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I make no secret of the fact I do not understand football. Nothing makes sense to me...and I'm not ashamed to say it. However, that does not keep me from watching the Superbowl every year for the entertainment value alone. I'm in it for the commercials kids-plain and simple. And should I find a refreshing cocktail to quench my thirst while watching the nonsensical game in-between commercial breaks...all the better!

I missed the kick off completely-no biggie. There was a Little House Superbowl Marathon going on and I couldn't not partake!! In fact I even made little Peggy watch a few episodes, before I knew it Mary and John were in on the Little House parade! I missed kick off because it was the episode/movie when Albert comes back to Walnut Grove with Charles and they find out Albert has a "rare blood disease" that causes bloody noses and he's dying. The worst part was that all the whiskey and cotterizing in the world wouldn't help Doc Baker save poor Albert. So sad! I'm pretty sure it was just an excuse because DB had probably drank all the whiskey in town before Isaiah could get to it! At any rate, I was watching that, and thus missed the kick off and the National Anthem. It's ok though because I think I heard Aaron Neville was doing it and that guy just eeks me out. The only time I can really tolerate him is when Horatio Sans is playing him on SNL, so considering that's not technically him...well...I guess I just can't tolerate him at all.

So here's a list of comments I had during the course of the game...

Favorite "Bud Light" commercial- "The Magic Fridge"
If you missed it-a couple of guys are in their kitchen and have filled the fridge to the brim with Bad Larrys. One says to the other, "but the guys are coming and they'll drink all the Bud Light!" The other one says: "Don't worry, that's why I had this installed." And with the flip of a switch the wall changes like it's the game of Clue, and the opposite wall appears with a table and such, hiding the fridge on the other side. Shot goes to the other side of the wall where the fridge now is, and the inhabitant of the next door apartment yells to his friends that "The Magic Fridge is back" as they start unloading it's contents and praising it. Just funny, and because I feel that any fridge chock full of bud light is made it really special;)

Favorite "Budweiser" Commercial-The baby Clydesdale.
In person, I hate these things-they are beautiful-don't get me wrong...I don't know what it is. I've never really been a horse person. I was decidedly NOT one of those girls in fifth grade with a horse on my "trapper keeper." And if you were, don't take offense...I'm just not that into horses. I've seen Clydesdales in person, but none as small as the one in the commercial trying to pull the Budweiser wagon (and finally triumphant but only the audience realizes two other clydesdales are actually pushing the wagon to help the little one out). I think it might have to do with the fact that at Sea World the Clydesdale Hamlet is right next door to the Hospitality House (Mecca at Sea World [they give you free samples of Budweiser products!]) and it just takes up valueable free beer time by having to go through there and get pictures and see the horses and "yes, they're so pretty," and the smelly poop, and the crying scared kids, and the frustrated Mo who just wants free beer! (And yes, I realize that I could go and get my beers alone-but I need my sister and Mom to come too...because the bartenders will only give you (technically) two a visit so sister and Mom who don't drink can get in line as well:) Yeah, and don't think it's escaped my mind that now I have TWO non-beer-ingesting sisters to do my free beer bidding!!

Favorite Commercial that Sucked but got a great reaction from my dad-The Toyota commercial where the truck is on the beach and gets smashed on by waves and pummeled against rocks but starts right up when the guy comes back to it. My father yells: "Come on!! That's BULLSHIT!!" I was crying...very unexpected and very much appreciated.

Scariest Superbowl Moment-The halftime show with the Rolling Stones. Could Mick Jagger stop raiding the closets of 12 year old girls?? Honestly, what was with the half shirt?? I really did NOT need to see him flash his belly so much! And is his choreographer also prepubescent?? The guy's like 90-I think we can all agree that the pelvic gyrating was really upsetting...except for Michael Jackson who was reportedly "elated" and then confused once he found out it was Mick.

Funniest Commercial due solely to violent content-The Sprint cell phone ad with "theft deterrent." Granted most of the commercials had some sort of "violence," the one where the guy hides Bud Light all over the office and the people fight and tear up the place like wild animals was enjoyable, and considered for this category...but the thrill of the surprise is in effect with this particular Sprint ad. I pretty much almost fell off the couch, and that has to be worth something, right??

Commercial that they probably spent way too much on that I really don't ever need to see EVER again-The creepy Burger King commercial with all the dancers dressed like layers of a Whopper...including the mayonnaise. They scored a few positive points for referring to that weirdo plastic King as the "freaky King guy," but still fell short in non-awkwardness.

That is pretty much all I have, with the distraction of knowing that Little House was a mere click of the remote away...and the fact I have no clue when it comes to the foosball! I was sad to see Seattle lose, I was born out that way so I felt they were my team this year...but that was only finally decided because of the interest piece they did on the coach's wife as she is currently serving as a nurse in Zimbabwe or something. That and Hasselbeck (the QB-see I know some things!!) is from the New England area...and married to Elizabeth from Survivor and The View fame!! But as I'm sure Hasselbeck knows being from New England...the saying goes..."there's always next year!!"

Bring on the SOX!!!


At 6:37 AM, Blogger JoviFan said...

I saw some commercial that I thought was GREAT! I don't even know what was being advertised as I walked in on the middle of it. (I can't claim to have been clicking ove to Little House because, as wel ALL well know at this point, I have no clicker, and no cable to click to), so I must have been doing something pointless like arranging my lesson plan book or something. Anyway, in the commercial, there is a woman talking on her phone in her office cube. She syas, "Yeah, I'm over here working with a bunch of jackasses." With that, she stands up and looks around the office. We are also treated to her view of the office and we see little donkeys running all over the place. Very cute!

Reesie, I loved the baby Clydesdale commerical, too. Like you, I am also not a horse person. Never have been. But there is something pretty damn impressive about those Clydesdales.

I remember a great commercial Bud Light did in SuperBowl 2002 (sorry, I do years, not the roman numeral thing), and the Clydesdales were walking around in some field. Eventually, they bowed their heads and in the background, the skyline of New York City emerged. It was really a nice commercial. And if I recall correctly, there was no narrative, and no Bud Light logo anywhere on screen.

At 9:15 AM, Blogger Juanita J. Sanchez said...

This is hands-down, the BEST review of the Superbowl I have seen thus far. I missed the whole damn thing because I was busy boozing it up and eating snacks at my friend's party. In fact, I never left the bar/buffet area, which is embarrassing in retrospect. Anyway, the ads you describe so well sound great. Sorry I missed them! Hasselbeck? Never heard of the guy. (It IS a guy, right?) And I never, ever had a horse on my trapper keeper either. I was more of a Barbie/Skipper kind of girl. At least I wanted to be, but my militant feminist mother wouldn't let me have Barbies in the 1970s. So sad.

At 2:26 PM, Blogger Allison said...

Sorry, Mo, you were close, but not close enough... Matt Hasselbeck plays for the Seahawks and is from MA. His brother, Tim, is the quarterback for the New York Giants and is married to Elisabeth Hasselbeck from the View. But it was a good effort. I was never a football girl til I moved to North Attleboro. I think they put something in the water down there! ;-)

At 3:49 PM, Blogger Mo said...

hahaha!! allison-thank you!! you (believe it or not) have made me feel better about myself...the knowledge you corrected me on I felt was "too much" and you've redeemed my own personal joy in NOT knowing as much as I thought about foosball!!

nance-the budweiser commercial you spoke of with the NYC skyline was "allegedly" the brainchild of a former saint a's grad...but seeing as i don't love to toot the horn of that institution i will leave it at that (but i love that one too!!)

juanita-i'm very grateful for the review of my review!! i'm also very grateful that you didn't have a horse trapper keeper!! now i know i'm not the only one!!

At 4:10 PM, Blogger Allison said...

No problem, I can't believe I know that! So when are you coming to visit us in Football country??


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