I'm so scared right now...

That is a quote from one of the best videos in the America's Funniest Home Videos collection that I've ever seen. It's some kid that is at one of those Disney Character breakfasts, and he sees Goofy from a distance and wants him to come over...but as soon as Goofy gets close the kid looks at the camera with terror in his eyes. Goofy taps him on the shoulder and the kid whispers: "I'm so scared right now!" Then he looks hesitantly at Goofy, and starts screaming...hilarious. I don't know why I just thought of that. That show is good when it has kids doing something funny, I'm all set with the ridiculous injury stuff...but the kids are good.

But I digress...

The reason "I'm so scared right now" is because my buddy Kevin Mannix from the local news station has been telling me all morning that the heavy winds (and after driving in them for over an hour I can tell you they suuuuuuck) and rain MAY cause people to lose power. He even said that it might be the night to find a good book and a candle!! What does this mean for me...NO GILMORE GIRLS TONIGHT...THAT'S WHAT IT FLIPPING MEANS!! No Rory's Emily Sookie...NO KIRK!! I can understand if the power went out on a "repeat" week...but what did I do to deserve such atrocities?? So I'll be struggling for the next 9.35 hours, hoping against all hopes that I will get to see my show tonight. I'm so scared right now.

In other news...I got an email today from telling me that I might be interested in purchasing the "Greatest Hit's of *NSync CD" that is being released today. Really, Amazon? Would I? Well being the frugal shopper I am, I investigated the title only to find that it is a complete farce and insulting to all fans of *NSync. (Yes, I'm 30, I'm OK, and I'm from this country!!) Here's where whomever put this ridiculousness together went dreadfully wrong...there are a mere 12 tracks on this compilation!! 12!! I could see 12 discs...but only 12 songs!! Shame on you producers for being so negligent to the die-hard fans!! It's bad enough we wait hour after hour, day after day with broken promises of new recordings...but to tease us with such ilk is pitiful. "It Makes Me Ill!!" And here's another kicker..."Digital Getdown" is NOT on the CD!! How do you call it "Greatest Hits?" There's no "follow the bouncing ball joy," there's no "I Thought She Knew," there's no "The Game is Over!!" Well, the game is OVER my friend...I'm "boyband-cotting" this CD!!

In the immortal words of *NSync..."Bye bye bye!"


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