You've longed to read it...My opine on last evening's episode of Gilmore Girls.

I'll admit it, I needed a little more. I had to wait 52 days and believe it or not, was less than impressed. The goings on of Stars Hollow seem to have progressed very little since last we knew. The most impressive thing that went on was Lorelai and Rory finally going to Atlantic City for a belated 21st birthday bash, and really we the devoted fans only caught the aftermath as they told Luke what went on in the brief few minutes before the show officially began. Besides the fact they stole the idea from Peggy to go gambling, it really wasn't all that impressive at all. Well, I take that back...the whole thing about running into Luke's doppelganger and it turning out to be a tranvestite dressed as Dolly Parton was pretty amusing-especially Luke's reaction to it...but the laughs and joy just kind of dwindled from there...

So here we go, Luke is starting to annoy me with the secret kid thing. And on that note, did anyone else notice that the mother of his illegitimate lovechild is the SAME woman shacking up with Jess' dad in Cali? It's bad enough that Kirk was "Mick" for the first few episodes, but be reasonable. You can't have Sherilyn Fenn as a guest star more than once and use her in two different roles. Granted a lot of people don't know who she is...but give us some credit. It was like when Martin on the Cosby Show came on as Martin...he'd already been on the show a year or so prior as one of the prospective suitors of Sondra! At any rate, Luke is aggrivating me with this whole thing because he STILL hasn't told Lorelai...that comes next episode. The girl did a school project on her DNA to figure out who her dad was...she posted a giant picture of him at the science fair AND on the internet and yet no one knows?? Babette and Miss Patty haven't jumped all over this? It's on public display-I'm surprised Taylor hasn't organized a town meeting...

Rory. Just stop. This is a message to Alexis Bledel...please just stop. What happened? You weren't that bad when you were younger, in fact you were pretty good. But in the last year or so the acting has gone completely over the top. I hate to say it, but I have to blame your character in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. She's more like Rory is now then Rory was when she was little...just the babytalk and fake doesn't work for you. It's not working for anybody. And I agree with Meghan on your hair too...I noticed it last night. Your hair is so processed it looks like an actual wig. Perhaps that's what you're going for...but I don't have to look at it. Go back to the long curls you had before, actually like you had in Pants...I'll get off your back and be much happier.

Rory. Again? Yes...I just want to point out the fact that my cousin Nancy started watching and called in the middle of the show (cardinal sin of Gilmore night-but ok because a) she is my cousin and b) we were back late from Peggy's birthday and I hadn't started watching yet and c) my phone was on silent and I forgot to take it off after we left the restaurant so no harm, no foul!) and asked if Rory was "usually this unintelligable in her speech." When Rory was younger, and Alexis Bledel was a better actress, no she wasn't. But since they've tried to make her more likeable, or more like Lorelai (which she's NOT pulling off) she's become fake and insincere. I hate her.

Paris. Really...your hair. It's the same style you had at Chilton in Season 2. If Rory can wear a wig so can you!

The Wedding Plans. Done in a day? Come on! That's some freaking magical street you're walking on if you managed to get a dress and invites and a church and Rory's dress and shoes all in one block! We the fans of Gilmore Girls need to be treated with a lot more respect than that! And by the by, I HATE the dress. Maybe my mood was already tarnished by several things-but when she put it on and came down the stairs I was like "WHAT?" Awful. It is not flattering at all! And WHY would Lorelai actually be seen by Luke in the she not unreasonably romantic and superstitious. No way would that happen-especially if she thought things were going too well as it was!

Lane. Stop being so angry and turning into your mother. It upsets me. But do stay away from Zack...he bites. More drinking with your mother...that was kind of fun...and human of her.

Alright, I guess that's all for now...except Logan needs to not be on the show anymore and I am anticipating the return of Emily and Richard after the big fight with Rory. That might make the season a little more tolerable. Come on Gilmore can do it...put a little power to it!! Don't waste what might be the second to last season by being dismissive of your fans. Give us some credit...better storylines...more reasonable storyline links to past storylines...better hair styles...and some acting lessons for Alexis!!


At 3:43 PM, Blogger JoviFan said...

First of all, let me just defend myself against the accusation of commission of a cardinal sin. Yes, I did call you during the show, but I a.) made sure to call during a commercial pause, b.) apologized profusely for calling you during the Gilmore hour, and c.) made sure the message was entirely conveyed within the time frame of said commercial pause. There was no overlap!
I enjoyed the show, I have to say. I don't understand what the Asian woman's problem. Can I get a little background on her? Logan is an idiot. I already don't like him and I know nothing about him. The only likeable trait he can lay claim to is that he had enough taste to dump Rory. Loralei's' dress was absolutely hideous. It was criminal. The bodice was supposed to look all lacy and sexy, but instead it looks like a yarn ball that's been torn to bits by a cat in heat. I don't understand! But I have to say that I just don't get the Rory thing. Too much makeup. Wayyyyy too much makeup. She looked like a painted doll. She is trying way to hard to be cutesy and it isn't working.
I can't wait to watch next week.
Won't you all join me now in my pathetic addiction to "The Bachelor?"

At 5:04 PM, Anonymous LizFwiz said...

If I blogged about Guiding Light would you all read it? Take the light with you!

At 5:38 PM, Anonymous MKO529 said...

okay, my blog about the Gilmore Girls was a little lacking because I was so tired.

But I have some big issues with Luke - WHY WON'T HE TELL LORELEI?? If anyone will understand about having a child out of wedlock it is her. The writers of the show need to go out, get shitfaced come back and write a script in their drunken state. Maybe it will be better. This whole "I can't tell Lorelei about my daughter and then Lorelei finds out and freaks out" storyline that is going on is pissing me off. If the writers knew the characters at all the would know that even when they weren't together Luke and Lorelei always told each other their problems and Lorelei also has a daughter out of the sacred bonds of marriage. CONSISTENCY PEOPLE! CONSISTENCY

The hair - well that just sucks. What is up with the bags. Seriously. They don't look good. Stop it. Stop it now.

And who plans their wedding in a day? (though I was very excited about the June 3rd idea) Besides she didn't get a photographer, limo, or about a million other things she needs.

I think I actually like Logan so I am going to root for him.

At 7:47 PM, Blogger lms129 said...

Liz, nobody would be remotely interested in reading a blog about Guiding Light and Alan Spauding's old balls!


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