Deja Must Love Dogs?

For those of you who don't read the "We're in a Fight" blog regularly, you may not realize that I subscribe to Netflix. I've been a member for some time now, and I actually really enjoy the service. With my ridiculous schedule, it's hard to get to a movie store as often as I like to rent movies. Nowadays it's pretty difficult to get the movie you want when you want it this works for me because 8 times out of ten I can get a new release in the first few tries.

If you aren't familiar with the "Joy of Netflix," then let me break it down for you. You pay online for a subscription, there are several different options. Right now I have the 2 movies out at a time unlimited plan. I started with the standard 3 at a time, but since I'm not working overnight/weekend shifts anymore (praise Jesus) and I have digital cable (Amen!), I actually got frugal and realized it didn't make sense. Again, if you know me at all being frugal just ain't my thang. I, to continue...there is a catalog online where you pick the movies you want to see and put them on a list. Netflix refers to it as a "queue." Very proper. Then when you mail the movie back, they send you the next one on your list. It seems like a lot of work, but it takes no time at all to get a list going. Currently mine has over 100 selections. Creepy and sad, I know...but many of the DVD's I'm waiting for are a series in multiple disks. Yeah, I'm sure that doesn't make you feel any better about my sad, lonely, desolate, "watches way too much tv" life! One of the other good things about Netflix is you can rate the movies you've seen, and then the site will automatically generate "recommendations" based on what you like and dislike. It's a smart little site. Sometimes I think it knows my likes better than I do! Yeah, creepy again.

Again, I digress. This week I was waiting for 2 movies, I sent my previous rentals back knowing that my number 1 option that was allegedly available "NOW," was Crash. I thought that I would have it in plenty of time before I saw the dreaded phrase "LONG WAIT" under it's title. I also went with Must Love Dogs with Diane Lane and 80's movie icon John Cusack. I was really looking forward to seeing MLD-and found it weird that I had already rated it 3 stars (remember this tidbit later's important!). Strangely enough, even though Crash was first on my queue...they sent me "Just Friends" instead. This has never happened before, oh and sidenote, Crash is now listed as "VERY LONG WAIT." Thanks for killing the romance Netflix. You've turned on me, you rat bastard.

So here's where the story gets funny. I watched "Just Friends" last night, and it was a lot less insulting than I thought it would be. I kind of enjoyed I rated it 3 stars out of 5. I have to say, the outtakes are probably the funniest part of the movie...but it was still ok. So tonight after a very long day, I decided to get into bed and watch "Must Love Dogs." Have you ever gone to a theater and seen a trailer for a movie and then went to see that movie and thought they showed all the funny parts in the trailer? Well, I started to get that feeling. But then it got worse...I was actually thinking that I might be remembering many trailers. Or that I had suddenly become Allison Dubois in MEDIUM, and was now psychic. I was just waiting to wake up to Trump at the foot of my bed saying that now "The Apprentice was on Monday nights at 9. NBC's going from 'Uge' to 'Medium."
Finally, about a half hour into the movie I realized it was just too creepy...I knew a lot more of the plot before it happened. Then it finally dawned on me...I've already seen this frigging movie!! I've never done this before...I'm the pop culture could I FORGET an entire movie?? I'm not kidding when I tell you that I never once thought for a second that I'd seen it before. That is SO not me!! Then I remembered that I HAD already rated it...could it be?? I consulted my Netflix history and there it was...I had already rented it! But WHEN???

It was the week I threw out my back at Christmas and was in my Vicodin haze! Thus, of course, I felt leagues better knowing my temporary amnesia was drug induced and not my 29.1 year old mind fritzing on me! I did see the rest of the movie though, and I believe now that I may have blocked it out for other the fact that it blows.

So that is my little random dumbass move of the day (one that I'll admit to anyway solely for comedic value). I realize it was a long journey to get to the actual meat of the story...but know this:

a) At least I posted on the weekend!

2) Notice I can sit at the computer and type for a long period of time because I finally got my arse in a pool today and my backpain is little to none withOUT drugs. I do this for you, adoring public. I hate when you're sad, I'm here for you! I won't let you down!

d) Spam is evil. (Yes, it has nothing to do with anything in this post, but it is something all should know!)


At 11:51 AM, Blogger lms129 said...

I totally can relate to this post. I was due to start my shift today at 10am. I left the house at 830 so I could do a few errands by myself and take my time. I pulled into the parking lot at work at 955am. It wasn't until I went to turn off the engine that I realized that for the past hour and a half , I have been listening to a WIGGLES cd. I finally get time to myself, prime Bon Jovi moment and I was listening to the WIGGLES? I know at one point, at a red light, I had to have been singing along to "Hot Potato". Of al the things I lost, I miss my mind the most!!!


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