I'm tired...but that's ok!!

So last night, or early this morning, we picked up my sister Liz and my Aunt and Uncle from the glorious Manch-Vegas airport. Due to storms, their flights were a little delayed-but it worked out fine as they arrived just around the same time. We got back to Maine about 2...went to bed around 3...and my "natural body clock" allowed me to wake up around 7. Awesome. So, I'm beat-but at least it's a big fun weekend to look forward to! Nancy's wedding happens on Saturday-so be on the look out for some fun photo moments! I believe a lot of the family will be here on Sunday for some obligatory Maine lobster - and obligatory Budweiser product as well. I leave for vacation in 8 days...I can't freaking wait! Did I mention I bought an iPod? My cousin, who cannot discuss the new company she is working for online, but let's just say it's named after "the fruit that isn't an orange," guided me through the process very professionally. I ordered it on Sunday, and it arrived via Shanghai this morning. Perfect timing:) I can't wait to load it up with all sorts of "Mo Specific" nonsense. I'm sure you can assume there will be playlist dedicated to the amazing and prolific works of *Nsync. Nice.

If Bobby hadn't have stolen my "Dreamgirls" cd-that would be there too...but he's got a crush on J-Hud...and there was no stopping him. Of course I'm kidding, I'm exhausted and my back is acting I'm sure I'm typing on sheer adreneline boosted by muscle relaxers! Ha!

So here are a few things I need to comment on before weekend festivities ensue:

*Britney...keep your freaking clothes on!

*Paris...I really don't care at all. But just writing that I contradicted myself because apparently I cared enough to write that I don't care. I sicken myself.

*Gilmore Girls....still canceled...and I'm still dwelling.

*Pearl is retiring. She's too cute for words...but she seems to have plenty to say.

*Even with this rumor circulating...I can't support a Fletch prequel. I won't.

*By the "Uncle Jessie" taking a page from the book of little Stephanie and her drug issues (I swear she kept her stash in Mr. Bear!)...or is it really just jetlag? You decide and I'll confer with Danny and Joey. Someone's gonna be in "big trouble, mister!"

That's all. I'm going to get ready for some wedding shopping:)

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At 12:24 PM, Blogger Meghan said...

I'm still dwelling about GG too. I'm abour halfway through Season 2 right now. My god, Dean is annoying. I'm pretty sure he is the beginning of Rory's downfall, from which she never fully recovers.

And I just want to scream at Luke to grow a pair and actually make a MOVE on Loralei. Why does he wait to the end of season 5?

Is it healthy that I analyze fictional characters who only act a certain way because the writers deemed it so?

At 1:31 PM, Blogger lms129 said...

OMG, Stamos is a big F**king mess!!

What a great clip!

At 10:17 PM, Blogger JoviFan said...


So glad you're satisfied with your sexy new iPod. I somehow feel responsible for your enjoyment of this product. Ha ha. How many gigs did you buy? Did you go for the 20,000 song bomber??

At 10:37 PM, Blogger Mo said...

meghan...dean is a great deal annoying. i like your theory of him being the downfall of rory...very astute!! and no-it's very healthy! let's just be glad it's not anyone we really know! ha!

lauren-stamos is insane!! i think he's been hanging with paula abdul!

nants-(aka bride to be!!) it's awesome and you should feel responsible. i'm addicted to podcasts right now (as most of them on itunes are free!!) and i did get an ep of "the office" because i love it so damn much and because i HAD to test out the video feature! i was trying to find shrek for caroline to watch tomorrow...but no luck! i'll figure something else out:) i got the 30 gig...and i'm totally content!! thanks again for all your help! you are awesome!!


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