I don't know the last time I brought up the mention of my "ex-husband." In fact, I'm not sure that I ever have on this blog. His loss.

We officially parted ways when he married Mia Hogg. I told him I wasn't into polygamy, and he'd have to deal with it. I also didn't want to deal with the aftermath of how he abandoned Boston Red Sox fans. Like it or not, the Red Sox will always come first in my heart. Mia ruined him, and it was just too much. He of course chose me over Spamm, but my heart was too hurt and the commute to Chicago was a killer. Again, his loss.

So this morning I glance at my "Trivial Pursuit Page-A-Day Calendar," and low and behold, I knew the answer exactly 3 words into the question.

Category: Sports and Leisure
Question: "What shortstop compulsively fidgeted with his batting gloves before every pitch on hi way to the 2000 AL batting title?
If you don't know the answer right now, then a) you don't know me at all and b) you've never been a Red Sox fan. What's WRONG with you??
I will admit that I've been hard on Nomar, but he'll just have to deal with it. Long gone are the days when the mention of his name would put a ridiculous grin on my face. The people at ebay have contacted me several times as my purchases have decreased rapidly. In fact, I've thought of even selling some of my "collection" in order to raise funds, and admittedly...get a life!!
Don't worry though...I still hold on to the dream that *NSync will unite again in a recording studio and prompt a tour so I can retain my notoriety for "traveling internationally to see them perform.
Good God, how do I NOT require daily therapy sessions????


Crafty Peggy!

Check out the quilt Peggy made...all by herself!! I asked her when she learned to use a sewing machine and she said "this was the first time." It's perfect!! Sorry this is a crappy picture and it definitley doesn't do her craftsmanship justice...but I had to show it off now!! I'm just completely amazed:)


It's about that time...

A Red Sox fan used to amuse himself by scaring every Yankee fan he saw strutting down the street in the obnoxious NY pinstripe shirt. He would swerve his van as if to hit them, and swerve back just missing them.

One day, while driving along, he saw a priest. He thought he would do a good deed, so he pulled over and asked the priest, "Where are you going Father?" "I'm going to give mass at St. Francis church, about 2 miles down the road," replied the priest. "Climb in, Father! I'll give you a lift!" The priest climbed into the rear passenger seat, and they continued down the road. Suddenly, the driver saw a Yankee fan walking down the road, and he instinctively swerved as if to hit him. But, as usual, he swerved back into the road just in time. Even though he was certain that he had missed the guy, he still heard a loud "THUD." Not understanding where the noise came from, he glanced in his mirrors but still didn't see anything. He then remembered the priest, and he turned to the priest and said, "Sorry Father, I almost hit that Yankee fan."
"That's OK," replied the priest, "I got him with the door."

-Courtesy of Miss Maggie


Sweet Merciful Crap!!


How the H-E-C-K is Tarek not only making it out of the boardroom, but still breathing when he does so?? Donald HATES this guy...yet he proceeds to stay active every week! I literally laughed out loud when Dan was the only one fired. He deserved it...but Tarek is just a sinking pun intended.

Other observations about tonight's episode:
-I won't complain too much because it was a "Bill" episode, so how could it not be perfect??
-I'm positive I got little to no questions answered correctly for
The App-REESE-tice, so someone may be taking over the number one spot!
-Was the scene with Charmaine and Leslie in the can necessary...especially the view from under the stall?? Please. Totally tasteless.
-I hated Dan and was happy to see him go.
-Lenny gets on my hasn't he been project manager yet when he has all sorts of input on everyone else? I can't wait to see them work together with him at the helm!
-I was very happy to see Andrea proven wrong by Roxanne's win! I think Andrea is arrogant and overbearing, and after confronting Roxanne for what she said in the boardroom and to see Roxanne handle it so well Andrea can go run in the bathroom and cry about that!!
-I want to win diamonds!!!
-I want the diamonds from Bill...but not like "Foofy Foofy..." I don't want no grill!!!

See y'all with results in the morrow!!

Narcolepsy Lotion...

I'm sure you've seen the very awkward commercials featuring Felicity Huffman for Dove's new line of products called "Calming Night." When she starts to talk, I think she's going to tell me about some ailment affecting children in Zimbabwe that need my cash (a la old school Struthers). The commerical is actually targeting CEO's (Chief 'Everything' Officers) of the household...the moms. Dove is punching me in the neck for being single and childless too. Darn you, Dove!

Moving on...while in Wal-Mart yesterday a girl asked me if I wanted to try a sample of the item. I asked her if I would fall asleep behind the wheel...she didn't even attempt a giggle. She just looked at me blankly, I figure she'd been injecting the stuff in the backroom! Of course I complied and I tried a little, and being the product "whoo-re" that I am I proceeded to put one bottle of lotion in my cart. I honestly thought that perhaps it was some Apprentice task and I just wanted to be on TV:) I used some of the lotion last night, just on my shoulders and arms. I didn't know how potent this stuff would be! My head hit the pillow and I fell asleep HARD! I didn't think I'd make it out of bed this morning...I had to crawl to the shower to get the junk off me! My alarm went off at 6 and I couldn't move! I played "Randy" and layed there like a slug, it was my only defense. No lie, it's like they ground up Oxycontin and made it into lotion. The second the stuff gets sucked into your pores you're a gonner. I'll have to go to Dove Rehab...they'll discontinue the line after I get hooked and can no longer self medicate with soap! I'll lose everything because of this stuff.

So, I highly recommend it. Hopefully you know I'm being a little silly...but it really did knock me out so be careful! Especially if you've heard any recent reports on the effects of sleep aid drugs like Ambien. I don't want people being pulled over for sleeping behind the wheel and blaming take necessary precautions. Get one of those car alarm thingamahoosies you put on your ear that goes off if you lower your head past a certain point...tell 'em Reesie sent you!!

In all seriousness, if you'd like to try a free sample click on the picture link above and you can check out the "joy of soap medicating" yourself!!


My "OOOOUUUMMM" Weekend...

This is my horoscope for the day:

"Today's planetary alignment will give you the opportunity to make a new start. But only if you have been able to get rid of some of the emotional constraints that have been weighing you down over the last two weeks. Try and set aside those things that have been bothering you in you personal life to take advantage of the breath of fresh air coming into your life. Breathe it in!"

So because I don't want to mess around with kharma when the planetary alignments are in order...I played it as a "low key" weekend. Although both mornings of the weekend I woke up unusually early, I still managed to get in plenty of R&R. Saturday I went and had my "hair did." Very fact when I sat in the salon and saw my scraggly locks I almost asked the stylist to just shave it off completely. I refrained from such drastic measures, and went with the loss of a mere inch. I've been trying for over a year to grow out my hair for Locks for Love. My deadline is when I return from my sister's wedding in July. Look for my hair to be radically shorter! Honestly, I'd love one of those little short "do's," but my head is too ginourmous for that to look good at all. After the salon, where I almost fell asleep in the chair, Peggy and I went to lunch and did some shopping. I also got my car fixed which was essential to my cosmic bliss. For the last year I've been complaining of a rattling noise in the undercarriage. It's been pretty brutal, the noise totally creeped me out. I felt like the car would collapse everytime I turned a corner. I dropped it off for an oil change on Friday night, and I left yet another little note. Miraculously, the dealership called me and said that there was a problem and (even more miraculously!!) it was actually covered under my extended warrantee!! Woo-hoo!! So, RamonDos is now rattle free and ready to commute once again. I returned home to watch a movie called
"Junebug." Amy Adams, who has been in several movies, but one of those people you never know "who" she is...was nominated for an Oscar this year for her performance in it. I was actually really impressed with it, though I can't stand the lead actress Embeth Davitz. It's a movie that actually tells a story you can relate to, and it centers on the importance of family. I loved the characters, and how realistically they related to one another. I was very surprised by the brother who was played by the blonde hot kid from 'The OC,' playing a redneck rather than the stereotype. But speaking of stereotypes....

Today I thought it only right to be a slug once more. Hence, I went to the movies to see Failure to Launch. I was apprehensive as Sarah Jessica Parker's last film was miserable. But there's always that McConnaughey element that calls to me and pulls me forward. This movie was great, it was funny and funny...and Matthew McConnaughey appears shirtless (thus the bonus pic) several times and really I defy you to tell me that is ever NOT warranted. You can't...I win.

Now I'm just settling in for an evening of more slugdom...The Soprano's starts in an hour and a half...and where no one knows what's up with Tony and his health issues, tonight promises to be lots of fights run by ego. I just want Bobby Bacala to be the stand in "boss." He can make orders wearing his engineer cap and set up his train set on the stage of the "Bada Bing!" Whoa! Thomas the Train...beware!!


Chicken Little could not "duck and cover!!"

Senior Citizens around the country were grabbing for their oxygen masks when it was announced that teeny tiny little Kevin was not returning to compete on American Idol. I really don't know why people continued to vote for him anyway...there are more talented people on the show that will win. I have to say as much as his lisp annoyed the ever living crap out of me...I was shocked that it was him over Bucky and his man wig. He'll be gone soon enough though, I can sleep peacefully knowing that. I'm not a fan of Lisa, but obviously the judges hate her too. Seriously, they tell her to do things and when she follows through the next week they blast her again. "Act younger, sing younger songs." She complies and is told she sounds like she was performing in a high school musical. Whatever. So thanks America for ditching the wee little on my AI hit list is Paris. Put us all out of our misery!!!!!


Pictures as promised...part 1

The Bride To Be opening gifts...

*update: 10/25/08 pictures and content removed.

I know...

I'm sorry for not posting earlier, I guess I'll have to "step it up" like the Apprentice contestants!

I actually did post earlier but amazingly enough the network went down as soon as I clicked "submit." Very frustrating. So I'll make this one short and sweet...

My time has been spent playing The Apprentice: Wedding Edition as of late. As some of you know I've been out straight between the prep for the shower and all...and now that the bride is returning to Florida the invitation conga line should be breaking off as well. Now I can dedicate my evenings to the usual issues, as I will discuss below!! Seriously, I'm beat. Peggy and I have appointments for hair cuts this weekend and I think I might treat myself to some additional pampering with a mani/pedi as well. I deserve it. Besides...all I have to concentrate on now is booking my room, scheduling my flight and rental car, securing my dress and shoes and jewelry and an air conditioning unit inside my gown that won't "reveal" itself. That shouldn't be difficult. I may even attempt catching up on some reading. Considering I figured out the other day that the last book I read was "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince," I'd say I'm well over due!!

So here we go...the following are topics near and dear to me...that I must force my opinions on my blog reading public so sit back and relax...there will be a picture of my husband Bill that will get you through:)

Gilmore Girls: Seriously, ENOUGH with the repeats! I believe there have been only 3 new episodes in 2006 and have to "step it up!!" I'm not watching repeats. What's the deal GG?? Are you scared of American Idol? You're losing to them and it's not with grace. Why are you bowing out? I k now I'd rather watch a new episode of AI than a repeat of Rory and Lorelai fighting. Yeah, I said it. If the networks are merging you may not survive and how can you fight for a place if you have no ratings. Der.

American Idol: ENOUGH with Kevin Covais. Seriously, I'd rather be locked in a room with Bucky and Pickler talking to me than have to listen to another song by him. And Paris...please. Who are you trying to fool with the fake voice? You go from a squeaky little mouse to a bass in the time it takes Randy to do an arm pump. Work THAT out. I saw that character 20 years a little movie called Police Academy. End it now. And Ace is awful, I know I'll take heat for that but seriously, be reasonable. He's just not good. I don't even think he's good looking...what are you going to do about it???? The best thing about the show last night was the little girl who should take over for Ryan as host...she was awesome!!

The Apprentice: This week blew. Mostly because my precious Bill was seen nowhere. Here he is just to satiate the masses...

(look at him!!!!!!!!!!)

I have to say that in all seriousness I was extremely disappointed with the episode this week because of the Brent bashing. He's annoying, and overbearing, we get it. I was digusted with the boardroom antics. First of all for someone to be given little to nothing of any importance in the task, and then to be outwardly blasted for being overweight was dispicable. I couldn't believe that not only was it admitted to be true, but the Donald went along with it!! Seriously, that's law suit material. Brent couldn't defend himself because I think for the first time he speechless because I don't think HE believed what was happening. Just rotten...I hate Andrea and the rest of Synergy and I hope they fail miserably now that Brent is gone.

Here are the standings for the App-REESE-tice. Contrary to popular (or Jovifan belief!) I do not get advance copies of the fact I only got three questions right! It was the bonus that saved me.

1 Reesie's Renegades 223
2 Al's Calls 180
3 California Mo's Picks 167
4 mags4846 132
5 Nants' Predictions 130
6 Juanita's Dream Team 112
7 Lauren's Picks 110
8 Winners 0

A'ight dawgs...I predict bottom 3 tonight on AI will be: Ace, Lisa, and Bucky. The latter will be released for his hair alone.

So much for "short and sweet." What are you complaining about?? You so missed me!!


You know I'm here for the PARTY!

The waiting is over and the secret is finally out. Months of planning, hours of prep work, and much money spent on backpain relief have finally come to a wonderful end!

For those of you who may be "out of the loop," this past weekend was my sister Elizabeth's (though some of you know her as 'FWIZ') bridal shower! Somehow, we got her from Florida to here and STILL managed to pull off a surprise! I think she really was in shock...or at least the tears and trademark screeching told me she was!

She flew in on Thursday with her mother in-law "to be," Arlene, and her brother in-law "to be" Anthony, under the guise of addressing wedding invitations. She also thought that Saturday we were having our annual traditional Saint Patrick's Day get together with my dad's side of the family. This tidbit made it very easy to have all the food in the house and also allowed for her to help prepare it...not that she did as she was "too cold." Darn this frigid New England weather! At any rate, my mother and Arlene took her to go shopping for their dresses for the wedding, and when she came back she was surprised to see so many people parked in front of the house. When she came in, she was still all confused but finally got the gist.

I had a wonderful day, and I really have to thank my cousin Julie for coming the day before and shopping with me for HOURS and then staying up prepping (yeah, we might have done some chatting too!) until 3:30 am and then being up at 8 to get things going before everyone arrived. She was amazing and did most of the decorating, she made it more perfect than I even envisioned it!! Also, mad props must be given to Miss Maggie who helped with food (Julie was still kicking in by the way!!) and kept people company during the event in that amazing way that only Maggie can!! I really appreciate both of their help...I could not have done it without them. Sadly, Julie had to leave to get back to her dog and couldn't stay for another late night chat fest. Maggie stayed the night-and could chat...but she didn't have "the ability!" Maggie also gets huge huge huge thanks for not only coming to help out the way she did...but having to deal with the State Troopers of both New Hampshire and Massachusetts on the way home!!!!!!

I will have pictures...but we have company and I can't get in the computer room to post them just yet.


"Beannachtam na Feile Padraig!!

This is one of my favorite days of the year-and happily enough this year is the first time I will be able to celebrate it like a real grown up!! I still have much to do for the annual family St. Pat's bash...but it won't stop me from having a few cold ones this evening to celebrate my heritage! This is my solemn vow!
Honestly, is there anything better than being Irish?? We have a whole day set aside in our honor to just get bombed. Granted, a true Irish woman or man doesn't need the "one day" cop out;)
I wish you all a happy and healthy and SAFE high holy day!!
(Oh, and if you want to know more about the holiday, and admittedly how it's not just an excuse for the Irish to drink gallons of on the link in the title!!)


Shark bait

Freaking Brent. As you all know, or should know if you feign to know me at all, I have a completely unreasonable and irrational fear of sharks. I didn't bring it up in my original Apprentice break down, because I could barely watch it. I was absolutley nauseated by the idea of seeing a shark, nevermind swimming with a tank of them!! Ugh, I'm getting sick right now. This was not a "treat" for me...and I'll admit I would have probably pulled an "Andrea" and run into the can crying!

I do want to give props to Brent for actually going through with it. I sincerely hate his team, and this "reward" made me hate them even more. We've all worked with annoying people, it's a fact of life. If we didn't have to deal with shitty situations then it wouldn't be considered a "job." Their comments were completely ignorant and without candor. If I were "The Donald" and saw their remarks I have no doubt in my mind I wouldn't one a one of them working for me. They may have won the reward, but they lost all semblance of dignity in my eyes from this moment out. It's like a bunch of high school kids picking on the awkward guy. They were as classless as Gold Rush's event.

Completely off topic, I don't know if any of you realize but Bill "Should be my husband" Rancic (also known as the first winner of The Apprentice) has been keeping a weekly blog and pod-casts regarding the show and business tips. The blog is actually pretty funny, and he also reads and answers reader mail. Plus he's frigging hot, and did I mention he should be my husband?? I love when George is away for religious holidays...not that I don't enjoy the G-man...but I enjoy the future Mr. Reesie's reactions to the challenges and the people in the boardroom. He's hot. That's all I'll say...this time.

Don't forget to fill out your questions for The it NOW as they are available and you WANT that bonus!! I already did mine and I'm not liking the questions this week-the previews didn't help in the least as they were all about Brent "going too far" and there aren't many questions with him as a possible answer. Oh well...only time will tell!!

Bill is hot...pass it on. :) :) :)


"I wish I knew how to quit you...err...I mean fire you!"

Week 3 has come and gone, and the absolute of this show thus far is that Trump HATES Tarek! You know he wants to fire "Mr. Mensa," but for some reason this chump keeps squeeeeeeking by in the boardroom. The first week when he was the project manager, he was weak and unorganized...yet still managed to be pompous. This time around he was just portrayed as a big baby! He totally caved to Theresa, which ultimately was part of the reason they lost the task. I know he thought that Theresa would come off badly because she nixed getting sod for the golf holes, which she did. Don't misunderstand me, she totally deserved to be fired because as the man Trump himself would say she was a "disaster." I think these people, who are supposed to be "brilliant," are just ridiculous. How do you not learn from only the previous week NOT to bring people into the boardroom just because they spoke out against you? Pepi did it and got sent to the Yahoo Jobs cab...and Theresa fell pray to the ego which was ultimately her sentence to leave as well. I think if she had brought Charmaigne in the boardroom this would be a different commentary. I can't believe she was left out! The comedian just wasn't funny, and lewd to boot. How do you hire someone without knowing at least a little bit of their material? And to pay her $1700 dollars to just embarrass them? Christ, I'll come out and talk for 15 minutes, and take half that...and I won't require the use of "bleeps" or discuss male genetalia to a bunch of old geisers. I can't even begin to tell you how ridiculous the models were!! At any rate, Lenny and Brent seem to be the comedy of the show...and just like last week...if you can't "handle" your employees...pack your bags and get ready for your interview with Matt Lauer. My favorite moment of last night's show was when Lenny, Tarek, and Theresa were leaving the boardroom and Tarek, like an animal with his tail between his legs, he says to Donald..."I'll step it up, Mr. Trump." To which Donald replies "You better!" I laughed out loud. I'm just waiting for the Donald to say to Tarek: "I hate you, you know?!" We all know!

So here are the results of this weeks App-REESE-tice competition. I pulled ahead of Lil' Al this week, but overall Maggie won for the week with a score of 90 points! Way to go!! Cali Mo did get the most questions correctly answered kudos to you as well! This just goes to show you how crucial those bonus points are!!

Questions & Answers:

1. Back at the suite, which candidate will "have a feeling that Brent is coming back" from the boardroom?

2. Which candidate from Synergy will say "if Brent doesn't get fired, part of me wants to go home"?
Andrea (and then she RAN into the bathroom to CRY!! COME ON!!!!!! I wanted her team to lose just for that!!)

3. During the task assignment, which candidate will be singled out by Mr. Trump as "not so hot"?

4. During the task, what will Sean refer to Andrea as?
"A genius"

5. During the task resolution, which candidate will Mr. Trump say is "a hard person to lead"?

6. After the task resolution, who will tell another candidate to "shut up" in the suite?

7. In the boardroom, who will Mr. Trump say has "great style"?

8. In the boardroom, who will be referred to as a "comedian"?

9. How many additional people will the losing project manager bring back to the final boardroom?

10. Which candidate will be fired?

1. Reesie's Renegades 178
2. Al's Calls 135
3. California Mo's Picks 122
4. Nants' Predictions 115
5. mags4846 103
6. Lauren's Picks 80
7. Juanita's Dream Team 70
8. Winners 0


Confessions of a TV addict!

The thing is, I really don't care that I watch too much TV. At least that's what I tell myself. I do enjoy relaxes me. For a half hour or so, I can worry about someone else's life and goings on than my own. Sometimes it even makes me feel a little bit better about what's a happenin' in my life. I

'm boring. I wake up, get ready, drive to work, work, drive home, have dinner with the family, blog, watch tv, and finally go to bed. My problem was last night when there were a gazillion things to watch. When did Sunday night become the epicenter of the television world? At somepoint I KNOW it was Thursday nights, but now people with social lives (myself sadly, yet admittedly not included!) might be out on a Thursday night so they aren't watching The Cosby Show or ER anymore.

I would love to come home and read, but I know that after a long day at work and just concentrating on the road during my commute...I've allowed that television set to be my end all and be all for entertainment as of late. I sell books, in an academic community...I don't think it's a coincidence that the LAST thing I want to see when I get home is a book. However there are several that I would like to read right now, even some non-fiction titles that have been taunting me to take them home. However, I bought several books a few months ago (and by 'a few' I mean in AUGUST of last year!) and I've decided that until I have read those books I will not purchase any more. Seems simple enough...right? I have no willpower...none. I get home and say..."tonight I will read a chapter in my book and I will enjoy it and love it and perhaps even read one more chapter because I'll like it that much." I'll be exstatic about my book reading adventure and will think about it the whole way home. But on the way home, I'll stop at the bank, and then stop for gas, and then it's 6:30 and I'll join the family for dinner. Peggy will beg me to watch Wheel of Fortune with her (although she hates it because I get them quickly), and by the time I settle down and blog a bit or catch up with some pals on the's 8 o'clock on a Tuesday and time for my Gilmore Girls program...and the night is just over for me at that point.

This brings me back to the Sunday night plight. I know you were waiting for it! So last night I was cleaning my room (shocker), and Peggy and I started watching Extreme Home Makeover. Of course it was a 2 hour show so that started us off at 7...the appetizer if you will. Peggy left me at 9 so she could go watch repeats of Full House nonsense. As most of you know, last night was the season premiere of The Soprano's, so of course that had to be seen in it's entirety. It's an HBO show which means no commercial breaks...thank goodness for DVR and that precious pause button! Meanwhile, whilst Tony and the gang were entertaining me, I used the DVR to record Desperate Housewives. 10 pm rolls around, do you know where you're children are? Well my mother's child was watching another hour of the telly with Crossing Jordan. Oh hang on kids, it gets worse! When that ended...I had to watch Desperate Housewives...oh, and somehow I left out the fact that I taped Grey's Anatomy at 10 as well! I have an illness, an addiction I cannot control. At least at 12:30 I was able to shut of the tv which I swear actually sighed with relief when I did! I did not watch Grey's Anatomy...and I have to work late this evening which means if I'm lucky I'll be home in time for the "Donald Trump Show."

And even if I'm not in new best friend "DEEVEE R" will tape it for me. So sad.


Deja Must Love Dogs?

For those of you who don't read the "We're in a Fight" blog regularly, you may not realize that I subscribe to Netflix. I've been a member for some time now, and I actually really enjoy the service. With my ridiculous schedule, it's hard to get to a movie store as often as I like to rent movies. Nowadays it's pretty difficult to get the movie you want when you want it this works for me because 8 times out of ten I can get a new release in the first few tries.

If you aren't familiar with the "Joy of Netflix," then let me break it down for you. You pay online for a subscription, there are several different options. Right now I have the 2 movies out at a time unlimited plan. I started with the standard 3 at a time, but since I'm not working overnight/weekend shifts anymore (praise Jesus) and I have digital cable (Amen!), I actually got frugal and realized it didn't make sense. Again, if you know me at all being frugal just ain't my thang. I, to continue...there is a catalog online where you pick the movies you want to see and put them on a list. Netflix refers to it as a "queue." Very proper. Then when you mail the movie back, they send you the next one on your list. It seems like a lot of work, but it takes no time at all to get a list going. Currently mine has over 100 selections. Creepy and sad, I know...but many of the DVD's I'm waiting for are a series in multiple disks. Yeah, I'm sure that doesn't make you feel any better about my sad, lonely, desolate, "watches way too much tv" life! One of the other good things about Netflix is you can rate the movies you've seen, and then the site will automatically generate "recommendations" based on what you like and dislike. It's a smart little site. Sometimes I think it knows my likes better than I do! Yeah, creepy again.

Again, I digress. This week I was waiting for 2 movies, I sent my previous rentals back knowing that my number 1 option that was allegedly available "NOW," was Crash. I thought that I would have it in plenty of time before I saw the dreaded phrase "LONG WAIT" under it's title. I also went with Must Love Dogs with Diane Lane and 80's movie icon John Cusack. I was really looking forward to seeing MLD-and found it weird that I had already rated it 3 stars (remember this tidbit later's important!). Strangely enough, even though Crash was first on my queue...they sent me "Just Friends" instead. This has never happened before, oh and sidenote, Crash is now listed as "VERY LONG WAIT." Thanks for killing the romance Netflix. You've turned on me, you rat bastard.

So here's where the story gets funny. I watched "Just Friends" last night, and it was a lot less insulting than I thought it would be. I kind of enjoyed I rated it 3 stars out of 5. I have to say, the outtakes are probably the funniest part of the movie...but it was still ok. So tonight after a very long day, I decided to get into bed and watch "Must Love Dogs." Have you ever gone to a theater and seen a trailer for a movie and then went to see that movie and thought they showed all the funny parts in the trailer? Well, I started to get that feeling. But then it got worse...I was actually thinking that I might be remembering many trailers. Or that I had suddenly become Allison Dubois in MEDIUM, and was now psychic. I was just waiting to wake up to Trump at the foot of my bed saying that now "The Apprentice was on Monday nights at 9. NBC's going from 'Uge' to 'Medium."
Finally, about a half hour into the movie I realized it was just too creepy...I knew a lot more of the plot before it happened. Then it finally dawned on me...I've already seen this frigging movie!! I've never done this before...I'm the pop culture could I FORGET an entire movie?? I'm not kidding when I tell you that I never once thought for a second that I'd seen it before. That is SO not me!! Then I remembered that I HAD already rated it...could it be?? I consulted my Netflix history and there it was...I had already rented it! But WHEN???

It was the week I threw out my back at Christmas and was in my Vicodin haze! Thus, of course, I felt leagues better knowing my temporary amnesia was drug induced and not my 29.1 year old mind fritzing on me! I did see the rest of the movie though, and I believe now that I may have blocked it out for other the fact that it blows.

So that is my little random dumbass move of the day (one that I'll admit to anyway solely for comedic value). I realize it was a long journey to get to the actual meat of the story...but know this:

a) At least I posted on the weekend!

2) Notice I can sit at the computer and type for a long period of time because I finally got my arse in a pool today and my backpain is little to none withOUT drugs. I do this for you, adoring public. I hate when you're sad, I'm here for you! I won't let you down!

d) Spam is evil. (Yes, it has nothing to do with anything in this post, but it is something all should know!)

Dawgpound...Give it uuuuuuuuup!!

I'd like to be the first to welcome my cousin Lauren to the joyous world of bloggin'!! Please visit her blog LAURENDISORDER when you get a chance:)

We share many of the same interests...American Idol (thus the hot pic of the illustrious Randy Jackson who couldn't contain his excitement when he found out the news!!), the Red Sox, and Little House on the Prairie are mere examples of her passions. Look for many items regarding Jon Bon Jovi...and Charles Ingalls! Her take on many topics will rival mine I'm enjoy...but just don't tell me! Haha!


A whole new ring...

So I finally caved and got a new phone. I needed one to officially change my plan over from AT&T to Cingular...strangely enough I thought that was done when the latter took over AT&T Wireless...but I was mistaken. Anyhoo...I've spent the last two nights putting in all my numbers in order to officially retire the old one. "The old one" was only 2 years old, but completely outdated...this phone has Bejeweled and Text Twist...that one had nuthin'! Christ, remember when "Snake 2" was all the rage? It's like the "pong" of the cell phone world...gone...but never forgotten (like Lance). So now all I need is a new ring tone and I'm having the darndest time finding one! I finally decided I wanted "Sweet Caroline" in honor of the Sox and my precious Goddaughter...but alack and alas...Cingular does not offer Neil Diamond ring tones!! Frigging Lil' John has a thousand...but not even ONE Neil Diamond!! The Lil' John ones are pretty funny's just him yelling at you to pick up the phone...and there's one where he says something about "yo baby's mama" calling...but I didn't think that was the right choice for me. I've been through Napoleon Dynamite, Gilmore Girls (nothing!!), Veggietales, and even other Red Sox things...but I can't stand to hear Joe Buck announcing that I have a phone call. So I need you to help poor Reesie/Mo find the perfect ring tone for her new little phone. Suggestions are welcome and needed!! There may even be a vote!!


"Al's Calls" Wins by a Landslide...

Last night's episode of The Apprentice was chock full o'drama...and dancin' dancin' DANCIN'! Brent is freaking awesome, but that's mostly because I don't have to work for him. He's so "Un-Trump" it's hysterical!! I was glad they got rid of Pepi and Stacy...because honestly...they don't matter in the long's the psycho whackadoo that gets the ratings!!

Here are the questions and answers from "The App-REESE-tice." Allie creamed us all...just as I predicted. If only I could predict ANSWERS as well:)

1. Prior to the task assignment, which candidate will say "second place is first in a long line of losers"?

2. During the task assignment, what will Mr. Trump refer to Ivanka as?
"A true apprentice"

3. During the task, what will Brent do to draw attention for the corporation?

4. In the morning of the task, which corporation will exit the suite before the other corporation wakes up?
Gold Rush

5. Which corporation will win this week's task?
Gold Rush

6. With the boardroom looming, which candidate is said to have "the potential to snap"?

7. In addition to the project manager, how many people will be brought back to the final boardroom?

8. With the boardroom looming, which candidate will be called "wishy-washy" by a fellow candidate?

9. Which candidate will be fired?

10. After the firing, how will Donald Trump feel about his decision?
"OK, I'm satisfied."

Rank and Scores following Week 2 are as follows:

1 Al's Calls 135
2 Reesie's Renegades 118
3 Nants' Predictions 70
4 California Mo's Picks 60
5 Lauren's Picks 51
6 mags4846 13
7 Juanita's Dream Team 10
8 Winners 0

It's not too late to get in on the game! Remember to put in the answers to your questions as early as possible once they are available on Wednesday...that gives you a better shot with your bonus points!


REESE wins the Oscar!!

Witherspoon that is. Aww. Poor Reesie...overlooked again!! Reese W. deserved to win though, that movie was amazing. I was totally spellbound...I may purchase that one too! Joaquin was ROBBED. He WAS Johnny Cash in that movie...seriously it was bordering on creepy. So now that the 2006 Oscars are over for the year, I think it's time we start a new awards "show" called "The Reesies!!" I believe that now I will be analyzing the awards shows from here on out...the ones I can stay awake for. So let us start with The Academy Awards 2006. Lemme break it down fo' ya...

BEST DRESSED: Ben Stiller in the green unitard explaining the magic of the "green screen." Freaking priceless.


George Clooney. Yum Yum...give me SOME! I truly believe the film Goodnight and Good Luck was outstanding, and that something should have been given an award...but he'll have to settle with a "Reesie." Seriously, can settle in with me anytime!!


Dolly Parton. Seriously-this woman is 9,000 years old and looks like she spends all her "down time" on the set of Nip/Tuck. I mean...good for her that she's still kickin', but Jeez...could you dress a little more age appropriate. She looked like a drag version of herself, which actually is fitting seeing as her song was for the movie 'TransAmerica" about transvestites. was embarrassing. The crowd was silent, mostly because I think they thought she would be in the "In Memoriam" montage!


Charlize Theron. Seriously, if she needed to nod off during someone's acceptance speech she could just arch her head and she had a pillow right there. Night night, babies.


Don Knotts. The Incredible Mr. Limpet was NOT included in the "In Memorium" montage. Shameful. He's a legend, and should have been treated as such.

BEST RECOVERY FROM A POTENTIALLY EMBARRASSING SITUATION:Jennifer Garner tripped on her dress on her way out to the microphone to present whatever it was she was presenting. When she gracefully got to the mike (it wasn't more than a slip), she said "I do all my own stunts." I love her, and look at her after having a baby! Seriously, it could have been bad...epecially with J-Lo sitting in the audience! But who cares...she's got Ben and a baby, and J-Lo's got that other guy who beat his other wife. I say J-G wins this round!

BEST DICK CHENEY JOKE:The host, Jon Stewart said "Bjork couldn't be here tonight because she went hunting with Dick Cheney." Nuff said.


Joaquin Phoenix for his work in "Walk the Line" as Johnny Cash. This is no joke folks...he should have won. I hate this picture becaus it's the only one I can find of him at the Oscars, and "the other Reese" waves her trophy in his face. I think I heard he was going to go find those "pimp" guys and get some pointers from them...

Seriously, it's bad enough that you're enduring all the "gay cowboy" jokes. Do the homosexual community some justice and learn how to groom yourself. Honestly, you could be very handsome...well you could have been until Gene Shallit said you came off as a "sexual predator." Wow...maybe it's NOT the eyebrows...perhaps I'm just extremely influenced by the opinions put forth by Gene Shallit. I'm even more frightened.

"I STOLE CUBA GOODING JR.'S FACE...NOW I WILL TAKE OVER HIS IDENTITY": This is Terrence Howard...NOT Cuba Gooding, Jr. I got has a hard time "bein' a pimp." The other just wants Jerry Maguire to "show him the money." Hey...maybe they can learn from each other. Aww...teamwork!

CUTEST COUPLE:OOPS!! Sorry...that was a typo...I meant Cutest WEIRDO Couple. They were followed a close second by Phillip Seymour Hoffman and his mum...but Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton take the whackadoo cake:)

Carla Gugino. I saw this picture and fell out of my chair laughing. Seriously...why would you even do this to yourself? Why not just give Joan Rivers the rocks to throw at you??

REESE Witherspoon of course!


I've been a rotten blogger...

Remember back in the day, when I'd blog every day...and people would enjoy it...and not send me hate mail for not blogging every day? Good times.

I do apologize wholeheartedly to my adoring "blog public!" There has been a LOT going on at work and such, and I haven't been getting home until late. Between that and my back issues...I haven't been in the "blogging" spirit!! Unthinkable, I know...but true.

This week has been very started out at work all wrong and has progressively sucked since. Tuesday was perhaps the most hellish day because first we found a bag of suspect "herbal type" something or other on the floor in my store. Thankfully my in depth training from Residence Life sent up a red flag and I immediately contacted security to come and get it. I'm absolutely in no way keeping it so that it becomes a liability for me or my job later on! Then someone got in a car accident on the road of the college, rumors have it one of the students was driving a bit erratically and smashed into a telephone pole...thus destroying his/her car and taking out all of the power on campus (or at least in our building). We waited over an hour, and I finally made "the call" to close a half hour early. And by "the call" I mean I had to call eleventyhundred different people from my very expensive ridiculous cell phone to tell them so. As I finally got through holding with the alarm company...wonder of all wonders...the power was restored. Good Lord. So I then proceeded to call everyone and their mother again to tell them the store was up and running. Hallelujah!! That was a joy...and a half. Ho hum.

Believe it or not, and this may shock you, I really didn't even get into Gilmore Girls this week!! I know...I was on the phone with Maggie (who, even you have to admit is more important than the GG) and it just didn't seem important!! Crazy...I know...and with all the new stuff happening!! I watched it again Wednesday and found the Gilmore groove a little easier this time. SO much happened, and if I'm SPOILING any of this for you (that's a warning that I'm about to SPOIL some things!) I can't help it because some things must be said!!

a) PLEASE let it be for real that Rory has dumped Logan. HE SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKS!!!!
I don't care if "they were on a break" he eats...and I hate him a big whole lot!!

b) I can't believe that Zack proposed to Lane!! I further cannot believe that he did it in Luke's Diner with Babette only inches away. I still yet further cannot believe that Luke let Lane continue to work and didn't turn back into "real Luke before the kid came along and turned him into a jerk who ignores Lorelai" Luke and go running off to Lorelai to put the wedding back on!!

c) I'm very happy that Paris is back to being Paris. I hated the crazed weirdo one...and Doyle really creeped me out this episode so I'm hoping that he's gone for good. She never should have dumped the hottie from Princeton for the old geezer professor...but she's back at the crafts table so at least she's working out her aggressions creatively.

d) I just realized that Christopher's daughter "Gigi" has to be short for Gilmore Girls...funny:)

e) I think Rory's hair might actually be a wig.

f) Kirk on the juice fast was pretty funny...especially since he weighs about the same as a cup of juice.

So that's pretty much all I have for the Gilmore commentary of the week. Next week is a repeat...not necessary!!

I wanted to watch ER last night, but some drama of our very own erupted in the Tarpey household and thus I had to forgo it for the night. I did remember to DVR it...thankfully because I knew my precious Dr. Carter was back for a guest appearance:) He's lovely. At any rate, I did NOT remember to a) DVR it or b) even watch American Idol. Therefore I did NOT get to see the final boot off moments for absolute LEAST favorite contestant. I'm pretty sure it was karma for rude "Clay" comments I texted the night before to [Theodore, Mrs.] I guess that's my punishment. I would have really enjoyed seeing her go...she sucked. Thankfully, two other people got the boot who really deserved to go as well...Sway (rhymes with Clay...what???!! Haha!!), and the annoying weirdo crooner kid. Michael Buble...he was NOT. I felt bad for the other girl who got sent home, but she really did "pick the wrong song." I'm looking forward to next week to see if the judges start the kindergarten fights again...loved it when Simon told Paula to cut the crap!! I'm beginning to think she really IS having feelings for him...though he's a bit old for her usual tendencies:)

If you didn't do your App-REESE-tice questions yet for next week's "Donald Trump Show", do them ASAP!! Nancy and/or Lauren pointed out that the earlier you put in your guesses, the better chance of getting a better bonus!! If you haven't signed up to participate in the joy that is the App-REESE-tice...get on the wagon...we've converted many nay-sayers...this show is priceless (which is good cuz I'm poor!!!)!!

Happy Trails to Linda who's off to Cancun this lucky miserable rotten sum um a beeeotch!! Don't get burned...and bring me back something Cancunian;)

Have a swell may all just hear from me again before it ends...Oscars are Sunday...that should be a good'n!!


The App-REESE-tice: Week 1

So as most of you know by know I'm hosting a league for The Apprentice Fantasy Game. This was the first week...and honestly my position is purely due to luck as we can all attest to the fact that "Mo is NO member of Mensa!!" I think this season will be really good, I'm loving the ridiculous "Brent" guy...and I'm thinking of making a drinking game for how many times my fellow Saint Anselm Alum, Tarek, can mention he's a member of Mensa!! Plus Carolyn cracks me up...I love when she just laughs in disgust at the contestants. She went off on Summer the other night...and I loved every moment of it!! Best line definitley goes to Trump for saying his "wig" was natural...yeah...natural cotton candy!! Donald...even I don't have to be a member of Mensa to tell you that the laws of physics might point out that "if it AIN'T movin' it's probably fake!!" And the Donald's wig was at a stand still in G-force winds!! Runner up for favorite line still goes to the Donald for calling Tarek "overrated." Touche, Monsieur Trump, Touche. You can join in the game at any on the link above!

Standings for Week One:
Rank Name Points
1 Reesie's Renegade's 50
2 Nants' Predictions 40
3 Lauren's Picks 36
4 Al's Calls 30
4 California Mo's Picks 30
5 mags4846 0
5 Juanita's Dream Team 0
5 Winners 0

Here are the questions and correct answers (Don't forget to answer your questions for next week to earn points...they are available now. In your team screen there will be a highlighted bar for the March 6th on "EDIT" and the questions are available.)

Questions for February 27:

1. Where will Donald Trump meet the new candidates at the beginning of the show?
Aboard the Trump jet

2. Which candidate will say "it doesn't bother me being chosen last"?
Brent (of COURSE...I picked this just from his picture!!)

3. During the corporation assignments, which candidate will jokingly utter that Sean's accent is "fake"?

4. During the task, which candidate will claim to be "a true team player"?

5. Which candidate will be blamed for throwing the corporation "under the bus"?

6. How many additional people will the losing project manager bring back to the final boardroom? Three

7. In the boardroom, which candidate will Donald Trump say "lacks common sense"?

8. In the boardroom, which candidate will upset Mr. Trump by interrupting him?

9. Which candidate will be fired?

10. After the firing, who will Donald Trump claim is "totally overrated"?

Mrs. Theodore is Queen of Trivia For February!!

The following are the official scores for the trivia this month. Kim made a VERY impressive win overall and beat out Drewbie by only 1 POINT!!! Shocking, because she's a dick...but very much deserved!! Kudos!!

Feb 06
13 players played during the month.
1. vtek33 (123 points, 8 wins)

2. Drewbie (122 points, 8 wins)
3. autumnblue (120 points, 3 wins)
4. Mo (104 points, 4 wins)
5. reverand_aldern (79 points, 0 wins)
6. jovifan (63 points, 2 wins)
7. lizfwiz (30 points, 1 wins)
8. Cuddles (26 points, 0 wins)
9. Francine Fishpaw (19 points, 1 wins)
10. tedkc (19 points, 1 wins)

I do have scores from the Trump Game...but I require a little more time to post them as some things came up last night before I could. I don't want to brag...but I will...I'm in the lead!! But it's by a of Trump's cotton candy-like orangy locks...but's pretty fun. If you haven't signed up - please do...the link is on the side. Again, I'm pressed for time but will post all later today:)