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I know, I spent too long mourning the loss of my precious Gilmore Girls...but I've decided it's best to move on and not live in the past. That decision was made ALL the easier with the rumor of a GG Reunion MOVIE in the works...but alas...right now tis only a rumor (but as long as it makes me sleep through the night-I'm ok...for now).

So this past weekend was Memorial Day weekend-and though for some it only marks a weekend with an extra day off from work or school, I was reminded that it should mark the memories of those who have given us our freedom...too many at the expense of their own precious lives. I know I've promised not to get political here, so I won't. Like many, I have family and friends who have served or are serving in the Armed Forces, and I simply wish to thank them. Peace.

I went to the Annual Memorial Day Parade in Somerville, MA. My aunt and uncle live down the street from where it passes by - and for a couple of years now a bunch of us have gathered at their home to go to the parade. It was really fun this year, we even saw a band from Sanford, ME. It's always fun to see the Shriner's and their teeny cars-especially knowing what amazing work they do for kids. And though the end of the parade was LOUD, cheering on the firemen and women for the job that they do to keep people safe was pretty cool. It still amazes me how heroic and unselfish some people can be.

*update 10/25/08 pictures and content removed.

What's a parade without kilts and bagpipes?

Look that a cast member of Pirates of the Carribbean?? It might even be Davy Jones himself!

Speaking of which...I saw the 3rd installment this weekend as well. Pegs and I went to Smitty's (Maine's version of Chunky's) really early to ensure good seats. It's a 3 hour film-so if we were going to go...we needed to do the thing right. After waiting about 4 hours (no exaggeration) the week before in the pouring rain to see Shrek the Third (what I will do for Justin Timberlake joy!!)...I plotted out our battle plan and we succeeded! Save the woman who's cell phone rang Pink's "Get the Party Started" at the end of the movie, there wasn't much audience turmoil to ruin it. Unlike most of the critics, I really enjoyed the film...and seriously feel there should be a 4th installment. Mostly because it took me 3 of the movies to realize that Orlando Bloom is freaking pirate-tastic hot! So, I would say that another 3 hours of him brandishing a sword and saving the world in a pirate blouse would be okey dokey with me! I might go see it again just because I found out that there is another scene after the credits! I usually wait because I didn't with Napoleon Dynamite and it took me about a year to figure out there was more movie after the credits ended. So I went to work today and found out from one of my staff members that indeed there was more Piratey goodness that I now I will just have to go see it again. Isn't that just awful? ;)

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, the weather in New England was perfect...the Boston Red Sox are in first...and the Yankees are currently tied for last...I think it's going to be a pretty fantastic summer!

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At 6:05 AM, Blogger JoviFan said...

Good post, Reesie. I have to update soon. I was looking at your parade pictures and in the first shot, I was asking myself, "Who is that cute little girl next to Allie?" Then I realized it was Caroline. I get so used to her being "the baby" and remember her being on John's shoulders in the backpack last summer. Now she's right there, on the ground, her little chair like a good old fashioned little kid. Baby? What baby? Caroline is now a sanctified "little kid." Ain't that just great?
I am also overjoyed at the performance of the Sox...but I am not gloating. Perhaps I will do a blog post about the importance of NOT GLOATING in Red Sox nation when the Sox are doing well.


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