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And it only took me 3 days to discover! Ha! I realize that some of you are not "Lost" freaks as I am. Even more so I realize that you probably don't read message boards relating to the I do. However, there are really only 2 that I frequent...the discussions at The Benspark Forum, and the weekly discussions on Pop Candy. So, my story is thus...I have been laid up all week from some virus that is circulating. I have coughed so much that I feel like someone has bashed in my chest and set fire to my throat. And some of you would be pleased to know that I also have laryngitis...when I do try to talk I sound like a cartoon character. My lack of vocal stability caused me to have to go back and forth to the pharmacy 4 times yesterday because the lady at the counter couldn't understand my insurance plan. I had to come home and print it out for her. I'm not even kidding. Then she said that I should have just showed her my card in the first place...which I had. Easy for her because I didn't have the will to argue with her nonsense. Now, to give you an example of the level of my sickness...not only did I not watch the Red Sox get brutalized by the Blue Jays, but I didn't watch American Idol either. Hold on to your hats folks...Gilmore Girls was all new...but I didn't see it until today. Do you get me now?

I, I haven't spent any time on the computer...which means that until today...I didn't see that one of my comments from last week's "Lost Discussion" on Pop Candy was highlighted in Whitney's "Lost in a flash" blog post! I think this officially makes me a geek...but it's fun nonetheless:) Of course last week's episode was chock full o'Desmond...a character I have no love for. He just aggravates me...if you watch the have to understand why! So here is my comment...and again...forgive me if you don't watch the show...but you I shouldn't be begging forgiveness!

2. Mot412 wrote:
Oh "Brother."
Has anyone ever noticed that Desmond and Juliette have been on the Island about the same amount of time...3 years?

Yup...I got the number 2 comment...but only because I think it posted pretty quick on the discussion. For all the "losties" out there-it makes you wonder, doesn't it? Someone made a comment as to why this had significance...and truthfully...I don't know...I just thought it was an interesting observation that I interestingly observed. Give me a break!! There is a new episode on tonight...just in case you are interested.

Hopefully I'll get back to posting more frequently, forgive me for the brevity of this post...but I'm a sick woman! (Don't think I don't know you are snickering!)

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At 3:10 PM, Blogger Drew said...

That is awesome. I totally missed it. I read the comments too but missed the screen name. Now I will be on the lookout for it on future posts. And thanks for the plug. Hope you are feeling better.


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