I know...

I'm sorry for not posting earlier, I guess I'll have to "step it up" like the Apprentice contestants!

I actually did post earlier but amazingly enough the network went down as soon as I clicked "submit." Very frustrating. So I'll make this one short and sweet...

My time has been spent playing The Apprentice: Wedding Edition as of late. As some of you know I've been out straight between the prep for the shower and all...and now that the bride is returning to Florida the invitation conga line should be breaking off as well. Now I can dedicate my evenings to the usual issues, as I will discuss below!! Seriously, I'm beat. Peggy and I have appointments for hair cuts this weekend and I think I might treat myself to some additional pampering with a mani/pedi as well. I deserve it. Besides...all I have to concentrate on now is booking my room, scheduling my flight and rental car, securing my dress and shoes and jewelry and an air conditioning unit inside my gown that won't "reveal" itself. That shouldn't be difficult. I may even attempt catching up on some reading. Considering I figured out the other day that the last book I read was "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince," I'd say I'm well over due!!

So here we go...the following are topics near and dear to me...that I must force my opinions on my blog reading public so sit back and relax...there will be a picture of my husband Bill that will get you through:)

Gilmore Girls: Seriously, ENOUGH with the repeats! I believe there have been only 3 new episodes in 2006 and have to "step it up!!" I'm not watching repeats. What's the deal GG?? Are you scared of American Idol? You're losing to them and it's not with grace. Why are you bowing out? I k now I'd rather watch a new episode of AI than a repeat of Rory and Lorelai fighting. Yeah, I said it. If the networks are merging you may not survive and how can you fight for a place if you have no ratings. Der.

American Idol: ENOUGH with Kevin Covais. Seriously, I'd rather be locked in a room with Bucky and Pickler talking to me than have to listen to another song by him. And Paris...please. Who are you trying to fool with the fake voice? You go from a squeaky little mouse to a bass in the time it takes Randy to do an arm pump. Work THAT out. I saw that character 20 years a little movie called Police Academy. End it now. And Ace is awful, I know I'll take heat for that but seriously, be reasonable. He's just not good. I don't even think he's good looking...what are you going to do about it???? The best thing about the show last night was the little girl who should take over for Ryan as host...she was awesome!!

The Apprentice: This week blew. Mostly because my precious Bill was seen nowhere. Here he is just to satiate the masses...

(look at him!!!!!!!!!!)

I have to say that in all seriousness I was extremely disappointed with the episode this week because of the Brent bashing. He's annoying, and overbearing, we get it. I was digusted with the boardroom antics. First of all for someone to be given little to nothing of any importance in the task, and then to be outwardly blasted for being overweight was dispicable. I couldn't believe that not only was it admitted to be true, but the Donald went along with it!! Seriously, that's law suit material. Brent couldn't defend himself because I think for the first time he speechless because I don't think HE believed what was happening. Just rotten...I hate Andrea and the rest of Synergy and I hope they fail miserably now that Brent is gone.

Here are the standings for the App-REESE-tice. Contrary to popular (or Jovifan belief!) I do not get advance copies of the fact I only got three questions right! It was the bonus that saved me.

1 Reesie's Renegades 223
2 Al's Calls 180
3 California Mo's Picks 167
4 mags4846 132
5 Nants' Predictions 130
6 Juanita's Dream Team 112
7 Lauren's Picks 110
8 Winners 0

A'ight dawgs...I predict bottom 3 tonight on AI will be: Ace, Lisa, and Bucky. The latter will be released for his hair alone.

So much for "short and sweet." What are you complaining about?? You so missed me!!


At 3:52 PM, Blogger JoviFan said...

Reesie, I'm not convinced that you aren't getting tipped off as to the Donald Trump Show winners. But, alas, without proof, I have no choice but to let it rest. But just know that I'm watching you!
Anyway, if you read my post, you will see that I was also totally shocked by Donald's complete willingness to go along with Brent's being outcast because of his weight. Very unprofessional from a supposed brilliant business mogul!

At 5:18 PM, Blogger Juanita J. Sanchez said...

Ooooooeeeeeeeee! I'm moving up in the standings. Watch your backs, people, Juanita's on fire!


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