No rest for the wicked...

Has this not been the longest week for everyone? Well, it has been for me at least...a long, emotional week. I'd like to thank friends and family alike for their thoughts and prayers over the past few days. My family, specifically my sister, my brother-in-law, and his family had a lot going on, we still have a lot going on. Things started out very promising, and somehow turned negative. I prefer not to get into it in a public forum...for the sake of the people involved. I just ask for your continued prayers and hope, again, for the people immediately involved. THANK YOU!

On a bright note, my brother came home for like, a minute and a half this week. We took him on "Bob's Summer Tour of '07." He got to see a lot of family in one day, and God bless him, he smiled through every minute of it. Actually, it was really a good day. I had to work this weekend for Orientation so I took Tuesday off for the "Tour." We left early and hit up Nana's in Hull...I even through in a trip to "Riddles" (or as Linda calls it: the grocery store with the aisles that are 2 feet wide and carpeted) for the kid. Then we went to the beach to see Kim who was there with her awesome mom, and Emma. Bob got to see Emma's "old man face" in person and I thought he was going to hit the ground in laughter. Mom got to meet Emma for the first time too, so it was a very special treat. Then we headed over to Somerville and went to our Aunt's house. We got to see Nants and Lauren and the girls which was very nice, as usual. I even hit the pool with the kids for awhile...Allie was too funny as we "toured" the backyard via pool. We explored the river rapids (or the place where the water is pumped and ripples) and even used the "golden noodle of justice" to save ourselves from some disaster or another. I love that she just laughs at anything I say, as if I'm the headliner at the Comedy Connection. Perhaps that's a line of work I should look into...standup for toddlers and Pre-K kids! After a lovely visit with our cousins, aunt, and uncle...we made way to yet another aunt and uncle's house for some quality face time and "sniffins." Actually, I can't even call it "sniffins" because it was a ridiculously good gourmet feast that is so far above the level of "sniffins." It was a long day, but so great to see everyone. We'll all be together again soon at Nant's wedding...less than a week away!!! Yay!

So poor Bob had to leave at 4 am to make his flight in Boston for 6 am the next day. I haven't heard from him-and I would assume he was still sleeping...but I think I saw his new baseball card I'm sure he's been hard at work giving out autographs and such. Oh it is now...

And yes, I blurred out the last name. I can't have the masses of stalkers he has be allowed any hints from me to help their insane plots of weirdo-ness. Besides, not a lot of my fans know my true identity. I'm a superhero...and the fate of the blogging world cannot be put in jeopardy. How many of you think I'm serious?

Speaking of questions...there's a new "feature" on the "We're in a Fight" in the form of a survey. I'm going to try to post new questions weekly. Just doin' what I can to keep it poppin' fresh. Check out the survey...and answer honestly...the fate of the answer to the survey may just lie in your hands. Please remember, with great power comes great responsibility.

Who else thinks it's time for me to retire for the evening?

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At 6:12 AM, Blogger JoviFan said...

Great Post, Reesie. Hey, as for your engraving woes....I'm not glad that you're in a quandry, but I'm glad you're having the thing engraved. Too cute. keep in mind, also, that engraving can only be done with online orders. See, in the end, the decision to buy from Apple and to buy online is the best one!

At 12:00 PM, Blogger Mo said...

Thanks, Nants! I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of my iPod:) I think you should send me your manager's name so I can tell her/him what an awesome job you did guiding me!

For the engraving, I went with a little homage to this here blog, which is also a homage to some old buddies:) I'll post a pic when it arrives!


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