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Monday night I had the pleasure of seeing Martina McBride in concert...for the 3rd time. Just for all of you keeping track, that is exactly half the number of times I have seen *NSync in concert. I haven't gone as far as "traveling internationally" for Martina, but after last night's performance I would absolutely consider it!!

I have only recently come to know the joy of country music. I fought the battle for about 27 years, but I finally fell prey and have been an addict since. You can laugh all you want, but there's some good stuff there. And one of the best parts of being a fan of country music means you get to see people in all walks of life attend these concerts. The other night was NO exception. We were front row in the freak show...and with Martina singing the really could get no better!

Last fall I decided to get the tickets for a friend and I. Her birthday was earlier this month, and now that she's getting old and decrepid I thought she should be treated to Martina before she craps out. So after keeping it a secret for months (literally I only told her a few weeks ago, but told her when I bought the tickets to keep Sunday, February 12th open), Maggie was finally allowed to know the destination...the glamourous Paul Tsongas Arena in Lowell, MA. Fast forward to this weekend and the storm of the century. Martina was gracious enough to postpone the concert for one night...taking the lives of her fans into consideration. On the flip side, the work week had begun and we ended up in traffic with other fans and Lowell commuters and missed the opening act and probably 15-20 minutes of Martina. The show was completely worth the hassle though because Mrs. McBride did not hold back. She, as always, was amazing. I am so jealous of this woman's voice...I can't even tell you. She sang the first act from her new album "Timeless," with tributes to Johnny Cash and Tammy Wynette. The second act was a LOT of her stand by tunes. Totally made the concert. It's so much better to go to a show and know exactly what they are singing, rather than the obscure new stuff. And she encored with "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." If you pretend to know me at all you know that The Wizard of Oz is my very favorite film. When Martina sings "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," I truly believe it's as good (if not a wee bit better) than Judy herself!!

So besides the concert there was the atmosphere, and I'm not talking ON stage!! Oh my GOD. Hilarious. At one point I couldn't see I was laughing so hard. Right in front of us was a woman who had to be in her fifties. Her teeth looked like they hadn't gone a single day without being suffocated by a cigarette. She was accompanied by who I can only assume was her daughter. The daughter couldn't have been more than fifteen...and if she was eighteen it was a very immature eighteen! Maggie signaled to me to "look," and I did. She wore low rider SWEATPANTS that showed off her lower back tattoo very unneccessarily. The little girl next to us said to her dad while pointing: "look daddy, that little girl has a tattoo!!" The father could only shake his head in absolute disgust. Right with you, pal! So the "mother" takes her jacket off...and is sporting a Johnny Damon Red Sox t-shirt. Just not right. Then she stands up, she was also sporting sweatpants...and I kid you not...they said "daddy's girl" across the bottom. I could not control my was embarrassing, but well worth the giggle!

Let me tell you, I could go on and on and on and on...but it would be highly insensitive of you'll have to wait until you see me in person!! Ha!

I must away to watch American Idol. Last night tragedy struck and I did not record the last 15 minutes of Gilmore Girls. I believe it was Kharma punishing me for the blog war that I unknowingly started. I'm never going to see another swill toothed nana with nasty messages on her rear....dammit!!


At 8:36 PM, Blogger JoviFan said...

Reesie, The low rider sweats are, I agree, completely WRONG in every sense of the word. What is going on in the other frightening fashion movement of wearing flannel pajama bottoms out in public? Kids are wearing them to school and everything. I'm all about casual dress, but what kind of productivity is going to come from kids who are wearing freakin' pajamas? If they weren't already lacking motivation, this will certainly propel them in this direction.
Glad the show was fun. Did you read about my Bon Jovi show experience, with the dudes wearing the mullet wigs and acid washed jeans? I swear, concert goers should have to pass through not only metal detectors, but also fashion barometer tools.

At 7:19 AM, Blogger Drew said...


Here is a good rendetion of Over the Rainbow.

At 2:03 AM, Blogger lms129 said...

Sometimes the best part of attending these concerts are the concert goers themselves. I have seen it all and it isn't pretty. I just hope "Daddy's Girl" had a good time because I am sure she was the but of everyone else's good time. Glad to hear that you had a great time. I was only at the Lowell arena once and that was to see Sesame Street Live. The funny thing is, trailer trash comes out for those shows too. The beer stand was closed because it was a "family event". Anyone who has "family" should consider that if you are attending these types of shows with 3 year old kids screaming, sometimes alcohol can help to cope but that's another story. Anyway, I saw a classy lady changed her 2 year old's dirty diaper on the counter of the closed beer stand then walk away and leave the "package" on the counter. Point being, whether it's Martina Mcbride, Metallica, the Boston Pops, or Sesame Street Live, there is always a "Daddy's Girl" to be enjoyed by all.


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