Sometimes it would be nice if Doc Baker still made house calls!!

Good LORD have I been sick!? I've heard this new illness that is spreading like wild fire referred to as "the death" on more than one occasion. I'm here to tell you, it really is like the death! I wouldn't wish it on my worst's that mean!

I started out sick last week-I mentioned it in my previous post. I went to the doctor (not Baker who may have diagnosed me correctly to begin with!), who thought it was a virus and gave me two perscriptions for "the cough." After doling out a whopping 35 bucks, neither script really worked. I stayed out of work, and returned on Thursday. Big mistake. The coughing was literally taking everything out of me. I secluded myself in my office so as not to infect anyone else, but I could still hear people commenting about them cough. I went home and was literally almost killed by The Office. I got into a laughing/coughing fit in the first few minutes - and I could not catch my breath for anything. I risked my life, and finished watching the show. Totally worth it. Jim immitating Dwight was just good tv. Dwight returning the favor...even more brilliant.

So I decided to try work again on Friday. Bad move. Bad bad bad bad move. The coughing fit I had in the car prompted me to pull over on 3 different occasions. The tears the coughs produced completely removed any make-up I had risked my eyesight to put on as every cough seemed to force my hand holding the brush to jab into my cornea. Awesome. I walked from my car to the store, literally about 100 steps. Not great. I couldn't catch my breath-my voice was not back...the make-up was gone and I looked like some whackadoo alien creature as the black spots under my eyes were not only visible, but prominently displayed. I literally couldn't breathe from all the coughing. I called the doctor, but got her nurse. The doctor is on rounds today and not taking appointments. Yay, this is fun. I told the nurse I was having a really hard time which she replied "sounds like you're having a hard time talking too." Really, Florence Nightengale? How astute a diagnosis! I commend you on your knowledge of my vocal abilities...truly...but at this juncture...I'm a little more concerned with the fact that I can't seem to get oxygen into my lungs. But I'm not the medical professional...sooo you know...whatever you think is best.
I managed to get an appointment with the nurse practitioner in the afternoon. She decided that I should have a nebulizer treatment, which wasn't bad while it was happening. It's that really loud machine that has a tube which you breathe in and out of, while smoke/medicine pumps into your lungs. After the treatment, I was a little dizzy. It took me a good five minutes before I could stand up-and my breathing levels were worse than before I had the treatment. But within an hour of the treatment I felt a gazillion times better. She also put me on an antibiotic, in case it wasn't a virus afterall. Oh, and I got a fun inhaler too. Another 20 bucks in prescriptions. So, even though I technically saved gas money by not going to work for half the week...I doubled what I would have spent at the pharmacy. Just another whammy in my weak week. I still have the cough-but after sleeping 90% of the weekend, I was able to make it the last two days at work for the full duration. Yippee! I could probably have used one more day of rest, but there is too much to do at I'll just keep on truckin'.

Some good news: The Red Sox took two games from the Yankees this weekend after sweeping them the weekend before at home, I got to go to Sephora last weekend and spend money that I shouldn't, it was bareminerals weekend on QVC and I was good and didn't spend a dime, I got to see Maggie's new engagement bling, I got to spend time with Julie and Karen, and the best news of all....Sparky and Drewbie made a really fun announcement on their blogs this week!! Congratulations!!!!!


At 6:49 PM, Blogger lms129 said...

Instead of paying that 35 bucks, you should have paid with 2 chickens and and some moonshine, like the Walnut Grove folk always did. Sorry to hear that you are under the weather. I will have Rev. Alden keep you in his prayers. Have you eaten any tainted mutton lately?

At 8:36 PM, Blogger Drew said...

Thanks for the link Mo 'diggity. I hope that you get some rest and get back up to full Mo strength. We need you to put the funny back online.

At 8:35 PM, Blogger JoviFan said...

Sorry you're so sick, Reesie. But just think, even though Baker made house calls, it would have taken him ages to cover the rough York terrain in his covered buggy, so you would have suffered much longer. What was with Baker always showing off and shit with the buggy?


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