HOW did I miss this??

Did any of you other Little House fools know that the kid who played Willie Oleson (Jonathan Gilbert) is actually Melissa Gilbert's brother in "real life???!!!" How did this escape my attention?? I fear that I have not paid quite enough attention to the minute details of the Walnut Grove population. I've spent too much time wondering where Mr. Edwards is going to get his next bottle of hooch...or where Albert will get his cigarettes...or why Shannen Doherty was ever cast on this show. Precious details have escaped me...and I've only myself to blame. Now I think Miss Wilder will have to send me to the corner for my punishment...

Woe is Mo.


At 10:05 AM, Blogger JoviFan said...

How could you even refer to this detail as "trivial?" Reesie, this is one of the key elements of the show. True life siblings being forced to play out the roles of arch enemies on a hit tv show! This is one of the true dramas of "Little Dump." Oh well, at least you finally found out. Better late than never. Or so I hear.

At 10:40 AM, Blogger lms129 said...

Come On Reesie, we all knew that. Now you'll be saying that you had no idea that Albert Ingalls and Andrew Garvey were brothers in real life. (They really were) I am really disappointed in you! I will let it slip in case you have been gnawing on diseased mutton and can't think clearly. What upsets me is that Lifetime movie I saw on Michael Landon. I thought he was America's favorite dad. Turns out he was America's favorite rat bastard. He left his wife, neglected his kids, knocked up some make-up artist, made his daughter bulemic. The best part about the Lifetime movie was the clown who played Landon was on Little Dump himself. He played John Carter, the clown who bought the Ingalls farm off of Charles in the later seasons. You may recall that ALbert slugged his son, Jason, in the jaw when Albert came back to Walnut Grove and was high on morphine! Gotta love the drama.
SO, that actor, I think his name was Jon Schnieder, portryed Landon to be the lout that he was, based on first hand experience, nice!!!


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