We're so in a fight!!

So you may have noticed the new addition to the's the Official "We're in a fight" Shitlist. Drewbie has now made this list for calling me "lazy" on his blog. Apparently in my post from last night, it upset his highness, King of the Kingdom of Blog, that I didn't post a link to his blog when I mentioned him. I didn't do it for Katie either, and she didn't "call me out." In my head, I thought it would be prudent to only list the new link in the post to highlight it's newness and give the blogger some "featured space." But apparently that's wrong and gets you called lazy in a public forum. Not cool. So the shitlist is officially up, and Drewbie is going to have to do some MAJOR blog kissing to get his name off it!! So there you go, Drewbie...congratulations...YOU JUST GOT SERVED!!


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