Helllooo out there...

So, sorry there haven't been any posts as of late...I know you have been a captive audience and waiting desperately to hear from me...well I'm back kids...stop will be ok.

I've been out of work sick for a few days, and now I'm going back because I'm starting to have cabin fever. I can't sit still anymore-and for me...that might be part of the illness!! I actually washed almost all the towels in the house today so I could fold them like Martha Stewart taught me to on her show. Does that last sentance tell you anything?? She does have a great show though-she has made quite the comeback. If you haven't seen her version of The Apprentice then you are totally missing out. Hysterical...especially her daughter's hair. I didn't watch the first Apprentice, I think it was on during Alias or something so I decided against it. But I've become addicted.
***Caution: SPOILERS from tonight's (10/27) episode!!***
Tonight was the WORST loss a team has ever suffered. I was actually embarrassed for them. The teams had to go to "Dick's" (haha) Sporting Goods and increase sales in a certain department. One team went with golf even though they knew nothing about the sport. The other team went with'd think the golfing team would fail...but they were awesome and increased sales in the department 74%. Obviously that's huge. The other team basically put on a clinic for baseball and sold jack...they actually lost sales in their department for 34%!!! LOST sales!! During baseball season!! Wow. Long story short...The Donald picks the people in the board room and I totally thought he would fire at least two...which he two more!! The best part of the whole show was all of them squished in the obligatory cab at the end. If you aren't familiar with the show then it's like the Real World confessional, or the end of Survivor when the "voted off" person gets the chance to talk about how they feel about being voted off. At any rate-4 of them in the cab and the guys just looked PISSED...and the idiot girl, Jennifer, that screwed up last week by giving the presentation for the movie "Zathura" and pronouncing it "ZAN-thura" was all smiley and WEIRD. Seriously, I think she thought she was flirting with the guys and thought she could win them over. She's psycho-I'm glad she's gone.

Alright-that's my rant for the day...I know I didn't talk about Gilmore Girls this week and everyone is crying themselves to sleep because I haven't shared my opinions...but it was such a good episode I have to watch it several more times. Next week is a repeat-so look for something on Tuesday:) Just know this...Jess is coming back and even though I hated him...I cannot wait to see him back!!

Peace in your bum creases!!

OH!! and play this's hilarious!! Miller Beer Run


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