"I wish I knew how to quit you...err...I mean fire you!"

Week 3 has come and gone, and the absolute of this show thus far is that Trump HATES Tarek! You know he wants to fire "Mr. Mensa," but for some reason this chump keeps squeeeeeeking by in the boardroom. The first week when he was the project manager, he was weak and unorganized...yet still managed to be pompous. This time around he was just portrayed as a big baby! He totally caved to Theresa, which ultimately was part of the reason they lost the task. I know he thought that Theresa would come off badly because she nixed getting sod for the golf holes, which she did. Don't misunderstand me, she totally deserved to be fired because as the man Trump himself would say she was a "disaster." I think these people, who are supposed to be "brilliant," are just ridiculous. How do you not learn from only the previous week NOT to bring people into the boardroom just because they spoke out against you? Pepi did it and got sent to the Yahoo Jobs cab...and Theresa fell pray to the ego which was ultimately her sentence to leave as well. I think if she had brought Charmaigne in the boardroom this would be a different commentary. I can't believe she was left out! The comedian just wasn't funny, and lewd to boot. How do you hire someone without knowing at least a little bit of their material? And to pay her $1700 dollars to just embarrass them? Christ, I'll come out and talk for 15 minutes, and take half that...and I won't require the use of "bleeps" or discuss male genetalia to a bunch of old geisers. I can't even begin to tell you how ridiculous the models were!! At any rate, Lenny and Brent seem to be the comedy of the show...and just like last week...if you can't "handle" your employees...pack your bags and get ready for your interview with Matt Lauer. My favorite moment of last night's show was when Lenny, Tarek, and Theresa were leaving the boardroom and Tarek, like an animal with his tail between his legs, he says to Donald..."I'll step it up, Mr. Trump." To which Donald replies "You better!" I laughed out loud. I'm just waiting for the Donald to say to Tarek: "I hate you, you know?!" We all know!

So here are the results of this weeks App-REESE-tice competition. I pulled ahead of Lil' Al this week, but overall Maggie won for the week with a score of 90 points! Way to go!! Cali Mo did get the most questions correctly answered kudos to you as well! This just goes to show you how crucial those bonus points are!!

Questions & Answers:

1. Back at the suite, which candidate will "have a feeling that Brent is coming back" from the boardroom?

2. Which candidate from Synergy will say "if Brent doesn't get fired, part of me wants to go home"?
Andrea (and then she RAN into the bathroom to CRY!! COME ON!!!!!! I wanted her team to lose just for that!!)

3. During the task assignment, which candidate will be singled out by Mr. Trump as "not so hot"?

4. During the task, what will Sean refer to Andrea as?
"A genius"

5. During the task resolution, which candidate will Mr. Trump say is "a hard person to lead"?

6. After the task resolution, who will tell another candidate to "shut up" in the suite?

7. In the boardroom, who will Mr. Trump say has "great style"?

8. In the boardroom, who will be referred to as a "comedian"?

9. How many additional people will the losing project manager bring back to the final boardroom?

10. Which candidate will be fired?

1. Reesie's Renegades 178
2. Al's Calls 135
3. California Mo's Picks 122
4. Nants' Predictions 115
5. mags4846 103
6. Lauren's Picks 80
7. Juanita's Dream Team 70
8. Winners 0


At 8:19 PM, Blogger Drew said...

I bet Trump does a happy dance when he actually fires Tarek. But the sad thing is that he will probably win.

At 10:37 PM, Blogger Juanita J. Sanchez said...

Wha....? I can't believe it! Am I really in last place? I might be doing better if I actually watched the show.

At 6:32 AM, Blogger JoviFan said...

Juanita, watching the show does bring luck! Of course, I'm slipping in the ranks and I watch every second of every episode...unlike Reesie who has the thing DVRd and watches it willy nilly at her own leisure!
Ha ha.
I'm gaining on you bitches. Watch out.
Love the Trump picture!!

At 3:40 PM, Blogger Mo said...

Oh Jovi...I watch The Donald live!! I can't miss any of the action...especially if my boy Bill is on Donald's left!!


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