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Much like Drewbie did the other day, my cousin asked a few questions in a comment...and my response turned into a I thought I'd put it out there for the world to see... my responses to these important questions will be posted in an alternate color...

JoviFan said...
will somebody please tell me who the hell Hillary Duff even is? She is one of those new breed of teen "actresses" who started her career with Disney and then denied them when she suddenly became an "idol" for teenage girls. That's the tricky part, because much like Lindsay Lohan (who she's constantly fighting with) she gained her celebrity...but lost weight and now looks anorexic. Also like Lohan, she's decided to curse us all with not only her poor acting, but by making a "career" by "singing" as well. Why do we know this woman? She's shoved down our throats every day, much the same way she shoves her fingers down her throat after a meal. Is she a Desperate Housewife person, or what? No. And why are those stupid Desperate Housewife bitches all over the front page of the Boston Herald every single day? Because as Boston Media has done for years, they cling on to a New England/Boston Celebrity and make sure that we know all about every move that is made-from shopping spree's to bowel movements. Apparently this is the case because one of them is from Massachusetts and we haven't had a "home celebrity" this big since Joyce Kulhawik became obsessed with the star of "Voyage of the Mimi," Ben Affleck. Is there nothing more newsworthy? Of course there is-but the media thinks we're too "sick of the war" and "saddened by it," so they choose to give us uplifting news of celebrities getting their faces uplifted. Why did Jennifer Garner change her name to Jennifer Affleck? No idea, it bothers me still. Mo, perhaps you just asked that recently, but I just read it in a People magazine that somebody left on the bus. I was wondering where I left that!! Also, let me ask why these news media jerks keep digging up pictures of Jennifer Anniston at her worst moments, and then claiming that she's still all upset over Brad? Yeah, I'm done with that whole scene. Kiss 108 reported today that Brad sent Courtney Cox and her friends drinks at some club this weekend...and she sent them back because of her friendship with Aniston. Everybody join me...WHO THE F CARES??? I normally don't get invested in all the celeb gossip, and I don't really even care for Jennifer Anniston, but I feel kind of bad for the girl. Jesus, I know she bargained for this kind of exposure when she pursued a career as an actress, but I always feel bad for her when these stupid magazines keep writing about her divorce, and then, inevitably, the next page shows Brad Pitt romping around the beach with Angelina Jolie. Jesus, give the girl a little peace. I'm not judging Brad or Angelina here, but I'm just saying, can't these people have a MINUTE of privacy? Then what would I blog about? What got me started on this rant? Probably low blood sugar, a rumored snowday, and no cable to watch Little House on!! Not sure. But will somebody clear up the Hillary Duff thing for me, please? See above. And Ryan Seacrest? Who the hell is he? The MC of American Idol (which starts in two this show because the first few are always hilarious!) who is also forced at us unacceptably. Luckily his talk show on TV was cancelled...but he's doing a top 40 countdown on Sundays which is always a joy...or a painful experience...yeah...that one.


At 6:50 PM, Blogger JoviFan said...

Thanks Reesie. All's clear now! I can continue my day in peace with all this newfound celeb knowledge!


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