Trivia Shout Outs

I couldn't resist...these are the latest rantings of all our guest stars on the trivia game...

lizfwiz: Mernie, Laurfwor and Nantsfwanz had better remember slovac!

lizfwiz: and Shaabaz for that matter!

Ol' Dan Tucker: I Love this Game!!

Mo: ooh! i had emailed slovak hoping he 'd join up!

Sylvia: I wanted to play earlier but I had a date with a clown

Manly: Anybody got a good recipe for cinnamon chicken?

Doc Baker: Watch out for that anthrax, it 's a bitch!

lizfwiz: no, but Laura knows how to make some good cayenne chicken

Reverand Aldern: Obviously the Man of God gets top scores, Suckers!

Old Man Buzby: now that I won, I will make a new church bell

Tinker Jones: I am the one that made the bell, not you, Buzby

Tinker Jones: Buzby was the one they accused of kidnapping Laura

Tinker Jones: When Laura was held hostage in the root cellar

Tinker Jones: By some deranged freak that thought Laura was her dead kid

Giddeon: I sm-sm-smoked all of y-y-you!

spotted eagle: Free my people, I am a savage!

James Cooper: I figured I 'd take a "SHOT"

Eva Beadle: I give you all an A on your little dump quizzes

Sylvia: I will have to bind myself up tighter

Jenny Wilder: I Killed Eeem!!!

(**PS-To anyone I'm not related you see where I get it???)


At 8:04 PM, Blogger JoviFan said...

Of course I remember Slovak. I am the one who gave him the name, for Chrissakes. This was following my 5th grade year, when we had studied world Geography under the tutelage of Mr. Escott. Otherwise, I would never have heard of the freakin country. Actually, though, I have to say that I was ahead of my time, geographically speaking. At the time that I officially dubbed this individual "Slovak Kid" the country was still "Czechoslovakia." Only since then, has the country split into the "Czech Republic" and "Slovakia," giving the citizens of both the nationalities of "Czech" and "Slovakian" respecitively. I almost went to the Czech Republic this summer, to worship at the shring of the Brewery of Pilsner Urquell, but alas, the German car rental company would not allow us to take the rented car into the Czech Republic. They apparently do not allow their vehicles to be driven into "non-EU countries." Damn!


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