Wouldn't it be fun?

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Do you like to win things?

I like to win things.

Who doesn't like to win things?

Well, I'm sure if the prize awarded was a rusty can full of slugs I wouldn't like to win...but beggars can't be choosers...right?

I love to win prizes, or at bingo. One time I won $65 at bingo. It should have been $365...but I wasn't paying attention to my own cards...and's something I have to live with. I guess it really is important to mind your own business.

I like to win contests.

Speaking of contests....Drewbie is hosting another contest next month!! SERIOUSLY!!! I know it's shocking and amazing all at the same time. For this contest you need to have the thing I didn't win in last month's contest because I went on vacation. "The thing," if you remember, was the XShot...the hand held tripod that could have helped me take pictures of myself with nice fun people and hella cool things. But I came in dead that was a bust. So now, if I want to be in next month's Benspark contest...and if you want to be in next month's Benspark contest...then we need to get our act together and order the XShot. Luckily, the kind people of XShot like The Benspark a lot...and are offering his readers a discount code again! So even though I came in dead last on last month's's all good. I can order a lovely XShot...just for me. Head over to the Benspark for details of the special promo code.

Did you go yet?

Why not?

What are you waiting for?

Don't you want to win prizes? CASH prizes? Don't you want to achieve everlasting joy won in the conquer of defeat? Don't you? I do. I'm ordering one. I don't want to be dead last again. Remember that...when I only got like, 9 votes? It makes me sad a little...and who wants to be sad? No one that I know. Well, a few people I know...but those people don't have to enter the contest now do they? That just makes the odds of winning all the better for us...doesn't it? :)

Get involved in your blogging community. Do it!! Do it!!

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At 2:25 AM, Anonymous Lisa said...

I've never won at bingo. :) I have tried though.


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