It's so Google!!

A few months ago I was posting ads through adsense by Google and when I reformatted the blog at one point, I lost it. Luckily they sent me a reminder to repost as I was losing valueable income!! Phew! I checked to see what I'd earned (anytime someone clicks on an ad there's some trace to give me money). I was skeptical at first, but Drewbie and Allison were doing why shouldn't I? Like the lemming I am, I researched the issue and am proud to say that I've earned...drumroll a mere 4 months...drumroll continue...$.87!!! That's ALMOST enough to buy a soda at work...or a mile or two of gasoline (in 1974). Wow...I heard that dreams sometimes came true...but by golly...this is just beyond my expectations!

In all seriousness, I didn't have it for awhile and I'm sure all the new Little House fanatics that have been checking my site would love to see what possible wares will be touted at the top o' the blog! I've also added a Google Search bar so you can look for info on any particular subject, from Nellie Olsen's current how to heal a "cold in your neck," to the Bingo schedules at Foxwoods...the internet is your oyster!

Seriously, click a few things...sistah needs a bridesmaid dress...and hotel $$...and shower $$...and the rest of the Gilmore Girls dvd's...and airfare...and a rental car...and a hairdo for the wedding...and a manicure...and some shoes to go with the dress...and tickets to some park in O-Town...(**speaking of which I'm ridiculously, inexplicably, and inexcusably excited for the new reality show about Ashley Parker Angel's goings on since the split of the never at all in any way good boyband...I figure it might give me some hope for Chris Kirkpatrick...where the heck has he been??? I'm being nice and giving you the link...but you should have looked for it up top!! Lazy...why do I continue to coddle you???)

Why are you still reading...go Google Chris know you want to!! His adventures are only a mere click away....look at those braids...I think his memorial lightpost is still dedicated to him at Chunky's in Pelham...but that's all I'll tell you! Your homework is to figure out what "freaky deaky" things braidboy has been up to, using the above Google search bar of course, and get back to me post haste...his life and career may just depend on it!!


At 5:31 PM, Blogger JoviFan said...

You have to show me how to do this, Reesie! Also, I want to do a quiz on my blog. Beware, though, I think the Mac might be limited as to what it can do with this site. I was blogging at Eileen and Frank's place the other day, and I noticed that capability to italicize and change the font, etc. These options do not present themselves on my sexy new iMac G5. I only have the spellcheck and add photo options on the top left of my posting space. As far as adding the quiz, I've combed through all the other formatting stuff, etc., and I haven't seen any options to add stuff. As I said, perhaps my Mac is limited. I don't care, though. When I see how long everybody's freakin' PCs take to boot up and stuff, I have to chuckle! My Mac is super fast, even if it keeps me from posting a quiz about the love of my life, Daldamo Wilder! Anyway, please tell me what you know about these issues!
Hey, by the way, speaking of wedding dresses...and/or dresses to wear to the wedding..
Believe it or not, I already have mine. I was shopping at Lord and Taylor this past August. Obviously the summer items were being deeply discounted to make way for the Fall items. I found a lovely dress that originally retailed for.....GULP....$315 and I purchased it for a cool &27. Now, I have to say that although this dress is lovely, it DOES NOT look like something that should ever have been 315 bucks. That was some designer getting way the hell ahead of himself. But still, just knowing that such a price tag ever even took up residence on my under-30-dollar garment makes me feel pretty special!!!!
Now I just need to find the perfect shoes!

At 1:36 PM, Blogger Drew said...


I've been doing google adsense since june and I've made a shiny $2.15. In the money now I tell ya. In the money now. I'm also in Amazon and that is at least of to $12.00 or so. Another year or two and I may get that $50 check from amazon or google. Nickles, Nickles, Nickles Oh how I love that sound, cold hard cash.

At 6:55 PM, Anonymous mko529 said...

Who would leave a sticker of Chris Kirkpatrick on the lightpost at Chunky's? Honestly!

I miss Chunky's.

At 7:03 PM, Blogger Mo said...

Drewbie-you'll be a gazillionaire before the age of 80!! I can't wait to see how much I get from this deal...I see a phat check for 100 bones coming to me in 2047!!

Meg-I visited the landmark last summer...just did a driveby and it was in fact still standing!! We have chunky's in Maine, but it's called Smitty' I'm still honoring some traditions...they may need a Kirkpatrick lamppost though!


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