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I have to comment on the program "Dick Clark's Rockin' New Years Eve" nonsense that went down last evening.

First of all, I have always said there is something a little off about Ryan Seinfeld terms "not that there's anything wrong with that." However, last night watching with my dad, I was uncomfortable to say the very least. He did a little film where he "interviewed New Yorkers" on what their various New Years Resolutions would be. About five subjects in I wondered why he wasn't using the query on any women. It was absolutely painful to watch him lift the shirt of a construction worker and pat him on the belly, and then slap some guy merrily on the rearend, and then the final bit of awkwardness came from him sharing a cannoli with a guy like they were Lady and the Tramp eating spaghetti. I finally get it...Seacrest OUT!

Then there was the Mariah Carey debauchle. Don't get me wrong-I'm appreciating her new music...actually more than some of her old stuff. I've discussed this at length with another friend of's my theory: I don't think Mariah Carey really had a nervous breakdown. I think that was the story she told the public so she could say she was in some mental rehab dive after Glitter...when in actuality she had procedures done to make her into an amazon robot pop diva. Please, her skin was never that plastic, and she towered a good 4 feet over all of her dancers. Unless she somehow managed to give the Oompa Loompas a job after the filming ended, they all seemed a decent height. Did you notice she never wanted to wear the shawl-she kept pushing it off of was inhuman that she wouldn't be cold. She didn't dance at all-so she couldn't have her body heat raised. Something just ain't right about Miss M.C.!

Finally, poor friggin Dick Clark. The guy struggles to get on air and they really only let you hear his voice mumble the script they gave him. I felt awful for him, I mean good for him that he was out there...but shame on ABC for exploiting his return by using it as a media event, and then not giving him any camera time! The MOST awkward moment of the evening was shortly after the ball dropped and they panned to Dick for a comment and he was kissing (presumably) his wife. That was the longest the camera was on him, and I think when everyone saw it in the production booth they must have just froze like a deer in headlights. It was so weird!!

Of course none of this will deter me from watching again next year...but I will be detered if Hillary Duff is on again. Yo, Lizzie Maguire...EAT something...or at least go see Mariah's doctor!!


At 8:18 AM, Blogger JoviFan said...

I too was so horribly disturbed by Mariah Carey at the New Year's Eve show. Let me say that I have been disturbed by her for quite some time now. My friends always laugh because if we see her or hear anything about her, my reaction is always, "Jesus, Mimi, COVER IT UP!!!" I mean, I know she always had the shorty shorts and the half shirts and that whole look going on, but Jesus, every time I see her now, I'm afraid that if she takes one deep breath, the washcloth-come-evening gown she's wearing is going in instantly become a relic of the past. Is it possible that she was really smothering Dick Clark in between those monsterous breasts that were barely covered by a size 32AAA bra that was spilling out of her v-neck-to-thhe-waist dress? My lord, last night was worse than any other occasion I've seen so far. She is an absolute Amazon. I didn't watch enough of the show to see Clark, but I heard him at the end. I'm ot of the entertainment loop completely, and I'm sorry to say that when I heard him, I had to ask Stephen, "What's up with Clark? Is he tanked? That's really unprofessional." He knows even less about entertainment news than I do, but even he knew of Clark's illness. Then I felt bad. But I really felt badly when I heard Clark doing the countdown. His voice was all muddled and he was still on like 8 when the ball had already dropped. Luckily I did not even have it on long enough to see Seacrest. Or maybe I did. I just don't know who Seacrest it.

At 4:53 PM, Blogger lms129 said...

That Mariah Carey is a real low class pig! The only thing that was good about that crap movie "Glitter" is that you could enter the witness protection program and go to any theater showing this and not be found. Oh, and she is as sharp as a marble too. That Hillary Duff, what a joke. Everytime I hear that name I think of the beer that Homer Simpson drinks, real classy!!

At 8:00 PM, Blogger JoviFan said...

will somebody please tell me who the hell Hillary Duff even is? Why do we know this woman? Is she a Desperate Housewife person, or what? And why are those stupid Desperate Housewife bitches all over the front page of the Boston Herald every single day? Is there nothing more newsworthy? Why did Jennifer Garner change her name to Jennifer Affleck? Mo, perhaps you just asked that recently, but I just read it in a People magazine that somebody left on the bus. Also, let me ask why these news media jerks keep digging up pictures of Jennifer Anniston at her worst moments, and then claiming that she's still all upset over Brad? I normally don't get invested in all the celeb gossip, and I don't really even care for Jennifer Anniston, but I feel kind of bad for the girl. Jesus, I know she bargained for this kind of exposure when she pursued a career as an actress, but I always feel bad for her when these stupid magazines keep writing about her divorce, and then, inevitably, the next page shows Brad Pitt romping around the beach with Angelina Jolie. Jesus, give the girl a little peace. I'm not judging Brad or Angelina here, but I'm just saying, can't these people have a MINUTE of privacy? What got me started on this rant? Not sure. But will somebody clear up the Hillary Duff thing for me, please? And Ryan Seacrest? Who the hell is he?

At 12:26 AM, Blogger Juanita J. Sanchez said...

Hmmmm, never heard of Ryan Seacrest, but Hillary Duff is a big Disney star who is very, very popular with little girls, aged five and under. And now, suddenly, I'm sad that I missed out on Dick Clark and the New Year's countdown. It sounds quite riveting, for all the wrong reasons!

At 4:43 PM, Blogger lauritajuanitasanchez said...

Oh my God, none of you read celebrity gossip on the internet???

Seacrest is family.

Mimi is a fat exhibitionist.

Clark is a goner.

Get with it.

At 9:12 PM, Blogger Mo said...

Who's family?? Seacrest is Clark's family...yours?? Regardless...he's more of a mo than I am!


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