"Welcome to REESEville!!"

You don't think I look at the google ads on my own blog do you? Well , I do and this one caught my eye for obvious reasons! A) How can I avoid something with the title REESEville? B) Sally Struthers of Gilmore Girls/All in the Family Fame is in it so how can it be avoided. I have to say I'm pretty impressed with her comeback as of late. She's on more TV shows now than commercials begging us to get a degree in hotel/restaurant management from home, or feed the starving, fly consumed children for pennies a day!

Apparently it's some small town murder mystery movie...I'm pretty impressed with the makeup job on Sally's eye above, so if the acting is anywhere comprable then it should be worth the rental. Yeah, I'll be netflixing this as soon as I submit this to follow!!


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