"Baby, You're the One"

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Is there a better movie than Dirty Dancing? Yes, in fact several come to The Wizard of Oz, so perhaps I should rephrase the question! Is there a better, more quotable, funny, goofy, movie about dancing than Dirty Dancing? If you answered a resounding "no," to the second question...then in my book you are positively correct!

I caught this the other night on cable, mind you, I own it on DVD and it's available on PPV...but instead of watching it from the beginning I just started watching from the scene where Johnny Castle is teaching Baby how to do the Mambo on a giant log in the woods. I know you can hear the song in your head right now ("Hey...hey baby! I wanna know-ow-ow...would you be my girl?") and now if it wasn't already then it will be in your head for the next few hours. You are welcome! I should have put in the DVD...because I missed the whole "You're WILD!"'s one of my favorites. Baby is so awkward, and weird...and I love that! It always amazed me that she was so young and he was supposedly some guy in his 20's that danced for a living at a summer lodge. Yeah, I just did some research and Mr. Patrick Swayze, aka "Johnny" was about 35 when that movie came out...and Jennifer Grey was 27 playing a high school kid. I'm glad I hated math then-because this little tidbit that Johnny is my mom's age is pretty much freaking me out! Moving on...because it's the right thing to do ("Release the Good!!!")!

20 years later, this movie is the Original "chick flick." It has everything a decent chick flick requires: the forbidden love, the music, the parental conflict, the political women's issues (as "Robbie" puts it "The Penny Situation"), the weirdo sibling, the hot guys, the irreverent behind the scenes dancing, and the cheesiest "if there were an Oscar for a schmaltzy script awarded this movie deserves it" lines ever known to screenplays! 20 years later and most women you know not only know all the music, but can recite dialogue verbatim from any Dirty Dancing scene. I actually teared up the other night, laughing of course, as one of my favorite scenes, if not my favorite of scenes occurred. I love it because at the moment it came on, after seeing the movie a thousand and eleven times, my mother decided it was "too racy" and she was leaving the room! Ha! It's the scene in Johnny's "bungalo" when Baby admits her fears:

"I'm scared of everything. I'm scared of what I saw, I'm scared of what I did, of who I am, and most of all I'm scared of walking out of this room and never feeling the rest of my whole life................the way I feel when I'm with you."

Then they "do it." Haa! So mature I am!!! I'm crying just typing that out. Yes, you should further know that not only am I not looking up these quotes, I am ADMITTING publicly that I am not looking up these quotes. I believe that they have actually occupied a nerve center in my brain, and I'm ok with it.

I mostly love this soliloquy because it's one of those lines that when I first saw the movie at age 13 it was so romantic, and bold...and the "reaction" of the Johnny to said line was romantic, and bold, and "I can't believe I'm watching this and my parents are OK with it." Of course I now know, in my grown up (sort of) state of mind a few things about the line...first...that if a girl said that to most guys the reaction might be the laugh that I usually give it when I hear it...or...possibly the same reaction that Johnny gave Baby in the movie...but trust me...he's probably laughing on the inside! Who wouldn't? I also know that my parents let me watch the movie without watching it themselves, because if Moms is retreating from the room 20 years later...well, I don't know what the heck she thought I was watching back then:)

I actually might go watch this in a few minutes. I want to see the beginning..."I carried a watermelon" is always a treat to behold. But there are so many to list..."Go back to your playpen, BABY!" Haaa! I had way too many giggles watching the final scene of the movie-the classic final scene-that I think I got the neighbor's dog barking across the street! From Mr. Kellerman's chat with Max that forays into his solo to get the "visitors, staff, and guests" rockin' at the final Lisa's earbleeding vocals on that song...Robbie's aforementioned confession to Papa Houseman, and Papa Houseman's subsequent "apology" to Johnny:
"I know it wasn't you who got Penny in trouble."
Johnny: "Yeah."
PH: "When I'm wrong...I say I'm wrong. (pans to Baby) You looked wonderful out there." Sniff.

Of course...I can't go without mention of the very popular "Nobody puts Baby in a corner," Johnny's big speech about doing his "kinda dancin with a great partner'," THE DANCE ROUTINE that was amazingly elaborate, yet unchoreographed of course...and Mama Houseman (EMILY GILMORE!!!) leaning over to tell Papa Houseman with a giddy smile on her face "I think she gets this from me!"

I'm going to run now and see about a quick Pachenga lesson before bed. Do you have favorite quotes from DD?? Or a favorite scene? Let me know...oh...and before I make my final bow this evening...know that before the end of the year a video game will be released based on Dirty Dancing!! Oh yes...if y'all thought I was obsessed with Britney's Dance Beat...just wait...I'll be practicing. I will not be accused of having "spaghetti arms!!"

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At 7:57 AM, Blogger sarah said...

Hey - it's Sarah.

How can you mention favorite movies without "It's a Wonderful Life"? I can't watch that movie without thinking of how much you like it.

At 5:10 PM, Blogger Palm Springs Savant said...

good rant how you brought that around so well. why is it we get so wrapped up in things? I'm the same way. Anyway just saying hi.


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