Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

saint patricks day

I know it's a little late in the day...but better late than never! Hope you all had a great day...and several to many beers!!!



What once was "lost" has now been FOUND!

Today is a "Lost" day...but that's not what I'm referring to! Not even in response to Ben's maniacal, devious, miserable, despicable taping over of the Red Sox winning the World Series in '04! Bastard!

Since I've moved I've made it a "goal" to unpack at least a box or two a day. Yesterday I put my living room tables together...that was a treat. The trash guys are going to loooove me! Outside my door is a waist high pile o' cardboard and two trashbags filled with bubble wrap and styrofoam. Actually...Al Gore is probably on his way over with some thugs as I type.

At any rate, I was going through some of the boxes and weeding through items which are random in nature and basically of no use. However, I know as soon as I throw something away I'll probably need it. Dear Diary, this is the true confession of a hoarding pack rat! Now, when I left Saint A's several years ago...I got to the end of the packing process and made the "effit" rule. Rather than be organized and have some sense to my packing...the "effit" rule allowed me to just pitch stuff in boxes and get on with my day. I taught my mother the "effit" rule and she packed my desk according to the by-laws of said rule. Now, on my desk, with the intentions to be put in a place I could actually find it...was my Disney Hopper Pass. Those who are "in the know" about the Disney Theme Parks know that these kids are not cheap. You can hit the Tower of Terror at Hollywood Studios (formerly MGM) like *NSync did...or check out the newly refurbished "Pirates of the Caribbean" ride featuring Cap'n Jack. What ever you's all part of the "hopper" experience! Thankfully they don't expire, so you can go to Disney any time you get the inkling...provided you know where the DHP is! For the past 3 years...I have not had a clue where the DHP was! Come on...were you really surprised? That's the downfall of the "effit" rule! Well kids, a box filled with 5 empty CD of my famous trip to "Cananada," pictures of my college graduation...and I'm not even making this up...a cassette tape of New Kids on the Block...I found my precious ticket!!

You don't believe me about the New Kids thing do you...well here...

It is what it is kids...didn't I blow your mind? If you didn't get that then you aren't paying attention and you must be slapped.

Now, as an extra special fun are some pictures of my living room furniture...very comfy! Not the glass tables...those aren't comfortable...but the couch and recliner are:) I apologize for the quality of the photos...even with the lamps it seemed a little dark...and the glass reflections did some weird things...but I'm not in it for the art of it folks...I'm just showing you my gear. The couch and the recliner are a microfiber suede something or other material...the tables are glass...and the lamps are lampy. The pillows came with the set...but I like the chocolate brown of the couch and chair because it's neutral so I can change the accent color of the room whenever I feel like it.

So that's it for now...have a happy Lost (and found!) day!!!

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I Heart Sea World!

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Seriously, I think I could go there every day. Well, that might be excessive...but I love deal!

Yesterday I met up with the Bennett's (Drew, Allison, and Eva) and the Sparks' (Allison's parents Marcia and Dan) at Sea World O-Town. We decided to meet up at 11...but both arrived a little early. By the time I got parked and through the line it ended up being it was all good.

We started off in "Key West" and visited the Dolphins...then straight past "Journey to Atlantis." It was a little early to get soaked...and even though Eva really wanted to go on she's still just a little too short:( So we went to see Clyde and Seymour take "Pirate Island." I won't spoil the "fun" for anyone who's never been...but I did suggest we get there a little early so as not to be part of the pre-show "entertainment." I got to feed Eva a bottle during the show, but finally had to give her back to Allison as Eva just kept giggling and not eating much. The kid is so happy!! So she fell asleep right after...which I think she did on purpose as the next stop was "Shark Encounter." "Awww...they don't let strollers in...that's a shame. I know...I'll stay out here and let her get her cutie sleep while you go explore those treasures of the deep!" Eva saves the day!! At least she saved Auntie Mo from the shark tank!!! She woke up a few minutes later-which was fine...she was just so fun to be around.

We then walked toward Shamu Stadium, with a layover at the "Hospitality House." Love it. Actually-I didn't indulge in any of the free beer goodness. I think I was still in the mode that I'm usually there in July and I get too warm. So there's always next time...maybe even next week because Joe Nichols is playing there and I might need to partake! I after roaming the Clydesdale Hamlet...with one very inappropriate Clydesdale, well, let's just say "greeting" us...we hit the Hospitality House for a little break. We went to Shamu Stadium for the big "Believe" show. Only problem was that the whales didn't "Believe" in performing for us at that moment. They finally got their act together and did some flips and such. Hopefully next time it will be better:)

We did the walking tour of "Wild Artic" and got to see Belugas, and Walruses, and Polar Bears...oh my! We finished out the day with some dinner and shopping...and then hit the parking lot before the fireworks started and would wake up a finally sleeping Eva!

I had a great time, and I hope you enjoy my slide show! I've also posted the whole album at please stop there and leave some comments if you like!!!

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