Saturday Shopping Spree

Did everyone see The Benspark Photo-A-Day today??

The BenSpark

Look how adorable Sparky is all preggo! That is a picture of Drewbie's Baby Mama with the new crib they got at IKEA. (For more info on the shopping day...hit this link!) I've never been to IKEA, but something tells me it would be dangerous in there for me!!! I'm so excited to meet Baby Benspark in October!!

I had an exhausting shopping day seems like I've been spending money like I actually have it lately! It's expensive to be me! Ha! Anyway...after I woke from my JT coma (totally worth the exhaustion!)...I got up and had some b-fast with my moms. Then I got the cats into their little pet taxis to send them off to the vet. Simba doesn't "meow." He just growled like a was freaky. Nala just whined her little monkey whine. What is it with my pets not sounding like the creatures God made them? Weird. So anyway...after they were off I got myself together to head over to Linen's N' Things. I bought a new mattress last weekend that was delivered yesterday while I was at work. It's beautiful. It was expensive-but totally worth it. My back already feels joke. At any rate, it's a very deep mattress so of course I needed the deep sheets to fit them. I went to L&T's and was there for an hour, just in complete disgust. The least expensive sheets I could find were $80. $80. For an effing fitted and flat sheet. No pillow cases, no dust ruffle, no purchase for me. They had some sets that included those items...but that would cost me over $120 bucks and I wasn't having it. I had a coupon that I thought would ease my woes...but then after reading the fine print the set I finally decided on was excluded from the coupon. See ya. However, I did find that the Simmon's BeautyRest body pillows were on sale BOGO 50% for $15 bucks I got 2 body pillows. That and they "match" my it's a Beautyrest too...I felt the purchase was fated. There was no avoiding it. Then I got suckered into the cases for them and I don't even want to talk about how much those cost. Thankfully, there was the coupon and all was well. However, leaving L&T's I still needed some dang sheets. I went to Kohl's...there was a sale...and I got there too late to find sheets that I actually liked in the size I needed coinciding with a price I could afford. I wound up going with some plain white sheets...boring...but not being a shopper...I was ready to go!!! I hit BJ's for some supplies...and found a cute quilt WITH pillow shams for $40. I wish I had gone there first! I actually might return the sheets from Kohl's because for the same price I could get some pretty, frilly, high thread count sheets AND pillow cases for the same price. Yeah, I'm going back. At that point, my reason was being overshadowed by my JT I just left to go home and nap. I frigging love naps. Apparently I'm 60. But the nap has made me more lucid and now realize even more so that I miss Justin...I mean that the Kohl's sheets have to go back. Could it be nappy time again? I only made one more stop at a roadside Veggie stand on the York Kittery line on Route 1. If you are driving by in the next few's on the left hand side going north, as I said...right on the Kittery and York town line...just before Salmon Falls. It's a truck that looks all ramshackly and like they are just parking there randomly for the day...but don't let that fool you. The quality of the veggie's is unreal. They have the best corn on the cob, tomatoes, and even blueberries. It's one of the best parts of living in Maine in the summer. Digression over...I got home to find out that the cat's need dental work because apparently they have gingivitis. Nuts. Just more $ to spend!!!!

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At 7:16 PM, Blogger Drew said...

My beautiful wife is popping up all over the place. Good selection on the photo to write about. Thanks Mo.

I totally love roadside veggies and love the hell out of naps myself. Took a nice one today in fact.

At 10:03 PM, Blogger meeyauw said...

don't do Ikea! it is addictive! They have all this stuff you "gotta have" and can't live without and really reallly cheap. Somehow that gets you reckless so next thing you know you have furnished the house and redone the kitchen!

At 10:28 PM, Blogger JoviFan said...

Girl, you dont have to be 60 to love naps. You just need to be suffering a JT hangover...which you clearly are.
I LOVE the veggies from the roadside dumps. Funny, the more ramshackle the dump, the better te veggies.

At 10:32 AM, Blogger Sparky said...

It must be said, we didn't get the frilly canopy thing with the crib, just the crib.

You really must come visit for a weekend so we can play makeup, get Drewbie his reading lessons and go to IKEA to play. It's so much fun! Though you can easily spend a few hundred dollars without meaning to!

At 7:30 AM, Anonymous Lisa said...

IKEA is an evil store. :) I don't know how anybody walks out of there not buying anything.


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