Boils and Sores Alley

Yeah, if you watched Gilmore Girls tonight...and you better have a darn good excuse if you didn't...then you'll know what that means. I may just re-name the blog "boils and sores alley." I'm just that crazy.

So I have some new things to share...

This is a big announcement...but I'm tired so I'm not sure if it's true or not. I might not hate Rory. I think I just hate her boyfriend Logan. Honestly...the guy has no balls!! How does he not stand up for her and tell her parents to suck it?!? Apparently the money is more important to him than his relationship with Rory. I think Logan must be locked in Miss Patty's with Luke for 48 hours so Luke can beat him up and make him understand how a lady should be treated. Yup, I really am NOT a fan of Logan.

The next thing is I can't take the "scenes" for the next episode. They make you believe that when Richard and Emily (whom I've decided to name my non-existant twins after!!) are rifling through the Guest House that they find something really important. OK-in a way they do...they find the Birkin Bag that Logan gave to Rory...but I just feel like they could be doing more. I would offer to write for the show-but then it would ruin the story line for me. I'd much rather write for something I don't really care The West Wing, or the original Law and Order.

As you might be able to tell by the time of my post, I'm not watching Nip/Tuck tonight. I just couldn't do it. I really felt as though I needed to address some issues with my peeps, so I'm taping it to watch tomorrow.

I do want to mention a few people, and give some "shout outs" to their blogs because I too feel it's important to share the Earl's all about Kharma!

Katie ( please see the link on the side of the screen ) thank you for spreading the love on your blog!! I'm glad you are enjoying mine and taking full advantage of the links I have provided so painstakingly for you. Have you noticed the "you deserve a break today?" Let it play for a minute-with your speakers's hilarious!!

Drewbie (again, please see the link on the side of the screen) I'm sorry I went against the rules of trivia and changed the topic midweek...I had to succumb to the pressure. I think I'm totally getting a dose of the kharma...what comes around goes around. I harrassed you many a time about trivia...and you stood firm and never gave in to what I wanted (though I do remember you giving in to some weirdo that wanted Beanie we're in a fight for that!!) when the trivia was too difficult. Standing "O" for Drewbie!!

Meghan (new link on the side!!) I'm so glad that there is someone else out there that appreciates the Gilmore Girls in the manner which they should be appreciated!! Kudos to you:)


At 9:12 AM, Blogger Drew said...


Be strong. Don't give in to anyone, hell it is your trivia game, not their's. Do whatever topic you want. And stop telling me my topics bite or suck, because I call Kharma like Lassie and have it Godsmack you.

I will entertain topic suggestions.

It could be worse you could have a blog dedicated to tooling on your blog out there somewhere. Oh wait that would be me, I have that. And that guy has fans.

Thanks for the Shout out. I love the link to our blog. Yes, Our blog, Allison does post once in a while.


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