. Apparently they would much rather have women urinate on City Hall, and in parking garages...and behind dumpsters near Fenway. Not that I know ANYTHING about that. Though the city probably will save money this year not paying Boston Police to patrol during the games. I'll tell you this, Residence Life staffs all over New England breathed a GIANT sigh of relief after the game ended on Friday night. Most of them are probably working today to write thank you notes to Theo Epstein for the tremendous job he did putting together a crackerjack pitching staff for 2005. He should get an award, really. Swell decision making there. Kudos.

Bob's stores are making t-shirts as we speak with his face on them...not that anyone is going to buy one.


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