Confessions of a TV addict!

The thing is, I really don't care that I watch too much TV. At least that's what I tell myself. I do enjoy relaxes me. For a half hour or so, I can worry about someone else's life and goings on than my own. Sometimes it even makes me feel a little bit better about what's a happenin' in my life. I

'm boring. I wake up, get ready, drive to work, work, drive home, have dinner with the family, blog, watch tv, and finally go to bed. My problem was last night when there were a gazillion things to watch. When did Sunday night become the epicenter of the television world? At somepoint I KNOW it was Thursday nights, but now people with social lives (myself sadly, yet admittedly not included!) might be out on a Thursday night so they aren't watching The Cosby Show or ER anymore.

I would love to come home and read, but I know that after a long day at work and just concentrating on the road during my commute...I've allowed that television set to be my end all and be all for entertainment as of late. I sell books, in an academic community...I don't think it's a coincidence that the LAST thing I want to see when I get home is a book. However there are several that I would like to read right now, even some non-fiction titles that have been taunting me to take them home. However, I bought several books a few months ago (and by 'a few' I mean in AUGUST of last year!) and I've decided that until I have read those books I will not purchase any more. Seems simple enough...right? I have no willpower...none. I get home and say..."tonight I will read a chapter in my book and I will enjoy it and love it and perhaps even read one more chapter because I'll like it that much." I'll be exstatic about my book reading adventure and will think about it the whole way home. But on the way home, I'll stop at the bank, and then stop for gas, and then it's 6:30 and I'll join the family for dinner. Peggy will beg me to watch Wheel of Fortune with her (although she hates it because I get them quickly), and by the time I settle down and blog a bit or catch up with some pals on the's 8 o'clock on a Tuesday and time for my Gilmore Girls program...and the night is just over for me at that point.

This brings me back to the Sunday night plight. I know you were waiting for it! So last night I was cleaning my room (shocker), and Peggy and I started watching Extreme Home Makeover. Of course it was a 2 hour show so that started us off at 7...the appetizer if you will. Peggy left me at 9 so she could go watch repeats of Full House nonsense. As most of you know, last night was the season premiere of The Soprano's, so of course that had to be seen in it's entirety. It's an HBO show which means no commercial breaks...thank goodness for DVR and that precious pause button! Meanwhile, whilst Tony and the gang were entertaining me, I used the DVR to record Desperate Housewives. 10 pm rolls around, do you know where you're children are? Well my mother's child was watching another hour of the telly with Crossing Jordan. Oh hang on kids, it gets worse! When that ended...I had to watch Desperate Housewives...oh, and somehow I left out the fact that I taped Grey's Anatomy at 10 as well! I have an illness, an addiction I cannot control. At least at 12:30 I was able to shut of the tv which I swear actually sighed with relief when I did! I did not watch Grey's Anatomy...and I have to work late this evening which means if I'm lucky I'll be home in time for the "Donald Trump Show."

And even if I'm not in new best friend "DEEVEE R" will tape it for me. So sad.


At 11:09 PM, Blogger JoviFan said...

What the hell is DVR? Is it recording a show to DVD? Can you do that? Pretty cool.
I love Gray's Anatomy. Can't they put it on at 8:00 PM for our early rising school teacher friends?

At 8:38 AM, Blogger Drew said...

So do you play Reward TV and put that TV knowledge to good use?

At 11:25 AM, Blogger Mo said...

a dvr is "digital video recorder." you can pause live tv-or record it and save's like tivo. i'm completely addicted to mine.

of COURSE i play reward tv...that makes the dvr worthwhile!! haha!


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