Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner!

Are you sick of the Dirty Dancing references yet? Tough.

Yesterday afternoon I had the delightful pleasure of visiting with my friends Linda and Kim, and Kim's baby girl, Emma. Peggy joined us for a little adventure to "the bug" where we were attended to by one silly hostess asking if we'd require a kid's menu for Emma. Emma who is just about 8 months old. Emma who is being carried by her mother in a portable car seat. Peggy just looked at the woman and said "yeah, she's going to eat anything from the kid's menu!" I was a little horrified, but as we discussed later...more upset that the woman asked in the first place. Oh well. The conversation was fun...per usual with Kim and Linda. I'm already looking forward to our next rendez-vous...though only time will tell when that will be. Of course I had my camera at the ready so you could enjoy pics of Emma:) Please note that Kim put the baby in the corner, thus the Dirty Dancing quote earlier. See how everything just comes all the way back around (ooh...that's a Justin Timberlake quote...and a bunch of us are going in August to see Justin...including Kim...weird coincidence...or just weird? Wait! Don't answer that!)

Smiley Girl, even if she's forced to sit in the corner!

Must have just realized she's in the corner!!

Peggy & Emma chillin' in the parking lot

Awwww...she's a sweetie!

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At 7:38 AM, Blogger lms129 said...

OMG what a cutie pie. She looks like a doll.


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