Rain Rain...GO AWAY!!

So, today I went to see my grandmother in Hull...but ended up taking a sidetrip to Mrs. Theodore's to go shoe shopping and lunch with Mrs. T. and Linda. Even with the rain it was a lot of fun to see them:) We found the UGLIEST pair of shoes for only $159.95...and left the store promptly. Kim then dropped me off at my grandmother's (who was THRILLED to see both ladies!!) and then we headed back to Maine. Here's where the story gets interesting...well, even more interesting... We met my brother for dinner because his birthday is next week and he's moving to Rhode Island for a job. On the way home from dinner his car breaks down and we end up having to call triple A. In the meantime, my mother fell on some stairs and we had already decided to take her to the emergency room because she was in ridiculous pain. So I ended up coming home to my house to pick up the little ford focus that could to pick up Bobby, and my dad brought my mother to the emergency room. Everyone is now home...Bobby's car has been towed and the doctor's seem to think my mother's foot is just bruised...but they still hooked her up with some vicadin for fun:)

I brought Peggy to see "In Her Shoes" last night. I read the book last year, I'm a big fan of Jennifer Weiner. In every case of "the book being made into a movie" the book is always better, but I have to say that this movie was very well done. The characters were perfect, especially the beastly stepmother. I'm not a huge fan of Cameron Diaz, but she was decent...and of course the only reason I'm not a huge fan is because she's dating Justin Timberlake. Toni Colette was awesome-I've liked her since Muriel's Wedding...such a great movie. I will say that as much as they are saying it's not a chick really is. It's a movie based on chick lit...what more do you want. And I'm sorry if women all over the world who read this little blurb are all pissed because they thought they could con their boyfriend's into going to see it because Katie Couric says it's not a chick would just be doing yourself and your "relationship" a disservice. Find a lady friend to go with and enjoy it:)

I need to speak on something very important now...this past week's episode of Alias. If you haven't seen it yet because you dvr'ed it...shame on you...get cracking!! Here's the thing-I refuse to believe that Vaughn is dead. My theory is that Weiss doesn't really have a job in DC...he's off to help Vaughn recover. They don't want to tell Sydney because she'd be in more danger. But that was the least believable tv funeral I've ever seen. For a character who's been a MAIN character since the show's inception-I find it ludacris that it would simply be a "montage." Plus Marshall would have been sobbing his tiny little eyes out...there's NO way that he got over the "death" that quickly! I will put money on Vaughn coming back. He probably needed some time off to make the sequel to Monster In Law. If he's not back on by the time the baby is born...I will petition the show and ABC until they cut the crap. My word is my bond.


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