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I just wanted to update everyone on Peggy...she came home yesterday afternoon and is doing very well...she was alert and happy. Her cat was very happy to see her back home again! She has to go back in again today because the doctor thinks there is another stone in her stomach, but fingers crossed...there won't be!! Thank you again for all of your well wishes...she told me last night that everyone has been so nice to her.

I have a lot going on the next few days at work, so posting will be pretty much nil until Thursday evening:( Gilmore Girls was one of the better ones of the season last night. I think Emily and Richard are my favorite characters, and having them back and being themselves was awesome. I'm a little sick of Paris...she's been doing the same thing for years with the "holier than thou" attitude and I'm all set with it. I hate Logan, I hate that he "saved" the paper when Rory (though I hate to admit it) did all the work to begin with. It made her look like a helpless loser (not that I completely disagree) when he swooped in at the last minute to help out when she had rallied to get it done in the beginning. Maybe it's not Rory I hate so much...maybe it's Logan!! I liked Rory when she was with Dean, and a little when she was with Jess...but maybe it's the Logan factor (and the poor acting) that's getting to me now. That has to be it! Yeah, and this Luke and Lorelai drama needs to end. I'm not fond of it in the least. There should be no postponement of the wedding. The storyline doesn't even make sense! How does Luke go from being perfect and knowing everything about Lorelai to not even recognizing she's hurt and distraught about all of this? How does it make sense that he demands honesty and communication when Christopher is involved, but he keeps mum about the kid for so long? No sense...none. Seriously...continuity people!!

AI believe it or not, is starting to get on my nerves. While I like seeing people humiliate themselves on air...I know there is at least another week of the initial auditions which means more people just being insulting and silly. Have you noticed at the end of the show when they show who got through to the next round it's mostly people we didn't see audition at all? They can ditch the "medly" of the bad auditions singing the same song and show us some talent. It's just queer now. Oh well, that's not going to stop me from watching it whilst hanging at the Windham Way this evening!

Here are the trivia results for the month of January. I'm shocked and saddened to say that for the first time since it's inception, Drewbie has surpassed me as Grand Monthly Champion!! Congrats to him though-and thank you to all of you who play!!

Jan 06
43 players played during the month.

1. Drewbie (206 points, 8 wins)
2. Mo (184 points, 10 wins)
3. vtek33 (151 points, 1 wins)
4. lizfwiz (116 points, 1 wins)
5. jovifan (107 points, 1 wins)
6. reverand_aldern (101 points, 0 wins)
7. HotFudgeWig (85 points, 1 wins)
8. Eoj (59 points, 0 wins)
9. Slovac (58 points, 0 wins)
10. CheapSal (51 points, 2 wins)


At 12:29 PM, Anonymous mko529 said...

okay so I didn't see GG last night (tear) because of STUPID CLASS - but what's up with Luke and Lorelei? Why is he being such a tool when I used to love him so much? Also, how did Emily and Richard react to the fact that Christopher is paying for Yale?

That's great that Peggy came home yesterday, I really hope there isn't another stone! *keeping my fingers crossed*

At 9:45 AM, Blogger Mo said...

Emily and Richard were not at all thrilled with the "Christopher paying for Yale" thing! The last five minutes of the show was just Friday night dinner with Emily ignoring Rory and then a big battle between all of them. It was hilarious...I DVR'ed it if you need a copy...I forgot you had classes. I can do this week and next weeks and send it to you so you can keep up with the Gilmore Goodness!!


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