The App-REESE-tice: Week 1

So as most of you know by know I'm hosting a league for The Apprentice Fantasy Game. This was the first week...and honestly my position is purely due to luck as we can all attest to the fact that "Mo is NO member of Mensa!!" I think this season will be really good, I'm loving the ridiculous "Brent" guy...and I'm thinking of making a drinking game for how many times my fellow Saint Anselm Alum, Tarek, can mention he's a member of Mensa!! Plus Carolyn cracks me up...I love when she just laughs in disgust at the contestants. She went off on Summer the other night...and I loved every moment of it!! Best line definitley goes to Trump for saying his "wig" was natural...yeah...natural cotton candy!! Donald...even I don't have to be a member of Mensa to tell you that the laws of physics might point out that "if it AIN'T movin' it's probably fake!!" And the Donald's wig was at a stand still in G-force winds!! Runner up for favorite line still goes to the Donald for calling Tarek "overrated." Touche, Monsieur Trump, Touche. You can join in the game at any on the link above!

Standings for Week One:
Rank Name Points
1 Reesie's Renegade's 50
2 Nants' Predictions 40
3 Lauren's Picks 36
4 Al's Calls 30
4 California Mo's Picks 30
5 mags4846 0
5 Juanita's Dream Team 0
5 Winners 0

Here are the questions and correct answers (Don't forget to answer your questions for next week to earn points...they are available now. In your team screen there will be a highlighted bar for the March 6th on "EDIT" and the questions are available.)

Questions for February 27:

1. Where will Donald Trump meet the new candidates at the beginning of the show?
Aboard the Trump jet

2. Which candidate will say "it doesn't bother me being chosen last"?
Brent (of COURSE...I picked this just from his picture!!)

3. During the corporation assignments, which candidate will jokingly utter that Sean's accent is "fake"?

4. During the task, which candidate will claim to be "a true team player"?

5. Which candidate will be blamed for throwing the corporation "under the bus"?

6. How many additional people will the losing project manager bring back to the final boardroom? Three

7. In the boardroom, which candidate will Donald Trump say "lacks common sense"?

8. In the boardroom, which candidate will upset Mr. Trump by interrupting him?

9. Which candidate will be fired?

10. After the firing, who will Donald Trump claim is "totally overrated"?


At 12:08 AM, Blogger Cynthia, Reality TV Addict said...

Could you believe how BEAUTIFUL the entire cast was - except for Brent. Must be a new requirement. Mensa member, check. Successful business owner, check. Supermodel looks, check.

If you like The Apprentice, check out my Blogger page at No Talent Required.

At 9:43 AM, Blogger surfwahine said...

Love the Game! Do you think Brent will ever sing Kareoke ?? Can you only imnagine what he'll wear ! aaah!

At 12:48 PM, Blogger Drew said...

Overrated, I agree with the Donald.

At 2:41 PM, Blogger Mo said...

Drewbie!! Did you was hilarious!!?? You should be in the game with'd like it...I swear!!

At 11:35 PM, Blogger lms129 said...

I never watched before but now I am hooked. I love that The Donald's wig ddnt even flinch in all the wind. I didnt know they still made Aqua Net in the pink can!!


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