It's about that time...

Yeah. I love this time of year. Or, no...I really don't.

Today started the semi-annual return of students to the college I work at. Also to commence is the "berate Mo for all she does wrong because it's not really wrong it's just incovenient for me and it would require me to think for myself or actually read directions to make sure I wouldn't be in this situation" week. Luckily it's busy so I don't have to think of this nonsense too too much and the day, though working longer, goes a little quicker.

I'm too tired to think, or even type right now. So I just though I would post and let you know that I will be on a semi-hiatus for a day or so. Not a full blown hiatus like Maggie has taken...apparently she's given up blogging early for Lent.

I know full well I'll be staying in a hotel Tuesday evening because the weather is going to be as nasty as the fake blonde mother I dealt with today who "insisted on seeing the manager." Apparently the bold as day name badge with the words 'STORE MANAGER' in bold print did nothing for her, nor did my stating out loud that I was in fact the manager help her in any way. Seriously, I freaking love people.

Have a lovely few days, I'll try not to bitch too much!

Peace out.


At 8:52 AM, Blogger Allison said...

Is book buying more difficult than it used to be?? We went to the bookstore with our course listing and bought books that were required for our classes. Tab in front of the pile said "English Lit 101, required" you bought it if you were taking English Lit 101. Enough said.

Is it all that different!????

At 11:07 AM, Anonymous mko529 said...

Why is buying books hard? I don't remember it being hard in college, and I've managed to do it in grad school without a problem. Am I doing it wrong? You buy the book that is required for the class...

Don't you love it when people ask for the manager when in fact you ARE the manager? That used to happen to me at Linens'N'Thing. What made them even more mad was the fact I was 22. HA HA HA. DEAL WITH THAT YOU CRAZY WITCH! I AM 22 AND IN CHARGE OF THE STORE!

Sorry, I still harbor some resentment.

At 4:26 PM, Blogger JoviFan said...

I used to work at the Harvard book store. Let me tell you something here, people...contrary to popular belief and urban legend, Harvard students are MORONS!!!
I recall one occasion, when I was breaking my back stocking anatomy books or some shit, and I saw this dude leaving the text book department with a basket full of unpaid text books. I stopped him politely saying, "Excuse me, but you can't take text books to another department. They have to be purchased here." (Something about inventory or some crap!)
The guy looked at me, utterly perplexed and muttered, "But, but, but....but I have a Harvard Coop Credit Card." I was not sure where he was going with this. I just tilted my head to one side, much like a confused Jack Russle Terrier, and waited for further logic in his argument. He then asked, utterly seriously, "Why do I have to stand in line? Don't you just know what I've taken?"
This chump honestly thought that because he had a credit card in our store, he didn't have to stand in line and that he could take whatever he wanted and we would magically be aware of what he had and send the bill at the end of the billing cycle as usual.
Hmmm.....maybe I'll go and get a Tiffany's card, so that when I get caught stealing an armload of precious gems, I can try to claim I thought it was on the up and up because I have a Tiffany's charge in my wallet!
Reesie, I do not envy you your job. At least my moron students are middle schoolers. Yours are in college. Sad!

At 11:48 PM, Blogger Drew said...

People are stupid. That is established each day I spend with other people and more so on my travel days.


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