fun fact friday...

i have today off. i know that might not be a "fun fact" in your book, but in's pretty much the knees of the bees. testimony to the fact that i've been so busy is that not only was i not in "the know" about justin appearing on oprah wednesday...but i have yet to even search it down on youtube!! do you get it now?

my fun moment of the day for thursday was speaking to "sweet caroline" on the phone. before lauren could even utter the 2nd syllable of "reesie" she was demanding the phone so she could thank me for her "nemo bathing suit." i would like to point out that i had this mailed to her for her 2nd birthday...2 months ago...yet my brilliant godchild not only recognizes it as a gift from reesie...but is gracious enough to thank me for it all these months later. mensa...get ready!

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i also had the good fortune to talk to budding soccer star allison who informed me she's playing tomorrow! the highlight of my fall will be getting to see her play in a game:) though, i will not allow her to like or idolize mia spamm in any way...there are far better role models out there for allie, the soccer prodigy!

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needless to say it's been a busy few weeks...thus epitomized by my lack of posts! this week has been especially grueling for personal reasons. i'm hoping the next 3 days i can catch up with old buddies and some old blogs!

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