Merry New Year!!


Expect to start your day with renewed strength and energy, Maureen. Almost everything on your to-do list will fall into place naturally. You can approach your projects with confidence and vigor, because you're going to be able to do what needs to be done. If there's something you've been wanting to take on or get started, you'd be hard pressed to find a better day. Make the most of the confidence surge - there's absolutely nothing you can't handle.

That was my horoscope, for this, today, the first day of 2006. And today, there really was absolutely nothing I couldn't handle...because today, I did absolutely NOTHING! And it was frigging great.

The past few weeks, with the holidays, and my grandmother's say the least it's been kind of hectic. Throw in a week of crippling back spasms, round it off with a's enough to ruin your day. So today I did nothing! I got out of bed at 11 am after finally waking up from a series of very weird dreams (I'm not even taking the meds anymore!). I went to the movies to see The Family Stone with my mother and sister whilst the menfolk stayed home and watched the foosball game. (*Family Stone was pretty good...I wasn't prepared for how much I would cry...but I'm a girl and that's what we do) I came home and watched Serenity (surprisingly I won't be asking for a refund...Drewbie was correct and it was really good...I'm still shocked by the revelation.) Then on a quest to find Cinderella Man for my dad (I'm all set with Russell Crowe so you KNOW it wasn't for me) we ended up with War of the Worlds because Peggy's obsessed with Dakota Fanning. I had never seen or read the original, but it was shockingly riveting. The end came quite quick without a decent explanation of what was going on...but after over 6 hours of watching movies...I'm not shocked I was unable to decipher it. Plus, Tom Cruise how could I really believe what was going on with his shoddy acting and such. There was a surprise Tim Robbins appearance...although now I've gone and ruined it for you.

I'm not sad to see '05 go, while there was plenty of good (the birth of my Goddaughter, witnessing several of my friends get married, my sister's engagement, my rekindling to all things Little House, and the inception of my blog) there was some bad that I'm not sad to get out of the path of. I got a new job, and that was a blessing, but in the meantime I left quite a history behind me. I've lost touch with several people that I care about, and that's something I'm having a real hard time with. Driving down the street tonight, I realized I've been back in Maine almost a year and I was stunned by this revelation. Moreover, I can't remember the last time I've talked to people I used to see every day. My New Year's resolution is for that to change...and to see as many episodes of Little House on the Prairie as humanly possible without getting the urge to wear my hair in braids and play baseball in a dress.

The upset of the year, no repeat for the World Series...that sucked...but now Boston fans can renew our motto: There's always next year. I'm excited for '06...I haven't been excited for a new year in a long time. I think there's a lot of good for all of us to come.

Merry New Year, to you and yours, from me and mine:)



At 8:12 AM, Blogger JoviFan said...

Hey Mo...Wow, three postings in one day! That's almost as good as my "Day of the Quadruple Posting!" Anyway, I think I also did three yesterday. I'm so surprised to learn that you too are "all set" with Russel Crowe. I HATE that bastard! I don't know what it is and I really can't put my finger on it. I hated him since before he assaulted the guy with the phone. Since long before he spawned that greasy ponytail and married that lovely woman while he looked like a short hand cook at a local greasy spoon at his own wedding. I HATE that jerk! I resolve to keep hating Crowe in 2006!

At 9:57 AM, Blogger Drew said...

Hey Mo, Glad you liked Serenity, I knew you would, it was awesome. I need to get the DVD.


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