Shark bait

Freaking Brent. As you all know, or should know if you feign to know me at all, I have a completely unreasonable and irrational fear of sharks. I didn't bring it up in my original Apprentice break down, because I could barely watch it. I was absolutley nauseated by the idea of seeing a shark, nevermind swimming with a tank of them!! Ugh, I'm getting sick right now. This was not a "treat" for me...and I'll admit I would have probably pulled an "Andrea" and run into the can crying!

I do want to give props to Brent for actually going through with it. I sincerely hate his team, and this "reward" made me hate them even more. We've all worked with annoying people, it's a fact of life. If we didn't have to deal with shitty situations then it wouldn't be considered a "job." Their comments were completely ignorant and without candor. If I were "The Donald" and saw their remarks I have no doubt in my mind I wouldn't one a one of them working for me. They may have won the reward, but they lost all semblance of dignity in my eyes from this moment out. It's like a bunch of high school kids picking on the awkward guy. They were as classless as Gold Rush's event.

Completely off topic, I don't know if any of you realize but Bill "Should be my husband" Rancic (also known as the first winner of The Apprentice) has been keeping a weekly blog and pod-casts regarding the show and business tips. The blog is actually pretty funny, and he also reads and answers reader mail. Plus he's frigging hot, and did I mention he should be my husband?? I love when George is away for religious holidays...not that I don't enjoy the G-man...but I enjoy the future Mr. Reesie's reactions to the challenges and the people in the boardroom. He's hot. That's all I'll say...this time.

Don't forget to fill out your questions for The it NOW as they are available and you WANT that bonus!! I already did mine and I'm not liking the questions this week-the previews didn't help in the least as they were all about Brent "going too far" and there aren't many questions with him as a possible answer. Oh well...only time will tell!!

Bill is hot...pass it on. :) :) :)


At 5:11 PM, Blogger surfwahine said...

Reesie, I think that you and Bill would make the perfect couple!!

At 7:31 PM, Blogger Mo said...

You're a smart lady, California Mo!!

I would rock his flipping world!!

Hee hee..

Thank you!!!

At 9:04 PM, Blogger JoviFan said...

You would rock his world, Reesie! Where the hell did you get the picture of Trump in the straw hat, by the way?
Anyway, Bill is very cute, indeed. Other past winners have faded into oblivion, but luckily for you, Bill has proven himself to have styaing power. I also like it when George is off celebrating high holidays or demanding more pay or some shit like that!

At 10:10 PM, Blogger Mo said...

The picture of Trump is from the Emmy's last year when he performed the theme song to "Green Acres" with Meghan Mullaly (Karen from Will and Grace). He was the best part of the whole thing!! He wore overalls and a white t-shirt..priceless...I'll have to get you a "Full Donald" picture dressed as a hick!!

At 5:56 AM, Blogger JoviFan said...

Allie was a total bitch to Brent at the shark thing. She exclaimed, "My god, these things are even bigger than Brent!"
I teach 7th grade all day. I really didn't feel like watching it on TV Monday night!


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