Blog no more....

I'm taking this opportunity to announce that I will no longer be blogging. Me and the blog had some good times...but then we drifted apart. It happens sometimes in relationships....things are going write about Britney Spears and run fantasy leagues for The Donald Trump show...maybe you even host a trivia game or 2. But then you stop communicating, Britney stops doing crazy jacked up stuff and yahoo! games discontinues the online game you hosted "The App-REESE-tice"'s sad really. What was once a beautiful relationship, the model of communication and now just a memory. You realize all along the whole thing was a sham because you don't talk anymore, you don't post. You'd rather "tweet" and play on facebook. Life is changing, for both of you...and it's time to cut ties.

Farewell, We're in a will be missed.

april fools!!!

(*please note: I'm currently looking to host a different blog on a different url. if you're a fan of the "we're in a fight," then i implore all 2 of you to remain patient and we will meet again!)