Welcome to Sox-tober...

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Round about 11:00 pm EST tonight, the news coming in from Camden Yards in Baltimore was very good for Red Sox Nation. While everyone was waiting desperately for the Red Sox Nation Presidential debates to begin on NESN...champagne corks started popping as it was announced that the Baltimore Orioles beat the Yankees...thus awarding the title of A.L. East Division Champions to the very deserved Boston Red Sox! I'm about ready for a bring on the play offs!!

PS-I've never been happier to not be working an overnight shift as a Resident Director than at this very moment!

Sweet Dreams...BELIEVE!!!!


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i got this picture here

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Pay it forward...

Drewbie has published a calendar with some of his amazing photography. One of the best parts is that $2.00 from each calendar he sells will help out a former classmate of his that's going through a particularly bad time right now. Please buy a calendar and help out this family. The bonus is not only getting some really stunning photography to hang in your office, home, or favorite cubicle...but the knowledge that you helped someone when they really needed it!

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fun fact friday...

i have today off. i know that might not be a "fun fact" in your book, but in's pretty much the knees of the bees. testimony to the fact that i've been so busy is that not only was i not in "the know" about justin appearing on oprah wednesday...but i have yet to even search it down on youtube!! do you get it now?

my fun moment of the day for thursday was speaking to "sweet caroline" on the phone. before lauren could even utter the 2nd syllable of "reesie" she was demanding the phone so she could thank me for her "nemo bathing suit." i would like to point out that i had this mailed to her for her 2nd birthday...2 months ago...yet my brilliant godchild not only recognizes it as a gift from reesie...but is gracious enough to thank me for it all these months later. mensa...get ready!

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i also had the good fortune to talk to budding soccer star allison who informed me she's playing tomorrow! the highlight of my fall will be getting to see her play in a game:) though, i will not allow her to like or idolize mia spamm in any way...there are far better role models out there for allie, the soccer prodigy!

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needless to say it's been a busy few weeks...thus epitomized by my lack of posts! this week has been especially grueling for personal reasons. i'm hoping the next 3 days i can catch up with old buddies and some old blogs!

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It's frigging freezing!

That's it, that' s really all I wanted to say. I'm sure you know it...but it's true. I am not looking forward to another winter here in the Northeast. That being said, this has to be my last one. I think it will be nice to the summer...but I'm done now. I'm beginning the process and I figure you should hear it from me first. I want to wear short sleeve shirts and at the most, a light sweater. I'm sick of dressing in layers. It's exhausting. I'm tired. I'm pretty sure I just packed up all my "winter gear" anyway! Meanwhile, I just dropped off my winter coat at the dry cleaners...and I want it back because I'm so frigging cold!! I want to wear flip flops and not even think about socks.

I'm off. I'm going to build a fire in the living room with junk mail and pictures of my summer vacation. I can't have even the hint of the memory because it makes me loathe the frigid climate even more.

Oh bother.

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Calling all my Scranton peeps! I've just applied for a job with Dunder Mifflin Infinity. I don't think it's a real job, but what exactly is your definition of a job anyway?

In all seriousness, I think it's going to be some fun way to procrastinate when what some consider "real work" should be done! SOLD!!

From what I gather, it's some sort of game-there weren't a lot of details...but we really get "all" the details when applying for a job? Like, for instance, did I think that I would spend 3 weeks not getting home until after 8pm every night, working 6 days when I applied for my current job? Noooooooooooooooooooooo. I did not. So really, I think I deserve a little peace and giggle time when it is thrown in my general direction. I could just play crossword puzzles, but I'm just not in a crossword puzzle mood-so simmer.

Here's the info...I need to "hire" 15 employees to play along. Methinks it's going to be something like the App-Reese-tice...but less dramatic and soap opera-y. And to get to the top...I'm totally willing to cheat. It's just something I feel is necessary, to help out my employees, should the need be there!

So I fully expect you all to sign up...let's get back in the spirit of the fun time blog competitions!

Here were the welcome directions I received mere moments ago...

In order to confirm your branch selection you must hire a minimum of fifteen (15) employees. Here is your unique Branch Hiring Code that you can give to prospective employees in order to hire them directly for your branch:


IMPORTANT: Make sure your prospective employees choose the same branch city as you! Portland, ME

If employees you would like to hire sign up without your code, they will not count towards your fifteen employee quota. You can, however, tell them to return to the Employee Application and re-apply with your code (use the Re-Apply button in the navigation menu). Be aware, time is of the essence. The first potential Regional Manager to reach fifteen employees will take that branch. If someone else recruits fifteen people before you, you will be hired into that branch as a regular employee. During this initial hiring period, you will not be permitted to re-apply as Regional Manager for a different branch. Once the branches open, however, you may re-apply for another branch should someone claim your Regional Manager position (use the Re-Apply button in the navigation menu).

Once your fifteen employees have been confirmed and we are ready to open the branches, you will receive a confirmation message.

Just remember, being a branch manager isn’t all fun and conference room meetings. It’s hard work. As manager of a Dunder Mifflin Infinity branch, you’re responsible for conducting the day-to-day operations of your branch, including administering the voting and submissions that accompany some of our tasks. Of course you’ll also be motivating your branch to win as many SchruteBucks as possible so they can win great prizes and show Corporate which Dunder Mifflin Infinity branch is the best.

Don't blow this for me...I mean us! If you're real good and sign might get some Stanley Nickels...or a mug for me that says "Worlds Greatest Boss." Sweet.

Update: It has come to my attention that I overlooked giving credit to those who supplied the images used in this post. I admit that it was an oversight and I truly apologize to those whom I have offended. In my own defense, it was late, I'm overtired, and it truly was not done intentionally. I'm not a fan of copyright infringement, or blatantly stealing original material from others websites and blogs.
The image of the Shrute buck came from here.
The image of the Stanley nickel came from here.
Again, my apologies.

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