Tag Team...Back Again

Not really, but I think that's one of the lines to "Whoomp, there it is!" I'm pretty sure anyway, it's been so long since I was woken up in the middle of the night whilst Liz and her friend Jodie put together cheer routines to that swill. Time does go on!! Alright, onto the meat of the matter...I've apparently been "tagged" by Nancy. I have to answer the following questions and then throw the challenge out to 3 other bloggers...get your tag on!!

4 movies you could watch over and over again:

1) Wizard of Oz

2) Polyester
3) Does the BareMinerals instructional video (Swirl. Tap. Buff.) count as a movie? No?? Ridiculous...alright then the next one would have to be Dirty Dancing because:
a) nobody puts Baby in a corner!!

b) You're wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiild and
c) i carried a watermelon!!
4) Pretty much ANY Christmas movie
(see December archive)

4 jobs i've had:

1) international *Nsync fan

2) babysitter/nanny

3) college bookstore manager

4) RD

4 places I've lived:

1) Bremerton, WA

2) York, ME

3) 18 Davignon, ManchVegas USA

4) St. Mary Hall (8 years!!)

4 places I'd rather be:

1) Fenway Park

2) Florida

3) Ireland

4) Egypt

4 shows u watch: (though I think it would be EASIER to list 4 shows I DON'T watch!!)

1) Gilmore Girls (can't get enough!)

2) American Idol

3) Little House on the Prairie
4) Rescue Me

4 places you've vacationed:

1) Tampa, FL

2) Orlando, FL

3) Toronto, CanANada

4) New Jersey

(PS-I actually took this picture last summer at Sea World Orlando...we had dinner with him...we're friends.)

So I guess that's all Mo I pass this challenge to the next bloggers...if you dare!!
Drewbie and Allison (they only count as one!! at the BenSpark), Maggie, and Katie! Blog on kids!!


At 11:45 PM, Blogger lms129 said...

I laughed when I read "Tag Team back again" because Nancy and I always said that when our next door neighbor, the mountain man , dies, we are going to play "Whomp, there it is". I know thats so dumb but I always laugh when hear that song just picturing it.


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