This morning I've been trying to re-format the blog...and make it a little more visually stimulating. I haven't put a picture of my gorgeous self on a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!!

I do need to make a statement regarding yesterdays post...I have to send a thousand and one apologies to my friend Linda. She is, if you are lucky enough to know her, probably one of the biggest Wizard of Oz fans alive (aside from me!!). Many an evening in Saint Mary Hall, she would entertain us with her rendition of the Wizard of Oz. She would actually perform it without script for all of us...granted it had to be in the dark (I think because if any of us saw another's faces she'd never be able to finish the performance!!). So therefore, with the blessing of the Mayor of Munchkin the county of the Land of Oz...I apologize to you most regally!! And we really don't have to verify it legally to see...if morally...
and reliably...
a fan of the Wizard of Oz!!!


Son of a Witch!!

I'm very excited to discover that Gregory Maguire has written a sequel to Wicked called Son of a Witch!! I've already ordered a copy, and if you want one just let me know. The book releases on October 1. If you haven't read Wicked-you have no idea what you are missing. I've been a huge fan of the Wizard of Oz all of my life. My memories are watching the movie once a year when it was on TV as a treat. Until last year I refused to watch it on DVD because I felt the tradition should be upheld, but I missed the broadcast and needed a fix. So I finally caved and bought the DVD-which is great because it has fun extras. At any rate, last summer I found this book...actually I had seen it years ago and had been wanting to read it. I finally bought it last summer for my trip to Florida and no lie, I was completely entranced. It is the story of the Wicked Witch of the West, literally from her birth to her fateful meeting with Dorothy Gale. The book is so entrancing that watching the movie is never the same. After reading this viewpoint, I totally questioned who I sided with...Dorothy or the Witch. The characters are amazing...and their tie in to each other are very interesting. At any rate, this new book apparently takes up where the other one left off. I can't wait to read it-I even bought it in hardcover because I'm so excited about it!! I read Maguire's version of Snow White called Mirror, Mirror over's totally crazy...but there is just something about his writing. He adds more depth to it by using real life historic personas as main characters! My latest purchase is Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister (obviously a take on Cinderella). The thing is that each of his stories may be based on something that was not his own work, but the ideas and the fantasy are so original that it totally works. I can't wait for this book to show up!!

I fear it may be too late to develop an allergy to Dick Dastardly.

Now that I have your attention...I've added a Random Surrealism Generator to the bottom of my blog. It just makes me laugh, and who doesn't love when I laugh?!?!


Move That Bus!!!

So a year or so ago, Katie (you may know her from her starring role on the "Official We're in a Fight Shitlist") came to watch the season finale of Alias (which coincidentally starts TONIGHT in it's new season and the last time we saw my precious Vaughn and Sydney they were in a car and he revealed that he was a double agent and then the car was broadsided!!) and before the season finale of Alias was the season finale of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. I had never had the desire to see it before, but quickly became ridiculously addicted to crying my eyes out every Sunday night!! So now I've gotten my family into watching it...and low and behold this week they are filming in MAINE!! THE NEXT TOWN OVER FROM ME!! Don't think I'm not going to hang out with Ty and Preston tonight...possibly even go shopping with Michael at Sears!! Here's a link to the story, about the lobsterman who lost his arm in an accident on his boat. I might have to take Tuesday off for the reveal:)


Hep Alien...

Yes, boys and girls, it's time for that ever popular update on Gilmore Girls...I know it's the only reason you patronize my blog...that and the trivia:) At any rate, last night's episode had a LOT of Rory in it didn't go down too well with me. The one thing that I can really empasize, especially after last night's episode, is Alexis Bledel is not good at the acting thing. What surprises me is that she has been acting for a long time, and maybe it's not her fault, maybe the director is directing her to portray Rory as an idiot...but she overacts EVERYTHING. Bottom line, she sucks! On a better note, last night was a good episode because Lane is returning from her summer concert tour with her band Hep Alien. The most important thing about Lane, and you should never forget this...the actress who portrays her is OLDER than ME!! How awesome is that. She's around 2 years older...and looks like she's 12. The episodes with Paris and Michel last night were a riot...especially the staff running from her. Luke, as always, the perfect man...perfect because he's fictional...but perfect nonetheless!! Rescuing Paul Anka, and then describing it to Lorelai...she better frigging marry him!!

Tuesday is also a good night to watch the show Nip/Tuck. It gets more and more disturbing each episode...and last night was no exception. In fact due to last night I believe I'll be taping future episodes on my new DVR and watching them in the sunlight, surrounded by stuffed animals and pictures of rainbows and lollipops...anything but watching it at night!! Last night's episode actually made me ILL...but I'm a fan apparently and will continue to be ill!! If you don't watch should!!


Just like Heaven...

So all the talk about Chunky's got me in the mood to go today, so I brought Peggy to see Just Like Heaven. However, Maine no longer has 'Chunky's,' here it's known as Smitty's Cinemas (which would have been nice to know when we passed it!). Same basic principle, different chairs and slightly different menu. We went to the "3:29" show (which made me thirsty for a meeting of the "4:29 club") and were the only ones in the theater for about 10 minutes. And I'm looking forward to the private show knowing Peggy's tendency to talk out loud during the movie, but then some ridiculous guy comes in and we can't even hear the movie because he's breathing so loud. Seriously, I thought he was having a heart attack...perhaps it was just the anticipation of seeing Reese Witherspoon on the screen because he calmed right down as soon as he saw her face!! Weirdo. The movie was not that bad-and maybe I'm just out of touch-but it wasn't as predictable as I thought it would be. The key element was Jon Heder. I couldn't help but laugh when I saw him - all I could think of was whether or not he would display some of his cage fighter skills!!

I'm getting DVR tomorrow...that way I can continue my downward spiral into the world of "zero social life." Welcome back to Maine kids!


Easy like Sunday morning....(by the way...nothing will keep you up at night like the image of Jim Verraros (AI season 1) singing 'Easy Like Sunday Morning' wearing all white and lounged out on a park bench with no shoes on! This really happened...and I've never recovered!!)

So it's Sunday, and I'm at work, and honestly it's more useless to be here than it was to be here yesterday. I feel bad-but no one really came to Homecoming at Saint Joe's!! At least they didn't come into the bookstore! Meanwhile, The Monks of Saint Joe's are hosting the Hawks of Saint Anselm today and I'm MISSING it:( I saw the first pitch and I plan to go back after we be honest I'll probably go back a lot earlier than that. I've really missed my Hawks...I didn't realize it until I saw them. I think it was nice of them to travel all the way up to Standish to see me:) It's a little strange to be cheering on my alma mater when I work on campus...but that's just the way it has to be! It's a lot weirder than I thought it would be to be away from Saint A's at this time of year. There were definitely reasons for me leaving-but I don't miss it any less. Ah well, onward and upward!


By the way, the fact that Patsy has continually ignored my blog and Katie is coming home next weekend and hasn't seen me since April and didn't bother to tell me (I had to read it on her blog!!)has not escaped my attention!! Therefore, there's a new little addition to my "We're in a fight Blog." Every week I will declare a fight with someone...therefore...and you've been warned...Patsy and Katie are the proud inductees of the first week to the We're in a Fight Shitlist!! Congratulations-you must be so happy!!


Singing in the car...

I love it...can't get enough of it. Honestly, it's one of the best reasons I can think to commute to my job over an hour!! If you know me-you know that in many ways I completely entertain myself. I'm just that cool. If I'm really comfortable with you in my presence then I might have even sung in front of you...but generally it's in the car. I sing in the shower-but only if no one else is home. There are many of you who have heard the Dixie Chicks sing back up to my lead the historic automobile known simply as "Ramon." A bunch of us at Saint A's used to travel to Chunky's and listen to the Fly cd and get to number 8 on the track list and shut off the cd player (a portable one which also happens to be the very first cd player I ever owned...and still own!!) when we arrived. One of the best days was when we realized there are about 6 more tracks on that was like the Dixie Chicks released a whole new album! I one is supposed to like the Dixie Chicks anymore because they don't like George Bush...but with recent events I think that's actually coming into vogue!! OK-no more politics...I promised there wouldn't be any on my blog...moving new favorite CD to sing to in the car is Martina McBride's Greatest Hits. How do you NOT love this woman?!?! I've seen her twice in concert, last year with Alan Jackson, and then at Christmas in Lowell. She's a tiny little thing-but she just SINGS!! I love it!! Those are the best songs to sing when you are alone in your car...something you can just BELT out and not worry about bothering other people with your voice:) Sometimes I just don't care and I'll sing with the windows down...but only if I really want to treat the other drivers:) I'm already ready to drive home from work tonight!! La la la la la!


I know you've missed me:)

So I took yesterday off as I have to work all weekend at the store. It's Homecoming here at Saint Joe's. At any rate, my big plan for the day was to go and buy new sneakers, clear out the gardens and get them ready for winter, clean my room some more in anticipation of Maggie's visit this weekend (but she cancelled on me!! ;) ). So yeah, I got NONE of that done. Instead I watched tv and made dinner for my family which turned into quite the project! It was a pretty good day though. The Sox didn't lose so that's pretty nice...oh wait...they didn't play either. I'm not too happy about this little end of season twist with the Sox being behind the Yankees not only on the season...but in the wild card as well!! They're killing me!! But I will continue to BELIEVE because I'm a die hard Red Sox fan...I will never give up on them!!

Alright, off to play catch up from not being here yesterday...

Happy weekend everyone!! Don't forget trivia...and it will change over the weekend to a different topic:)


I used to wake up some days and wish I'd stayed asleep,
I went to bed on top of the world today the world's on top of me...

So today isn't going so swell...Imagine that! Yesterday was a nightmare too...but I'm just really aggrivated today as well. So I'm going to take a minute and relax and talk about very pressing issues...

Issue #1: Lorelai vs. Rory-The Neverending Battle
We all know how I feel about Rory Gilmore...and if you don' refresh...I hate her. That being said the little feud needs to end. It's tired and old. I'm glad that Lorelai is sticking to her guns with the letting Emily and Richard deal with Rory deal. But now the previews are basically indicating there will be no wedding until Rory and Lorelai make up...well bring it on already!

Issue #2: How awesome is Luke?
I love that he's ditching buying the Twikum House to put an addition onto Lorelai's house (which by the way was originally Uncle Jesse's house on the Dukes of Hazzard). He's just about the coolest man alive...granted he's a man that is completely fictional...but he's still pretty awesome:)

Issue #3: Dancing with the Stars
Are you frigging kidding me that there is a re-match and I can't watch Alias until next frigging week?!?! Be reasonable!!

Issue #4: Nip/Tuck
Last night's premiere episode was less than thrilling considering I've waited almost a year to find out what happened to Christian. I just wasn't all that impressed with it. And can someone tell me why Julia has been married to Sean all these years, and had a child with Christian and NEITHER one of them could fix the beak she calls a nose on her face??

Issue #5: My Name is Earl
Thank you, NBC!! This show is hysterically funny...I laughed out loud several times! I've seen many of the previews for it and figured that it would be one of those shows that shows all the funny parts in the commercials-wrong. I was very pleasantly surprised!! The writing is VERY well done...I've needed a good laugh! Please watch it next week-it's a hoot:) Yes, I just wrote "hoot." It's THAT funny that the word "hoot" is necessary!!

I think that should be all for now-I'm off to work...yay:) Thanks for letting me vent...thanks for playing trivia...I added some questions about American Idol and New Kids on the Block...just to mix it up a wee bit. Don't forget to watch Martha Stewart's Apprentice tonight. I'm really going to have to buy TiVo!!


Real Life "Rescue Me"

So tonight (I can't believe I'm directing people away from Gilmore Girls!!) is the premiere of the show "Firehouse USA:Boston" on the Discovery Channel at 8pm. My friend Maggie's sister Kerry (whom I also consider a friend!!) was an intern on this show this past summer. She is currently a sophomore at Syracuse University (studying film?), and we're all very proud of her. Oh, and if you have to watch something (Gilmore Girls) else (Gilmore Girls) at 8pm (Gilmore Girls), then Firehouse USA will be rebroadcast at 11pm!

Trivia should not be so scary!!

Alright-so I had more than one "disappointed" email regarding the questions on my Trivia game. Just an FYI...time and accuracy are components to how points are awarded. That being said...when it takes you 14, 656 seconds to answer the questions, your score, even if your answers are correct...might go down a tinge;) I will also be "copying" Drewbie and changing the subject of the trivia every suggestions for topics are welcome:) You should also know that none of us get the same questions-they are mixed up for everyone who plays. The more people who participate, the more points you can tell your friends...we can't have Maggie winning every day...that would be so wrong!! Haha. If it makes you feel any better, Drewbie is ahead of me on the Nsync trivia today...the only person who SHOULDN'T feel good about that is his fiance!!

In the immortal words of Kip Dynamite, "Peace out."


Guess who's back...back again...Shady's Back...tell a friend...

Ok-I'm not "the Slim Shady," but I had a dream the other night that I was Eminem's kid's Nanny. Come on!

This weekend was not so fun to be a Sox fan, or a Pats fan from what I hear. Boo. I can't even talk about yesterday's Sox game-so I won't.

I've finally had some time to spend with my neglected Netflix account this weekend. My goodness-it had been too long!! I've taken to getting TV shows that I hadn't seen the beginning of because I lived in a land of no real cable up until a few months ago. So I've seen all the seasons of The Soprano's which I really didn't have any interest in seeing at first, but was completely sucked in once I started. My new favorite show is has hot guys in's really funny though...and it gives me a little peek into the world I've always made up stories of being a part of. At any rate, once I'm done with Entourage, I'm going to try out Dead Like Me. It's a series on Showtime that I've seen a few of and I kind of like them. It's morbid, but sometimes hysterically funny. Basically about a group of reapers who get their marching orders via post-it notes from Indigo Montoya (aka Mandy Patinkin) of Princess Bride fame. As I said-Morbid, but kind of nice to think that someone is with you to lead you on when you go. Enough of that...

So the rest of my weekend was pretty good. I spent time with my brother and we went to Hull to see my Nana, and then to Somerville to see my cousin and her family. Her newest daughter is my Goddaughter, Caroline:) She's awesome. Her eldest daughter (2 1/2) is absolutely adorable and is going to be a Firefighter for Halloween. They got her the most adorable costume and she loves it! Caroline will be a little dalmation. I can't wait for the pictures! I also bought the movie Fever Pitch. I know a lot of Red Sox fans weren't in love with this movie (and I remain with my original shock and disbelief that Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore were allowed on the field after the Sox won the World Series last year), but there are some one liners that can't be ignored. And I'm sorry, but pretty much anything with Lenny Clarke in it should be dipped in solid gold. He's hysterical. There is a whole scene with Lenny Clarke that is in the deleted scenes of him when he first brings Ben to Fenway that really shouldn't have been deleted. He's awesome in Rescue Me. He had his own show last year on (I think) ABC called "It's all Relative." He was the Irish tavern owner father of a guy who was marrying a girl with "two dads." Ridiculous-but funny. He was like the Boston version of Archie Bunker. I'm not surprised the show flopped-the mother had one of the worst Boston accents I've ever heard. Granted now she's on Desperate Housewives as the neighbor lady who revealed all about "Dana," but she still has a bad accent.

Ok-I'm done waxing poetical now. Enjoy my new trivia's on the Right side. There's a tournament so you can play every day and earn points toward-well...nothing:)


A visit to Mecca...

Yesterday I went to my very first Red Sox home game of the season...pathetic...yes...but it was a crazy busy summer! I really didn't think the game would actually happen with the weather (it probably shouldn't considering the loss) but the evening was actually pretty awesome. I was in could it not be? So the tickets were courtesy of my friend Becky who sat in the "Virtual Waiting Room" way back when...and I have to say totally worth (her) wait!! We were right behind Pesky Pole...Trot Nixon was only about 10 rows away from me. Somehow the two people next to each of us were Yankees fans...I don't know how that happens! There are starving Red Sox fans in New England who have to take 2nd mortgages on their homes just to sit in the bleachers or behind the infamous pole 11 and yet we had YANKEE fans at a game where the Yankees were not present. It just didn't make a lot of sense to me...but the guy next to me was pretty funny...pretty hammered...but pretty funny. He ended up buying me a beer because I was (and I quote) "a good shit." Thanks:) The night was not even tarnished by his constant updates of the Yankees on the scoreboard. In all honestly it was just a close to immaculate evening...just that loss I can't get around!!

So here's my next thing...Matt Lauer told me "Today" ( was a late night-deal with me!!) that Renee Zellweger and "The Kenny" Chesney are going their seperate ways. Apparently The Kenny did not "complete her." She's stating "fraud" as her reason for wanting the annulment. What? Did he tell her he was 6 feet tall and she finally stopped squinting enough to see he's a wee little fellow? I just don't get it-but I didn't get them from the beginning-including the ridiculous wedding photos of her stooped over like she had a stomach cramp. Oh well, I'm happy for the Kenny...and I still think his tractor's sexy!!


Britney's a mom...
To keep my promise of reporting on inane things that only matter to me...I just read that Britney Spears Federline had her baby today. Allegedly it's a boy (note the blue font) which has to piss her off because you know she wanted a girl to carry on her teen pop idol she already stocked the house with diapers that say "Juicy" on the bottom. She's named it Preston after the guy on Extreme Home Makeover that cries all the time...I think she's confused hoping they'll fix her boobs after the baby is born...wrong show, Britney:(

So I guess I just decided it was time to jump on the bandwagon and get myself a blog. I caved. The thing is I don't want you to come here looking for insight on world issues and politics...that's not me and that won't be my blog. Honestly, what could I lend to a debate about the after effects of Hurricane Katrina and who is responsible for such a horrible disaster? Maybe that sounds ignorant to you...but here's the's not that I don't care...I absolutely do...I just don't think that Monday morning quarterbacking (nice football term from the girl who doesn't understand football!!) is helping those people who lost their homes and families and lives. What I can write about, and what I will write about is still a question...but I'm sure there are people clamoring to read my opinions about matters of my own heart! (When did I become so conceited!?) So let's get down to business. The first thing I really want to talk about is so ridiculous, it really only could come from me!!

I hate Rory Gilmore. Seriously...she used to be such a sweetheart, but once she went to Yale she just became such a jerk. And she's a bad actress all of a sudden...she over-acts just about all the time. When did that happen?? She's in one Quentin Tarantino movie and I don't know...she just sucks. I don't know how she constantly gets away with treating her mother like dirt. I know everyone has issues with their mother from time to time so I shouldn't be so "shocked" that the perfect mother daughter team hits a bump in the road now and again...but Rory is just out of her mind. I could not believe that she thought for a second that her mother would show up for the court hearing. Rory moved out and hasn't discussed anything with Lorelai--for someone who's known her forever how the hell does she not see how mean her actions were?? Maybe she's right to leave Yale...someone's not too smaht!!

Here's the other thing...are they kidding with Luke's hair? Do they really think that were going to buy the grown out combover after he's been bald for the last 5 years? Please...he looks ridiculous. He should cut his hair anyway-the best he looked was at Rory's graduation from Chilton...the 70's ended a long time ago pal. Drop the Johnny Damon routine and move on.

I feel so much better now that I've gotten that out. For those of you who know understand that these two issues made me lose sleep last night (though now you are even sadder to know me). Wait until Alias starts...this is only the beginning...