Send a card to Peggy!!

My cousins had a great idea to send cards to Peggy for a speedy recovery! If you would like to get on the bandwagon, feel free to send it to my house (I'm not going to put the home address on the internet, but if you know me you might [should] have it already and if you don't know me but you know me "enough" then you have my email address and you can certainly request it from me). Otherwise, please send it to:
York Hospital
15 Hospital Drive
York, ME 03909
She is in room 210.
Thank you all for your love and family and I really appreciate it. She will be having the surgery around 10:30 this morning, so if you can't do the card thing...prayers and thoughts are always welcome.
Update: 1/31/06...I just got off the phone with "the Peggy" and she is doing very well! I have to say in HUGE GINOURMOUS part to the joy she got from the stack of e-cards she received from everyone!! Thank you all! She just read them off to me over the phone and I could hear the smile on her face! I am blessed and so amazed everyday that I have family and friends that are so supportive and loving...especially toward Peggy. There are no words to express how much joy you all bring to me, I am truly touched.
Peggy should be leaving the hospital this afternoon, and for all of you in on the Foxwoods trip, have no fear, she's made us PROMISE that it won't be cancelled!!


And then life hits you...

Peggy and Maisy (Rachel's new pug)
This weekend started out pretty good. Peggy and I went to see Fun with Dick and Jane and per usual, the funniest part of the movie was Peggy's reaction to it. At one point she actuall squealed laughing. I'm not kidding, the guy in front of us asked if she hurt herself! And yesterday began lovely, the sun was out...we had a great visit with my grandmother who is recooping wonderfully from her surgery. Then Peggy started complaining of stomach pains, which ordinarily would be diagnosed by Dr. Mary and treated with Tums. However, she's been complaining of these pains for weeks now, they come and go. We thought it was an adverse reaction to ibuprofen, as it makes my dad sick as well so we had stopped all use of that. My mother finally waived her right as a mom to diagnose and brought Peggy to the emergency room. A mere six hours later she was diagnosed (officially, and not by Doc Baker) with gallstones. She had to wait out the night to be consulted by a surgeon. Actually, all of her initial tests were emailed to on-call doctors in Austrailia. Sounds a bit much, but it makes sense. This way doctor's here can get ample rest and aren't woken up for things that aren't actually neccessary to wake up for. At any rate, my mother called around 9 this morning and informed us that Peggy would have to have surgery this week to remove her gallbladder completely.

I realize this is routine surgery, but I won't say that I didn't freak out a bit. I feel the worst for my family as I had to make the round of phone calls soon after I learned the news myself. This kid has been so much in her life. She's 21 and I can't even begin to explain the surgeries and procedures and medications. Enough is just enough! The amazing thing is, this is "routine" for her. She just sits back and allows nurses and doctors to do thier thing. She knows when to call because her IV is empty, or if she needs a few more ice chips. I've known her all her life, and she's never backed down when challenged, especially with something like this. When she was six she had surgery on her back. She was in Children's Hospital in Boston, sadly not an uncommon place to find her for much of her childhood. One of the residents came in and told her he would be removing her bandage and "that it wouldn't hurt." She made him promise "it wouldn't hurt." He did. He lied. With tears in her eyes she just yelled "OUT." He proceded to try and finish, she yelled louder and was finally rescued by one of the nurses. At that time she informed the nurse "that" doctor was not allowed back in her room. All the nurses, loving Peggy, made sure he didn't even walk by her door. A couple of days later, her surgeon was doing rounds. Peggy was feeling better and even able to lie on her back. The surgeon asked if it was ok if a few others joined in her room to see how she was doing. She invited them in without hesitation. The surgeon began to ramble about Peggy's case when she saw the aforementioned resident cowering in the back. She pointed at him and said "I told you STAY OUT!" The surgeon kicked the guy out and talked with the rest of the group about the importance of "bedside manner." She was six and kicking butt!

Bottom line is, Peggy is going to be just sends you into a tailspin. Her surgery is Monday, and she will be in the hospital about a week, but probably less. She's an awesome kid and she brings me and my family such joy. So if you have a couple to spare, just say a prayer or four for her. I know it's routine surgery, but they can't hurt. I'll keep you all posted on how things go. Thank you so much for all of you who called and emailed today. When I left tonight she was sitting in her bed watching the Disney Channel and playing with the Barrell of Monkeys we gave her today...and getting "p.o'ed" when they'd fall. She's amazing:)


I hate being a grown up:(

Seriously...why? Why do things have to be so flipping complicated? For the past week I have been back and forth with my insurance company, as well as my doctors office. After the big back breaking escapades of December, my insurance company denied my claim for my appointment "claiming" themselves that I was not covered. Fair enough, I have a zillion pay stubs that will prove them wrong so all I should have to do is call HR and clear it up. That was "something that should have been simple but is impossible to be so for no reason" step number 1. I called HR, they gave me my ID number (which was the same one I gave the Dr.'s office at the time of my appointment), as well as a phone number to contact the stupid insurance co. Fine, step "STSHBSBIITBS4NR" 2 was calling the insurance company and verifying the number and telling them if they had sent me my insurance cards as requested over and over again since I moved to Maine last APRIL this all could have been avoided and I wouldn't have outstanding bills to my doctor's office. Grr. So they verified the number was correct, I went on to step 3 and called the Dr's. office. Wow. So 24 hours have passed and I "think" I'm in the clear. Wrong again. The number they gave me was a "group" number for my whole company and now I have to call them back to get the real thing. Fine. I call. I go through (no lie...I'm no James Frey) 25 minutes of an automated operator who cannot hear what I'm saying at all! I finally hang up and start over, I get through only to be told that my member ID is "simply" my social with an 01 at the end. I lose it on the lady on the other end and tell her that she better hope that she's sure because I was told the other number a bazillion times since December. It wasn't nice, but I won't regret it until I get a call back from the doctor's office saying all is swell in Insurance-ville. I have no patience for this all. Really?

Why in this day and age are we still talking to automated operators who don't understand what we say? Why are we putting up with it at all? Why is something that should be very clear, like the question "What is my member ID number?" turn into hours and hours of phone use, aggrivation, sweat, tears, and disgust? I think Peter Pan had the right idea...head out to an island, no worries. Hang out with other kids and pirates...and mermaids and get to fly around and have swordfights. That seems like a simple, reasonable way to live. Why do we have to have money to get by? Does it bother anyone else that you are paying taxes and bills, some of us paycheck to paycheck...and some people live on the streets and don't have enough to keep warm or feed their kids...and yet there are international "parties" at the White House with each meal costing more than a car payment? You know you're paying for that right?? Where's my caviar and designer dress? How come I have to drive 2 and a half hours back and forth to work, paying an insane amount of HARD EARNED money for gasoline while George W. can just hop in AirForce 1 for his commute?? Does anyone finally understand why there are still people who were hit so hard by the Hurricanes this past year living in squalor....STILL?? What about celebrities and athletes who make bazillions of dollars for reading lines or kicking a ball while people are DYING while mining coal or rescuing people from fires? I know I'm to blame, I'm totally intrigued by it all and I end up lending to their cause...but I'm coming around because it all revealed to be so simply ridiculous.

Yeah, I'm a bit (as Kip Dynamite would say) "P.O.'ed" right now. I don't have time for this nonsense...but sadly I'll keep battling on because I must pay for the gas to get me to work so I can pay the bills for the gas and the car that gets me to work. Tell you what though, I'm not paying that doctor's office have my word.


Remember me???

I love that I've been all over Maggie about blog entries and mine own have been few and far between. Settle down, kids...the wait is ovah!!

I have several things to chat about...but the one thing that absolutely floored me was the announcement that "The WB" and UPN would be merging this fall into one network called "CW." Yes, I did say it floored me...for a person who does a LOT of tv watchin''s important. Of couse immediately my mind went to "What will become of the Gilmore Girls???" This is a big thing, ladies and's a big thing for me! I know I was told I'd get at least another year...but now what happens? Only time will tell, and you know as soon as I find out anything I will report it...good or bad. By the way, the episode last night was a repeat...sons of bitches!! I've only had two "fresh" episodes in months...not cool.

I was listening to the radio this morning and they were talking of American Idol. I love that show. Usually the best episodes are the first few when they have all the initial auditions. The problem the radio had was that they think it's fake. Duh! Of course it is-by parading the ridiculous antics of most and weeding in a few actual potential superstars...that's how you hook an audience. I'll admit that this season has not been too phenominal, but I'm liking the actual talent Randy, Paula and Simon are sending to Hollywood so far. My favorite last night was the guy that danced with Paula and got her all giddy and flirty only to be scandelized by the fact his wife was waiting outside with Seacrest. Hilarious. Great TV...especially Simon telling Paula to "be careful." I love the episodes later on when they are live and Paula's all hopped up on painkillers and barely makes sense. Since season 2, it's really the only reason to watch!

I may actually have more posts today, I'm home from work due to weather/illness issues. I need a wee bit of a break so it's all good. Peggy is home today too-her driver was in an accident with her on Monday morning---she's totally fine and so is the driver. She won't talk about it-she said nothing really happened. Well something happened because the driver's car is kaput. That cannot be great for a volunteer driver-poor guy. Hopefully I'll be meeting the neighbor's new puppy today...we'll see...if so then pictures for sure. I've been to "laxidasical" in my "blogging" and for that I'm eternally apologetic. I'll make it up to my legions of fans...somehow...


Re-living a childhood via wonder

I do...I experienced the whole decade...and enjoyed most of it:) This weekend, my cousin Lauren, hosted a ladies night/game night/booze fest and it was such a good time. Nancy, of fame, my cousin Julie, and my friend Maggie (who could potentially be a cousin with all the family outings she participates in) were also in attendance. We started the evening off with a few cocktails and pickies...and then moved into game mode. Nancy gave Lauren the game "I Love the 80's Trivia" based on the VH-1 show. It is's like cranium...but all involving the 80's. Sports questions were an issue...but my team finally triumphed...was there any ever doubt?? Nancy unfortunately had to leave before the games began...she was definitley missed, but Lauren's husband John hung out once the little girls went to bed. We "played" Trivial Pursuit of the 90's afterward...but struggled through it as some of us claimed to have spent most of the 90's in a drunken haze. Now do you know where I get it?

It was great to see the ladies and enjoy each other's company in a non-parentally-chaperoned/required family event. We were able to catch up...and in my case...booze up!! Thank you all for such a good night...I'm already looking foward to the next challenge!!


Nothing to say...

I really don't...there are no words because I'm too damn tired. This week has been nuts and I just want to go to bed, but I have to do laundry so sleeping will have to wait. There is a ton going on between work insanity...the wedding planning, and the planning of the shower...but I can't talk about's a surprise. The dresses have been chosen though, and I do think they will look very nice.

I completely apologize for being so boring...Peggy was right! We were at dinner last night and she asked "what are we doing tomorrow night?" I said I was probably doing laundry and going to bed...she said "you're so boring." I really am. The funny thing is that last year I would go out drinking several nights a lie. I had no money, but I was happy. Now I still have no money and I'm sober way too much of the time. There's a connection there somewhere...I know it. I hate that I live so far away from my friends, and that I can't ever connect with the friends that do live around here. I find that in order to see anyone I have to travel, which isn't all that bad...well it wouldn't be if gas were a wee bit more reasonable. I am happy to say that I'm finally getting out this weekend to see some family and friends for "grown up activities." Well, I don't know how "grown up" watching Little House is...but when you've fashioned a drinking game in it's honor...I guess that's grown up:)

So hopefully Sunday I'll have some pictures for you...of fun things I did this weekend...grown up things. Not dirty grown up things-ugh...don't be can be so sleazy! I feel awful about boring you all so much this week. I just figure if I can't be original, then why bother? It's not fair to the masses of people who flock to my blog in search of answers and joy and stuff. Not fair in the least. I bid you adieu, and wish you a wonderful and triumphant weekend. Can you believe this weather?? We're totally going to get slammed!! I pledge to come back next week more solid and entertaining...until then...peace out.


So tired

This must be brief, I know that big brother is watching and that in and of itself is scary...and confusing because I don't have a big brother.

I'm so tired. Staying in the "MOtel" the other night was probably the best idea I've had in a long time. Actually, considering I don't get that many good was probably the best idea I've had ever. Sad, but true. The place was a dive, but I don't care. I got there around 6:30...the woman took a credit card # to secure the room, so naturally I figured I could pay with that. Wrong. I had to leave and go find an ATM because the woman was pissed that I didn't have cash on me. Sorry. I told her I'd be back in 15 minutes and I thought she was going to kill me in my sleep. Obviously not wanting to die in a seedy MOtel, I just went to the nearest ATM and paid 2 frigging bucks to get her the precious cash. She gave me a discount on the room though, so I'm not going to continue to complain. I put my stuff in the room which immediately smelled like no one had been there since summer. Ironically, the bathroom was spotless...I'm not kidding. I've never seen a cleaner bathroom...not even in a hotel. That alone was worth the 2 extra bucks in ATM charges. I went and got some vittles, and settled in for the first installment of American Idol. The first ones are always the best, though I must confess for the first hour I flipped between that and Little House! But what of Gilmore Girls?? Don't worry-I watched last night when I got home to make sure I could give it my full attention. I'm not sure I'm too keen on Luke's daughter...and I hated that he and Lorelai never talked it out and she just caved to postpone the wedding date. That will most assuredly come back to bite him on the butt. And to echo a point my cousin made a while back, it's amazing how similar the characters are...but most especially the character of Lorelai to Luke's kid's mother. That's kind of creepy...but maybe they're going somewhere with that? No idea. I'm all set with Logan too. I really would have like to have seen Paris get expunged from the paper...but they haven't asked me to write for the show yet so what can you do?

Did I say this would be short? It's just been too long!!

Peace be with you:)


It's about that time...

Yeah. I love this time of year. Or, no...I really don't.

Today started the semi-annual return of students to the college I work at. Also to commence is the "berate Mo for all she does wrong because it's not really wrong it's just incovenient for me and it would require me to think for myself or actually read directions to make sure I wouldn't be in this situation" week. Luckily it's busy so I don't have to think of this nonsense too too much and the day, though working longer, goes a little quicker.

I'm too tired to think, or even type right now. So I just though I would post and let you know that I will be on a semi-hiatus for a day or so. Not a full blown hiatus like Maggie has taken...apparently she's given up blogging early for Lent.

I know full well I'll be staying in a hotel Tuesday evening because the weather is going to be as nasty as the fake blonde mother I dealt with today who "insisted on seeing the manager." Apparently the bold as day name badge with the words 'STORE MANAGER' in bold print did nothing for her, nor did my stating out loud that I was in fact the manager help her in any way. Seriously, I freaking love people.

Have a lovely few days, I'll try not to bitch too much!

Peace out.


Peggy's Birthday: Stage Dos

I'm not quite sure how many stages there will be, I'm pretty sure 3 will be it...but that won't be completed until February and the big trip to Foxwoods!

Today, Peggy and I traveled to the far away land of Reading, Massachusetts where we visited the kingdom of "Jordan's Furniture." This place is far and beyond ridiculous...needless to say we had one of the best days ever as we are also far and beyond ridiculous! We were supposed to meet up with Lauren, John and their girls, as well as Nancy, but poor little Allie was ailing and with the monsoon kicking up they decided it wasn't the best idea. Feel better, little Al!! So Peggy and I stuck with the plan and went to Jordan's to hit up the IMAX theater for a little Harry Potter action. We got in and got our tickets, and then went and had some lunch at the on site Fuddruckers. Then we traveled through "Beantown." Basically everything is made of favorite of course is the Green Monster made of all green jelly beans. There are other Boston landmarks, like the ducklings, the Corita Water Tower, and the State House. There are also giant flowers, like your walking through the gardens in Boston Common.

We then went on to watch Liquid Fireworks...about ten times. In the mean time you can catch people risking life and limb on the "Harry Zakim" Trapeze. I'm all set with that, but it was fun to watch.

At around 2:30 I checked to make sure I had the tickets for the movie (I get a little crazy and if you've seen my "purse" in recent weeks you would understand why I had to double check!) and realized the guy I got them from gave me 3 tickets for the 1:00 show of The Polar Express! Panicked...and well, pissed...I made my way through to the ticket counter and luckily found the same guy. He apologized and rang up the tickets again. Not for nothing, it's no "matinee" to go thinking I had to purchase 3 more tickets would have been a scene. But without skipping a beat he gave me 3 more the Polar Express. Come on. He finally got it on try three, and we went back out front for Peggy to play skee-ball a la duckboats, and await the arrival of my friend Linda. We then made our way into the theater which was GInourmous. It really is worth the trip and the money to go. I'm happy I saw HP4 again, because I picked out a lot of things I'd missed before. Granted with the size of the screen there was NOT much to miss...especially some "less than perfect" teenage skin flaws. Yeah, the big screen does NOT mask things well. The sound was incredible too-I thought Peggy was going to jump out of her seat when the sound effects made the whole theater rumble. I have to apologize to Linda, because I wanted to get a picture of her and Peggy...but was remiss in doing so. We'll get PLENTY at Foxwood's. (PS to Linda-Peggy asked if we really were going to run up and down the hallways of the hotel and bang on thanks for that!! Ha ha!)

Soon Miss Maggie (yes! She has been found!!)met up with us. We walked around Jordan's for a little bit looking at couches. Fearing I would soon fall fast asleep on one of them and end up in some weirdo Barry and Eliot commercial...we decided to go to Chili's for dinner...and here's where it gets interesting...

Enough of the Shirley Temples...Peggy's 21 and finally put on her drinking boots tonight! Little Shmackie...boozin' with the big kids...and for your benefit...a picture says a thousand words...

That's Peggy ENJOYING her very first legal liquor-filled mudslide (and taking drags off of Maggie and my Margarita's!! My little liquor pig...I'm so proud!)!! She didn't find the margarita's appealing...all in due time. I didn't like them the first time I had them...but look at how my pallet has grown! We had such a great time...and don't worry...we went shopping to walk off the booze before the ride home! I have new flannel sheets in the dryer that I can't wait to get on to my bed!

Thank you one and all for such a wonderful day! Peggy didn't stop talking about it the whole way home...of course that could have been the booze...but I think she was happy! I know I was content. Now if only those sheets would dry...I'm freeeezing and I'm freaking TIRED!

Night night, babies!!


Willie Oleson is makin' me RICH BEEOTCH!!

I just checked my balance on adsense to see when I can expect my big payoff...JACKPOT!!

Thanks to all of you Willie Oleson fans out grand total is $1.62 since last I talked of the search bar revenues! The top query..."Jonathan Oleson Images." Ladies...and gentlemen if that's the case...I thank you...but so does my WALLET!! I'm so happy that fans of Little House are coming out of the woodwork...or rather I should call you all "Little House Ho's!!"

In searching for some pics of your favorite boy wonder of Walnut Grove who could usually be found in the corner of the schoolhouse...I found the
Little House on the Prairie Encyclopedia online!! This will prove hours of fun for all you fanatics!! I'm including a link on the side as well! You won't believe the detail on this, and it was updated earlier this month so it's current too. Enjoy...and keep on searching!!


You've longed to read it...My opine on last evening's episode of Gilmore Girls.

I'll admit it, I needed a little more. I had to wait 52 days and believe it or not, was less than impressed. The goings on of Stars Hollow seem to have progressed very little since last we knew. The most impressive thing that went on was Lorelai and Rory finally going to Atlantic City for a belated 21st birthday bash, and really we the devoted fans only caught the aftermath as they told Luke what went on in the brief few minutes before the show officially began. Besides the fact they stole the idea from Peggy to go gambling, it really wasn't all that impressive at all. Well, I take that back...the whole thing about running into Luke's doppelganger and it turning out to be a tranvestite dressed as Dolly Parton was pretty amusing-especially Luke's reaction to it...but the laughs and joy just kind of dwindled from there...

So here we go, Luke is starting to annoy me with the secret kid thing. And on that note, did anyone else notice that the mother of his illegitimate lovechild is the SAME woman shacking up with Jess' dad in Cali? It's bad enough that Kirk was "Mick" for the first few episodes, but be reasonable. You can't have Sherilyn Fenn as a guest star more than once and use her in two different roles. Granted a lot of people don't know who she is...but give us some credit. It was like when Martin on the Cosby Show came on as Martin...he'd already been on the show a year or so prior as one of the prospective suitors of Sondra! At any rate, Luke is aggrivating me with this whole thing because he STILL hasn't told Lorelai...that comes next episode. The girl did a school project on her DNA to figure out who her dad was...she posted a giant picture of him at the science fair AND on the internet and yet no one knows?? Babette and Miss Patty haven't jumped all over this? It's on public display-I'm surprised Taylor hasn't organized a town meeting...

Rory. Just stop. This is a message to Alexis Bledel...please just stop. What happened? You weren't that bad when you were younger, in fact you were pretty good. But in the last year or so the acting has gone completely over the top. I hate to say it, but I have to blame your character in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. She's more like Rory is now then Rory was when she was little...just the babytalk and fake doesn't work for you. It's not working for anybody. And I agree with Meghan on your hair too...I noticed it last night. Your hair is so processed it looks like an actual wig. Perhaps that's what you're going for...but I don't have to look at it. Go back to the long curls you had before, actually like you had in Pants...I'll get off your back and be much happier.

Rory. Again? Yes...I just want to point out the fact that my cousin Nancy started watching and called in the middle of the show (cardinal sin of Gilmore night-but ok because a) she is my cousin and b) we were back late from Peggy's birthday and I hadn't started watching yet and c) my phone was on silent and I forgot to take it off after we left the restaurant so no harm, no foul!) and asked if Rory was "usually this unintelligable in her speech." When Rory was younger, and Alexis Bledel was a better actress, no she wasn't. But since they've tried to make her more likeable, or more like Lorelai (which she's NOT pulling off) she's become fake and insincere. I hate her.

Paris. Really...your hair. It's the same style you had at Chilton in Season 2. If Rory can wear a wig so can you!

The Wedding Plans. Done in a day? Come on! That's some freaking magical street you're walking on if you managed to get a dress and invites and a church and Rory's dress and shoes all in one block! We the fans of Gilmore Girls need to be treated with a lot more respect than that! And by the by, I HATE the dress. Maybe my mood was already tarnished by several things-but when she put it on and came down the stairs I was like "WHAT?" Awful. It is not flattering at all! And WHY would Lorelai actually be seen by Luke in the she not unreasonably romantic and superstitious. No way would that happen-especially if she thought things were going too well as it was!

Lane. Stop being so angry and turning into your mother. It upsets me. But do stay away from Zack...he bites. More drinking with your mother...that was kind of fun...and human of her.

Alright, I guess that's all for now...except Logan needs to not be on the show anymore and I am anticipating the return of Emily and Richard after the big fight with Rory. That might make the season a little more tolerable. Come on Gilmore can do it...put a little power to it!! Don't waste what might be the second to last season by being dismissive of your fans. Give us some credit...better storylines...more reasonable storyline links to past storylines...better hair styles...and some acting lessons for Alexis!!


Peggy's Birthday:Stage 1

As previously mentioned, today is Peggy's 21st birthday. To celebrate on the actual day (the Foxwood's trip is planned for next month) Peggy actually begged to go be harrassed by the waitstaff at Bugaboo Creek. All she wanted to do was see the freaking moose puppet (although I could understand why when I saw the puppeteer...NICE!) The puppet is kind of visable in the second picture above. They brought her cake and she posed without even being asked for the first picture. We asked her if she wanted to get a drink, but she wouldn't cave. It's probably better that way anyhow, I don't know how much I want my little Peggy to get a taste for the sweet nectar called liquor. I can't see her sidled up to a bar doing shots...I don't want to!! To me she's going to be 6 forever! At any rate, Happy Birthday, Peggy...I hope it was a great one!!

Haaaaaaaappppy Birthday!!!!

Margarita's and Birthdays...the joy of all joys!

First, I would like to wish Peggy a very HAPPY 21st birthday!! I can't believe our little "Margarita" is now of legal age to get soused with the rest of anyway:) I asked her this morning if she wanted to do a shot before work and she yelled to my mom "Mom...Merney's trying to make me drink liquor!" Nice, 21 and still tellin' on sis. Hey, booze in the morning is WAY better than "candy in the morning!" Happy happy, Peggy...I can't wait for the big trip to Foxwood's to celebrate!

And in keeping with the margarita birthday tradition...I would also like to send a Happy B-day "shout out" to Allison Bennett! What does she have to do with Margaritas?? She's one of my favorite people to drink them with...I may not remember the end of the night...but I know she's there in the beginning! Regardless, a very happy birthday to you my pal! Drewbie better do something nice for his wife...or he'll end up on the "shitlist!"

Happy Birthday, Ladies...may there be many joys and MANY Margarita's to come...


What's in your wallet?

This is my horoscope for yesterday...
"With the current astral environment, your professional and financial interests could suddenly take a turn for the better, Maureen. Any difficulties you may have been having may seem to disappear as if by magic, Maureen, and whatever work you're involved with, either career-oriented or projects of your own, should suddenly seem to be running a lot more smoothly. Physically you should be feeling strong and energetic, and optimism and enthusiasm are likely to permeate your thoughts right now. Onward and upward!"
Ok-the "physically you should be feeling strong and energetic" is crap because I've been sidled with the back and neck pain throughout the holidays. Of course now that the back pain has subsided well as the neck, I've seemed to have had my former "cold" returned to me, either that or the "alleged cold in my neck" grew into my chest and head leaving me with no vocal ability yesterday.
Regardless...this shant turn into an episode of the Golden Girls as my name is NOT Sophia Petrillo and there is no cheesecake in the immediate vacinity!
Dude, did you read the part about the money?!?! I have to admit that I am not what one would consider "a financial whiz." In fact, if you looked at my financials you might think someone took a whiz on them! A few years ago, Maggie and I drove Katie back to school in New York City. We took a walk on the promenade, and on our way back we found a flimsy sign made of cardboard that said: Palm Reading $10. Figuring, "hey, it's Sunday, and being 3 Catholic girls in need of some spiritual guidance...what better way to do that than to pay some cheeseball whackadoo to look at our hands and tell us our fortunes?" I think she was right over a Chinese restaurant, so she probably just stole all the unused fortune cookies from the trash out front and then plaigarized the words of Buddah to make her living. Regardless, we got sucked in for kicks, and then could talk of nothing else the rest of the time there...which was all of an hour...but we still bring it up from time to time. So we go into this woman's studio apartment/fortune telling shack and she has literally no furniture. The rug is a deep maroon color (which unless I'm in a Chinese restaurant I don't understand why you would have a red rug?) and there is this one table thingy in the middle that we stayed at while taking turns learning the future of our lives. Meanwhile, she brought us to an alcove in the corner of the room and there was a table with a dirty ashtray and a couple of folding chairs. I love that I was trusting the spoilers of my future to this windbag...but whatever. She told me to ask a question without saying it out loud. Done. Then she went on to tell me that the answer to my question was the least of my worries, as it would pan out ultimately the way I wanted it to (yeah, it didn't but I'm over it...or maybe it DID and ultimately I'm fine with it...spooky!). She said that more importantly what I should focus on was my "wealth." Yeah, I'll focus on that which does not exist! She went on to tell me (in between puffs of her Benson & Hedges Menthol 100...that I would be in no financial trouble in a matter of only 7 years. Wow! Thanks...only 7 years in debt up to my eyeballs...only 7 more years of living paycheck to paycheck...only 7 more years of wondering whether I should pay my student loan or my car this week. Awesome...thank you voodoo lady...I know that no matter what actions come up in the next 7 years...I'm good...because I'll be fine in only 7 years. Granted that could mean that I'm dead...but as long as I'm debt free...who cares!!??
At any rate, 2 years later and too MUCH money spent on ridiculous overdraft fees and kleenex to sop up my tears of poverty...I'm starting to make some changes. I've started another savings account with the bank I have my checking account with. I know this sounds elementary...but I need to protect myself from myself! I've been somehow able to come out of the Holiday season without debt, and without those little overdraft notices that have no use to me whatsoever. I've decided to heck with the 7 year plan...I want to be set BY 2007! I'm even planning on a little extra money taken for my 410K...but I'll let you know as soon as I figure out what that means (please know that was meant to be sarcastic!).
All in all, things are on the upswing for Mo this year. It's all about not stopping at Target everyday on the way home...or drinking as much as I used to...and even though I'm mad at them I think that deep down *NSync is doing THEIR part for my finances because they haven't toured or put out a new album in a ridiculous amount of time...I'm not spending tons of money on cd's and concert tickets and hotel rooms and hot dogs and white castle and the squire and firkin and marionettes and rickshaw rides and such. Thanks *NSync for helping with my financial success, I knew I could always count on you!


Bob makes the cut...

Makin' your way in the world today takes everything you've got,
Takin' a break from all your worries...sure would help a lot...
Wouldn't you like to get away...sometimes you wanna go...
Or in my brother's case you get asked to go...
Bobby has been offered a job as an Athletic Trainer in the Minor League Division of the Toronto Blue Jays franchise. Better yet, he plans on accepting the position on Monday. The kid worked hard and he's well on his way to living his dream. He'll be heading to Dunedin, Florida for Spring Training, and then will be located in Virginia. Congrats, little brother...and thanks for giving me a good reason to have to go to Dunedin for Spring Break again!!

Have you seen this girl?

The picture above is my friend, Maggie. Thing is...she has gone least as far as I'm concerned. I've made every attempt to contact her. I've called several times, left extensive messages, emails. Nothing. No response. It's like she's fallen off the face of the earth or something, and I'm saddened by it.

I know there has to be some sort of foul play, because the other day I called and left a message saying that I was going on a "Gilmore Girls Strike" until I heard from her. I cannot watch one episode of Gilmore Girls until she talks to me live and in person. That was over 48 hours ago. Knowing my affinity for all things Gilmore, you would think this threat of blatant despair to talk to her would have some influence to contact me. Alas, there has been nothing. Knowing Maggie as I do, I hoped she would understand how important my Gilmore fix is, and in turn how important it is for me to be in touch with her. There are questions that need to be answered, like, how was your New Year? We're already a week in to 2006 and there has been a serious communication issue. Obviously something dreadfully wrong has happened because I even mentioned putting her name on the official "we're in a fight shitlist" and

We miss you Maggie, and we just want you to come back to the land of the living! And yes, while I pray that nothing bad has really happened to you (truly!)...I'm holding out hope that this is just you being mean by withholding communication. Therefore, rather than putting you on "the list" I posted the picture above. It's not the worst one I have by any means. In fact I think it's quite complimentary of your joy of spirit and enthusiasm for life and Bud Light. However, I'm not afraid to pull out all the stops if the issue continues.

So the Gilmore strike remains, woefully so. Step up a phone call, Missy...there's a new episode on Tuesday and you DON'T want to know what will happen if I have to miss it!! A wrath will rain down upon you like you wouldn't believe. Love ya!!

PS-Katie...if you're out're getting close to the edge as well. I believe there was a game of phone tag before Christmas that has yet to be played out. If you don't want the We're in a Fight Blog comin' at ya...remember one of the dorm rules...COMMUNICATION IS KEY!

HOW did I miss this??

Did any of you other Little House fools know that the kid who played Willie Oleson (Jonathan Gilbert) is actually Melissa Gilbert's brother in "real life???!!!" How did this escape my attention?? I fear that I have not paid quite enough attention to the minute details of the Walnut Grove population. I've spent too much time wondering where Mr. Edwards is going to get his next bottle of hooch...or where Albert will get his cigarettes...or why Shannen Doherty was ever cast on this show. Precious details have escaped me...and I've only myself to blame. Now I think Miss Wilder will have to send me to the corner for my punishment...

Woe is Mo.



It's 1:22 in the am. I can't sleep. I haven't slept well for weeks. I don't remember the last time I didn't see the neon lights slapping me at every hour of the morning. It's like they are taunting me, and then they finally laugh at 6 am when it's time to "start the day." I just want to sleep. I can't stop thinking about it, and that's my problem. It's that Sarah McLaughlan lyric "I'm so tired, I can't sleep." There is so much in my head, and I need to get it out...but I can't.

Thank GOD there are no episodes of Little House on...the TV would be on all night. Perhaps Doc Baker could prescribe some sort of booze to help me slumber...but he's not around. Bastard. Rat bastard. Did they have insomnia clinics back then?

As I type this I'm yawning, maybe this was just the sleeping pill I needed. Who knows. If I post again before 6...I'm blaming Doc Baker...or Sarah McLaughlan...or Spongebob Squarepants. How the f do they sleep at night??? How do YOU sleep at night?? Seriously, I want to know because obviously I've forgotten how and am in a struggle to keep my sanity.

Off to try again...count sheep or something. Pray that I sleep a little before that frigging alarm clock goes off...pretty please:)

Night night, babies...


Red Rider BB gun...NO laughing matter at SAC!!

As you all know, I left my alma mater last year. I graduated in 1997, then returned mid '98 to "live the dream" and be a part of the establishment I loved. I did not leave on "loving" terms...I did however, leave on my own terms, which makes me happier in the long run.

After I left, about a WEEK after I left, I got a call from a friend telling me that the traditional 4:29 club (boozin' in the pub on Friday after work) had been canceled due to some morons that set their apartment on fire smoking weed. Excellent. This is where I worked, this is where my friends work, and for some reason some remain there now. It gets better, by the end of the semester I had been told (via various sources and media outlets) that one of the less impressive, more troublesome residents of my former working "area" had been arrested for shooting 3 kids with a bb gun that made the mistake of skateboarding near this jerk's townhouse. Miserable, rotten, rat b#st$d! Apparently the chump didn't have enough fun tormenting any authority figure he came in contact with...he, in his infinite wisDUMB, finds joy in shooting up little kids!! Will everyone join me in a cooperative "WTF?!"

Now his sentencing has come through, if you can call it that. He got 90 flipping days in I'm sure he'll hang out at Manchester's lock up facility and really think about what he's done. It absolutely infuriates me that garbage like him not only walks the streets, but breathes the same air that humans do. It's upsetting enough that I left the place the way I did...but to have degenerates like him associated with the college just makes me happy to know I left when I did.


It's so Google!!

A few months ago I was posting ads through adsense by Google and when I reformatted the blog at one point, I lost it. Luckily they sent me a reminder to repost as I was losing valueable income!! Phew! I checked to see what I'd earned (anytime someone clicks on an ad there's some trace to give me money). I was skeptical at first, but Drewbie and Allison were doing why shouldn't I? Like the lemming I am, I researched the issue and am proud to say that I've earned...drumroll a mere 4 months...drumroll continue...$.87!!! That's ALMOST enough to buy a soda at work...or a mile or two of gasoline (in 1974). Wow...I heard that dreams sometimes came true...but by golly...this is just beyond my expectations!

In all seriousness, I didn't have it for awhile and I'm sure all the new Little House fanatics that have been checking my site would love to see what possible wares will be touted at the top o' the blog! I've also added a Google Search bar so you can look for info on any particular subject, from Nellie Olsen's current how to heal a "cold in your neck," to the Bingo schedules at Foxwoods...the internet is your oyster!

Seriously, click a few things...sistah needs a bridesmaid dress...and hotel $$...and shower $$...and the rest of the Gilmore Girls dvd's...and airfare...and a rental car...and a hairdo for the wedding...and a manicure...and some shoes to go with the dress...and tickets to some park in O-Town...(**speaking of which I'm ridiculously, inexplicably, and inexcusably excited for the new reality show about Ashley Parker Angel's goings on since the split of the never at all in any way good boyband...I figure it might give me some hope for Chris Kirkpatrick...where the heck has he been??? I'm being nice and giving you the link...but you should have looked for it up top!! Lazy...why do I continue to coddle you???)

Why are you still reading...go Google Chris know you want to!! His adventures are only a mere click away....look at those braids...I think his memorial lightpost is still dedicated to him at Chunky's in Pelham...but that's all I'll tell you! Your homework is to figure out what "freaky deaky" things braidboy has been up to, using the above Google search bar of course, and get back to me post haste...his life and career may just depend on it!!


In Memorium...

"You're my boy, Blue!"

The actor that portrayed "Blue" in Old School passed on last week. Since I found out I haven't been able to shake this song from my head...RIP, Blue...

I close my eyes,
Only for a moment
And the moment's gone.
All my dreams
Pass before my eyes of curiosity.
Dust in the wind: All we are is dust in the wind.
Same old song,Just a drop of water
In an endless sea.
All we do
Crumbles to the ground,
Though we refuse to see.
Dust in the wind,
All they are is dust in the wind
Now, don't hang on;
Nothing lasts forever
But the earth and sky;
It slips away,
And all your money
Won't another minute buy.
Dust in the wind: All we are is dust in the wind.
Dust in the wind: Everything is dust in the wind.
Everything is dust in the wind.
In the wind....

Gilmore Gripes...

People of the world (or at the very least those who read my little blog) you realize that it has been since November 22 of LAST year (I know "last year" ended a mere 3 days ago...but I'm going for the dramaculous effect here!) since there has been a new episode of my much beloved Gilmore Girls?!?!?! DO YOU?!?! That's 45 days...and another 7 more to boot! You know I must be desperately upset when I have to do math!!

So much has happened since then: my Thanksgiving back acquisition of the first season of Gilmore Girls on DVD for Christmas (thanks again, Fwiz!)...the 2nd Annual Dick's Christmas Bash...2 major snowstorms...a trip to plummet back into the seedy underground of Little House on the Prairie...

Seriously mon petites...that's a LOT of living going on and what is expected of me now? I have to wait another 7 days to see what the F goes on with Luke and his dorky kid and Lorelai's reaction and how the mother and daughter reunion is going and if Rory and Logan are REALLY broken up and if Rory and Emily are still on the outs and what tie Richard wears and if Sookie is pregnant again (not because they hinted at it but because it is the time of year she usually gets knocked up which I'll never understand if Jackson continues to wear the ridiculous pajamas with pictures of himself in a wrestling unitard on it!) and if Paris is still broke and if Lane will break up with Zach because he's killing me and if Sebastian Bach will get more air time...

Of course this will all be summed up in the first few minutes of the show. Why can't we see how their Christmas went? It's like when Sondra got married on the Cosby Show over the summer...I still want to know how they planned a wedding within a month and had it all settled and done before the summer was over. Sorry, Bill...when there is a wedding...there's a LOT more to it. You should know that with the size of your family...ugh! What do you take us for?!?!

I guess for now I will continue to pine for the gossip and goings on of the people of Stars Hollow. Until then I will have to bide my time and continue to check in on the people of Walnut the way...last night was the episode where Mary and Adam get in the big carriage wreck with the pregnant lady and then a fire starts because of the glasses (even though their both blind!). The show is so predictable...but I love it! At any rate, there was this whole side story going on where Harriet screws over Albert and Laura on the honey deal they made with Nels...but Albert further swindles Harriet by concocting a scheme to sell their hive to them in order to get the money for Mary and Adam to go on the trip that nearly kills them both, but I the last we see of Nelly and Harriet is their buckboard driving crazy because the bees are all riled...there was no real "end" to that story...and it upsets me. Granted Laura and Albert are all giggly because they know that the bees will attack...sadistic weirdos...but did they get busted...did Pa beat them with a switch...did Nelly go into shock from the beestings...or did blind Mary steal the show again?? I'm pretty sure they should go dig up Michael Landon and ask him to "re-do" the end of the episode...for continuity sake.

PS-I'm truly sorry to Nancy if she read this and took offense about the "bee sting" part. I don't want to make bad memories resurface, she had a horrific experience with bees at my house when we were I wouldn't be surprised if she was more than a little upset with this episode's subject matter!!

Just bring back GG and I'll stop...yeah, I won't...but I'll try...well, I won't do that either...just give it up already! The episode is done...what's the hold up showing it WB?? You're killing me...

In response...

Much like Drewbie did the other day, my cousin asked a few questions in a comment...and my response turned into a I thought I'd put it out there for the world to see... my responses to these important questions will be posted in an alternate color...

JoviFan said...
will somebody please tell me who the hell Hillary Duff even is? She is one of those new breed of teen "actresses" who started her career with Disney and then denied them when she suddenly became an "idol" for teenage girls. That's the tricky part, because much like Lindsay Lohan (who she's constantly fighting with) she gained her celebrity...but lost weight and now looks anorexic. Also like Lohan, she's decided to curse us all with not only her poor acting, but by making a "career" by "singing" as well. Why do we know this woman? She's shoved down our throats every day, much the same way she shoves her fingers down her throat after a meal. Is she a Desperate Housewife person, or what? No. And why are those stupid Desperate Housewife bitches all over the front page of the Boston Herald every single day? Because as Boston Media has done for years, they cling on to a New England/Boston Celebrity and make sure that we know all about every move that is made-from shopping spree's to bowel movements. Apparently this is the case because one of them is from Massachusetts and we haven't had a "home celebrity" this big since Joyce Kulhawik became obsessed with the star of "Voyage of the Mimi," Ben Affleck. Is there nothing more newsworthy? Of course there is-but the media thinks we're too "sick of the war" and "saddened by it," so they choose to give us uplifting news of celebrities getting their faces uplifted. Why did Jennifer Garner change her name to Jennifer Affleck? No idea, it bothers me still. Mo, perhaps you just asked that recently, but I just read it in a People magazine that somebody left on the bus. I was wondering where I left that!! Also, let me ask why these news media jerks keep digging up pictures of Jennifer Anniston at her worst moments, and then claiming that she's still all upset over Brad? Yeah, I'm done with that whole scene. Kiss 108 reported today that Brad sent Courtney Cox and her friends drinks at some club this weekend...and she sent them back because of her friendship with Aniston. Everybody join me...WHO THE F CARES??? I normally don't get invested in all the celeb gossip, and I don't really even care for Jennifer Anniston, but I feel kind of bad for the girl. Jesus, I know she bargained for this kind of exposure when she pursued a career as an actress, but I always feel bad for her when these stupid magazines keep writing about her divorce, and then, inevitably, the next page shows Brad Pitt romping around the beach with Angelina Jolie. Jesus, give the girl a little peace. I'm not judging Brad or Angelina here, but I'm just saying, can't these people have a MINUTE of privacy? Then what would I blog about? What got me started on this rant? Probably low blood sugar, a rumored snowday, and no cable to watch Little House on!! Not sure. But will somebody clear up the Hillary Duff thing for me, please? See above. And Ryan Seacrest? Who the hell is he? The MC of American Idol (which starts in two this show because the first few are always hilarious!) who is also forced at us unacceptably. Luckily his talk show on TV was cancelled...but he's doing a top 40 countdown on Sundays which is always a joy...or a painful experience...yeah...that one.


One last thing...

I have to comment on the program "Dick Clark's Rockin' New Years Eve" nonsense that went down last evening.

First of all, I have always said there is something a little off about Ryan Seinfeld terms "not that there's anything wrong with that." However, last night watching with my dad, I was uncomfortable to say the very least. He did a little film where he "interviewed New Yorkers" on what their various New Years Resolutions would be. About five subjects in I wondered why he wasn't using the query on any women. It was absolutely painful to watch him lift the shirt of a construction worker and pat him on the belly, and then slap some guy merrily on the rearend, and then the final bit of awkwardness came from him sharing a cannoli with a guy like they were Lady and the Tramp eating spaghetti. I finally get it...Seacrest OUT!

Then there was the Mariah Carey debauchle. Don't get me wrong-I'm appreciating her new music...actually more than some of her old stuff. I've discussed this at length with another friend of's my theory: I don't think Mariah Carey really had a nervous breakdown. I think that was the story she told the public so she could say she was in some mental rehab dive after Glitter...when in actuality she had procedures done to make her into an amazon robot pop diva. Please, her skin was never that plastic, and she towered a good 4 feet over all of her dancers. Unless she somehow managed to give the Oompa Loompas a job after the filming ended, they all seemed a decent height. Did you notice she never wanted to wear the shawl-she kept pushing it off of was inhuman that she wouldn't be cold. She didn't dance at all-so she couldn't have her body heat raised. Something just ain't right about Miss M.C.!

Finally, poor friggin Dick Clark. The guy struggles to get on air and they really only let you hear his voice mumble the script they gave him. I felt awful for him, I mean good for him that he was out there...but shame on ABC for exploiting his return by using it as a media event, and then not giving him any camera time! The MOST awkward moment of the evening was shortly after the ball dropped and they panned to Dick for a comment and he was kissing (presumably) his wife. That was the longest the camera was on him, and I think when everyone saw it in the production booth they must have just froze like a deer in headlights. It was so weird!!

Of course none of this will deter me from watching again next year...but I will be detered if Hillary Duff is on again. Yo, Lizzie Maguire...EAT something...or at least go see Mariah's doctor!!

Trivia Shout Outs

I couldn't resist...these are the latest rantings of all our guest stars on the trivia game...

lizfwiz: Mernie, Laurfwor and Nantsfwanz had better remember slovac!

lizfwiz: and Shaabaz for that matter!

Ol' Dan Tucker: I Love this Game!!

Mo: ooh! i had emailed slovak hoping he 'd join up!

Sylvia: I wanted to play earlier but I had a date with a clown

Manly: Anybody got a good recipe for cinnamon chicken?

Doc Baker: Watch out for that anthrax, it 's a bitch!

lizfwiz: no, but Laura knows how to make some good cayenne chicken

Reverand Aldern: Obviously the Man of God gets top scores, Suckers!

Old Man Buzby: now that I won, I will make a new church bell

Tinker Jones: I am the one that made the bell, not you, Buzby

Tinker Jones: Buzby was the one they accused of kidnapping Laura

Tinker Jones: When Laura was held hostage in the root cellar

Tinker Jones: By some deranged freak that thought Laura was her dead kid

Giddeon: I sm-sm-smoked all of y-y-you!

spotted eagle: Free my people, I am a savage!

James Cooper: I figured I 'd take a "SHOT"

Eva Beadle: I give you all an A on your little dump quizzes

Sylvia: I will have to bind myself up tighter

Jenny Wilder: I Killed Eeem!!!

(**PS-To anyone I'm not related you see where I get it???)


Trivia Ranks for December '05

Dec 05

20 players played during the month.

1. Mo (107 points, 15 wins)
2. Drewbie (106 points, 4 wins)
3. lizfwiz (93 points, 2 wins)
4. slen's dot hogs (52 points, 3 wins)
5. tedkc (40 points, 2 wins)
6. vtek33 (32 points, 0 wins)
7. MKO529 (26 points, 0 wins)
8. Clarice (23 points, 2 wins)
9. Hester Sue (12 points, 1 wins)
10. s bristow (10 points, 0 wins)

Somehow with 20 contestants, most of which were characters from Little House on the Prairie...I still smoked you all!! Actually, Drewbie only got 2nd place by 1 point!! Kudos!!

Merry New Year!!


Expect to start your day with renewed strength and energy, Maureen. Almost everything on your to-do list will fall into place naturally. You can approach your projects with confidence and vigor, because you're going to be able to do what needs to be done. If there's something you've been wanting to take on or get started, you'd be hard pressed to find a better day. Make the most of the confidence surge - there's absolutely nothing you can't handle.

That was my horoscope, for this, today, the first day of 2006. And today, there really was absolutely nothing I couldn't handle...because today, I did absolutely NOTHING! And it was frigging great.

The past few weeks, with the holidays, and my grandmother's say the least it's been kind of hectic. Throw in a week of crippling back spasms, round it off with a's enough to ruin your day. So today I did nothing! I got out of bed at 11 am after finally waking up from a series of very weird dreams (I'm not even taking the meds anymore!). I went to the movies to see The Family Stone with my mother and sister whilst the menfolk stayed home and watched the foosball game. (*Family Stone was pretty good...I wasn't prepared for how much I would cry...but I'm a girl and that's what we do) I came home and watched Serenity (surprisingly I won't be asking for a refund...Drewbie was correct and it was really good...I'm still shocked by the revelation.) Then on a quest to find Cinderella Man for my dad (I'm all set with Russell Crowe so you KNOW it wasn't for me) we ended up with War of the Worlds because Peggy's obsessed with Dakota Fanning. I had never seen or read the original, but it was shockingly riveting. The end came quite quick without a decent explanation of what was going on...but after over 6 hours of watching movies...I'm not shocked I was unable to decipher it. Plus, Tom Cruise how could I really believe what was going on with his shoddy acting and such. There was a surprise Tim Robbins appearance...although now I've gone and ruined it for you.

I'm not sad to see '05 go, while there was plenty of good (the birth of my Goddaughter, witnessing several of my friends get married, my sister's engagement, my rekindling to all things Little House, and the inception of my blog) there was some bad that I'm not sad to get out of the path of. I got a new job, and that was a blessing, but in the meantime I left quite a history behind me. I've lost touch with several people that I care about, and that's something I'm having a real hard time with. Driving down the street tonight, I realized I've been back in Maine almost a year and I was stunned by this revelation. Moreover, I can't remember the last time I've talked to people I used to see every day. My New Year's resolution is for that to change...and to see as many episodes of Little House on the Prairie as humanly possible without getting the urge to wear my hair in braids and play baseball in a dress.

The upset of the year, no repeat for the World Series...that sucked...but now Boston fans can renew our motto: There's always next year. I'm excited for '06...I haven't been excited for a new year in a long time. I think there's a lot of good for all of us to come.

Merry New Year, to you and yours, from me and mine:)